Magnum Revolver

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Accuracy ------------------------
Ideal Range 18m
Max Ammo 30
Critical Hit Chance 5%
Weakspot Bonus 100%

The Magnum Revolver is a Hand Gun in Remnant: From the Ashes. 


There's a reason the six-shooter's been around forever. Simple. Powerful. Just don't lose count.

Where to find Magnum Revolver


 How to use Magnum Revolver


Magnum Revolver Upgrade Table

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Upgrade Level Damage
Magnum Revolver 65
Magnum Revolver +1 71.5
Magnum Revolver +2 78
Magnum Revolver +3 84.5
Magnum Revolver +4 91
Magnum Revolver +5 97.5
Magnum Revolver +6 104
Magnum Revolver +7 110.5
Magnum Revolver +8 117
Magnum Revolver +9 123.5
Magnum Revolver +10 130
Magnum Revolver +11 136.5
Magnum Revolver +12 143
Magnum Revolver +13 149.5
Magnum Revolver +14 156
Magnum Revolver +15 162.5
Magnum Revolver +16 169
Magnum Revolver +17 175.5
Magnum Revolver +18 182
Magnum Revolver +19 188.5
Magnum Revolver +20


Magnum Revolver Notes



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    • Anonymous

      It would be nice if the wiki page mentioned that have to be in adventure mode to be able to give her the coin for the magnum.

      • Anonymous

        I like its style, but it's hard to justify using once you get the Defiler, unless you really want to use a specific weapon mod rather than the Defiler's fixed one.

        • Anonymous

          Seriously it rocks. There is no messing around with this one... You cut through butter with it. Personally my favourite along the sniper rifle. Perfect sharpshooter combo.

          • Anonymous

            I was a bit skeptical when I picked the gun up with the slow fire rate, but it actually feels really nice to fire in combat. I use it as my main ranged weapon on a melee tank build, so it's mostly used for shooting skulls and similar floaty things.

            • Anonymous

              A very solid firearm that is possible to obtain early in the game if the player is lucky. The maximum ammunition is not much of an issue so long as it is not used against meat shields or the player misses a lot or rides it real heavily. The Magnum's biggest weakness is its reload speed as it can take quite a while to top off the cylinder. However with practice, the right items, and traits it becomes very easy to handle.

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