Fires a large spike that deals 125 damage, 300% additional stagger damage, and applies BLEEDINGbld-icon-remnant effect dealing 600 damage over 20 seconds.

Skewer is a Weapon Mod in Remnant: From the Ashes. Skewer isn't a Craftable Item. Weapon Mods are categorized as active abilities that provide both offensive and defensive effects to a player or to a team which can be used in battle. Weapon Mods can be found in various ways such as boss drops, given by NPCs, sold by a Merchant, and can also be crafted.


How to Find Skewer

  • Comes equipped inside the Devastator when crafted and cannot be removed.



Skewer Notes & Tips

  • Has 2 charges.
  • Spike damage increases with the weapon's level, up to 375, and is affected by Mod Damage.
  • Instantly applies 3 stacks of BLEEDING bld-icon-remnant effect.
  • BLEEDING bld-icon-remnant damage increases with the weapon's level, up to 1800, and is affected by Mod Damage, while its duration is affected by Tormentor trait.
  • Best used with the Bloodletter's Insigna and Razorwire Necklake.
  • Players can change these on the fly by opening up the character menu and choosing which Mod they'd prefer.
  • Weapon Mods cannot be used all the time, but instead, players will need to replenish the gauge by shooting enemies with the firearm that has the mod in order to re-activate the ability.



Weapon Mods
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    • Anonymous

      Is there something special about how this mod attaches to weapons? I just crafted it and it's not in my mod list when I try to equip.

      • Anonymous

        Does less upfront damage than a regular shot with the Devastator, assuming all the missiles hit. This mod makes up for it with the Bleed damage though, and an almost guaranteed Stagger against virtually all enemies.

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