Emotes in Remnant: From the Ashes are actions that the player can perform to communicate with other Players by expressing a feeling or action through the character. Emotes were added on the PATCH NÂș: 218787 to improve communication between Players. There are 15 Emotes that the player can currently perform and many of these can be obtained as reward from defeating Bosses.

This page will indicate a list of all the Emotes in Remnant: From the Ashes which will include their description and how to obtain them. You can find detailed information on each individual page linked below.

Emotes in Remnant: From The Ashes




No Emote Dissent with your head and arms. Starting Emote
This Way Emote Use your arms to point out where to go Starting Emote
Yes Emote Consent with your head and hand Starting Emote
Wave Emote Wave with your hand Party with another Player
Cheer Emote Cheer with your arms while screaming: "Aw Yeah!" Defeat The Ent
Beckon Emote Call someone with your hands Defeat Singe
Fail Emote Put your hand on your face while dissenting Defeat The Harrow
Laugh Emote Laugh and point with your fingers Defeat Claviger
Gravedigger Emote Pretend to dig with a shovel using your arms Defeat Undying King
Exhausted Emote Recover your breath while pointing up with one finger Defeat The Unclean One
Confused Emote Look Around while moving your arms. Defeat Ixillis
Freeze Frame Emote Jump while raising your arm. You'll remain still in the air for a moment. Defeat The Ravager
Tea Time Emote Pretend to prepare tea with your arms. Defeat Totem Father
High Five Emote Raise your hand to perform a High Five. If another player performs the same emotes you will clap your hands. Defeat Dreamer/Nightmare on Hardcore Mode
Praise The Gun Emote Raise your hand above your head while looking at it. Defeat Dreamer/Nightmare on Normal Mode.


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