Classes for Remnant: From the Ashes determines the starting archetype of the player. Players will get to choose three different archetypes that focus on long-range, mid-range, and short-range combat. However, these classes all have the same base Stats with the exception of having different sets of starting gear such as armor, weapons, weapon mods, and traits. As the game progresses, it is up to the player to create a build that is fit for their playstyle by discovering, purchasing, and upgrading their gear which increases various elements of a player's stats.


Classes in Remnant: From the Ashes


The Scrapper archetype is a starting class that is equipped with a loadout that excels in close-range combat. The Scrapper deals exponential damage and rises up to the challenge up close and personal.
This is a close-range combat class.



The Ex-Cultist specializes in providing support not only to themselves but also to their team. Players can find a balance between close and long-range combat with the starting gear provided for the Ex-Cultist.
This is a medium-range combat and support class.



The Hunter is a long-range archetype that is equipped with a starting loadout that excels in long-range combat. The Hunter deals critical damage allowing a player to poke and harass enemies from afar.
This is a long-range critical DPS class.


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    • Anonymous

      29 Aug 2020 05:39  

      After choosing your class, you can literally go and buy the mods, weapons, and armor from the armory guys. honestly each class just gives you a role to fill if you play with friends, so everyone isnt running around doing the same thing. Personally I chose ex-cultist for the healing mod, it has helped alot especially in boss fights when i get a chance to breath.

      • Anonymous

        14 Dec 2019 08:14  

        Female or not... the classed offered are unique in their own way. I'm using the Scrapper archtype and have been thoroughly enjoying the game.

        • Anonymous

          29 Aug 2019 20:41  

          Sure would have been nice to have more options for character creation. Voices, specifically yells in battle are cringey. Just awful. Why can't they let you have a cool looking female character?

          • Anonymous

            26 Aug 2019 12:40  

            Keep in mind that classes in this game are NOT an actual choice that you have to stick with. You can literally buy every class weapon, every class armor set and every class weapon mod directly after choosing your class. It's simply a free starter kit of equipment. Choose whichever you like, but don't expect to be using ANY of the equipment gained at the start of the game past your first boss. Once you hit the second area, all of the equipment becomes obsolete. The only weapon mod worth using past the start of the game is the healing aura for Co-opping with friends, since it saves your group a dragonheart use or lets you defend an area more ardently.

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