Key Items in Remnant: From the Ashes special items that are used to unlock or advance certain quests or the main story, as well as unlocking and discovering certain areas. Key Items are specifically found in specific areas of a Location or are given by the NPCs.

This page will indicate a list of all the Key Items in Remnant: From the Ashes which will include its description and usage. You can find detailed information on its location and properties on each individual pages linked below. * The information listed below is still subject to change.



Key Items in Remnant: From the Ashes

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Key Item



D.A.T.L.A. Key

This key can power the crystal terminal in Ward 13 Acquired from Commander Ford after turning on the reactor at Ward 13

Ward 13 Keycard

Gain access to the main hub, Ward 13. Can be found at Earth on top of a table at Founder's Hideout 

Monkey Key

Can be used to access a room where Assault Rifle can be found on an Earth dungeon. Can be found at random location on Earth

Strange Coin

You can give this item to Ace, and she will reward you with Magnum Revolver and 300 Scrap Can be found randomly anywhere on Earth.

Hunter's Key

Can be used to open the Hunter's Safehouse Can be found at Earth - Hidden Grotto on the random event Hunter's Hideout. It's provided by an NPC that sits next to the checkpoint.

Glowing Rod

Three of these are needed to open the vaults to get the Akari Armor Pieces

Can be found dropped in random locations of Rhom dungeons

Liz's Key

Can be used to open a locked door where Chicago Typewriter can be found

Can be obtained by successfully passing the random event A Tale of Two Liz's

Tarnished Ring

You give this Item to Reggie, and he will reward you with a trait. Can be found at a random location at Earth

Labyrinth Key

It is used to access the Labyrinth

Founder's Key

This key unlocks a computer connected to a mirror on the lower levels of Ward 13 Given to you after freeing Founder Ford at Yaesha - Founder's Prison


Can be used to fill the empty fuse slot located on Ward 13 Can be found on one of the rooms located in the basement of Ward 13

Guardian's Heart

Give to either the Undying King or the Elf Queen to complete their quests. Kill Ixillis in Corsus

Ward 13 Master Key

This key unlocks all locks of this type in Ward 13. Very convenient
  • Ward 13 (in a room after the giant fan. You can reach there after you find the keycard form Founder's Hideout)
  • After obtaining the Fuse, place the same in the fuse box outside the door in the Research Level (B3) of Ward 13. Pull the lever to turn on the power to the lower level. Place the Keycard in the slot by the door to open it. Return to the fuse box and pull the lever once more to turn off power to the fan in the room past the door. Go through the tunnel behind the fan and find the Master Key in the room beyond.
  • The Master Key opens the door at the very back of B2 and up the stairs, which contains the Sub-machine Gun.

Control Rod

 Dropped from Maul (the Pack), Used to activate the Ancient Construct by Wud
  • Drop by Maul
  • Break the Houndmaster's "horn", a couple of shots or a shotgun blast will do the trick, and when it starts to glow the control rod should become visible. Maul will then attack it's master. If you die the Houndmaster will not respawn and you will receive the Control Rod when Maul is defeated provided that the device has been broken before.

Howling Key

Can be used to gain access to the altar of the Sun Gate leading to the Undying King.

Strange Curio

This strange object looks like it has been separated from something else. Perhaps that isolation is of some importance? Can be found at Yaesha in the back of the cart of the Stuck Merchant

Cryptolith Sigil

The queen's token beats an arrhythmic pattern, impossible to place, undesirable to forget Obtained by the Elf Queen if choose to give her the Guardian's Heart.

Iskal Vial

The Iskal holds only joy for those who partake. The vyxworm is a gift. Can be acquired by talking to the Elf Queen with the PARASITE effect and telling her you will help the Iskal.

Acid Cleaned Key

After being bathed in acid, years of rust have been removed. This key is once again ready for use. Can be acquired by wearing the Rusted Amulet and crouching on one of the acid pools located in the Fetid Pool in Crosus. The Rusted Amulet will be gone and you will acquire the Acid Cleaned key.

Opalescent Shell

Light swims and swirls across the creamy surface. Mesmerizing... Can be acquired from the Queen Beetle (blue bug) at The Abandoned Throne in Corsus. Queen Beetle appears when you kill the other beetles around the The Abandoned Throne


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