Key Items in Remnant: From the Ashes special items that are used to unlock or advance certain quests or the main story, as well as unlocking and discovering certain areas. Key Items are specifically found in specific areas of a Location or are given by the NPCs.

This page will indicate a list of all the Key Items in Remnant: From the Ashes which will include its description and usage. You can find detailed information on its location and properties on each individual pages linked below. * The information listed below is still subject to change.



Key Items in Remnant: From the Ashes

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Acid Cleaned Key

After being bathed in acid, years of rust have been removed. This key is once again ready for use.
  • Can be acquired by wearing the Rusted Amulet and crouching on one of the acid pools located in the Fetid Pool in Crosus. The Rusted Amulet will be gone and you will acquire the Acid Cleaned key.
Swamps Of Corsus

Control Rod

The Hounds were the old Buri's family.
I guess even family will turn on you, given the
right motivation.
  • Drop by Maul.
  • Used to activate the Ancient Construct outside of Wud's shop in Rhom.
  • Break the Houndmaster's "horn", a couple of shots or a shotgun blast will do the trick, and when it starts to glow the control rod should become visible. Maul will then attack it's master. If you die the Houndmaster will not respawn and you will receive the Control Rod when Maul is defeated provided that the device has been broken before.
Base Game

Creeper's Peeper

The Emin are many and so rarely taken prisoner. The only slaves taken from Gris Warren were those Magir had not been told about until his rage had waned.
  • Can be found inside the cage in Watcher's Hollow - Reisum. You'll need the Servant Cage Key to open the cage.
  • The item is not found as a lootable object in the cage. You will need to kill the slaves to get this item. You don't have to kill at random. Look at their eyes and kill the one with false green eye.
Subject 2923

Cryptolith Sigil

The queen's token beats an arrhythmic pattern, impossible to place, undesirable to forget.
  • Prerequisite to get this item is to give the Guardian's Heart to the Iskal Queen during the campaign.
  • Can be obtained through Adventure Mode by finding the Iskal Queen and speaking with her in the Queen's Temple on Corsus. She is not a guaranteed spawn.
Swamps Of Corsus

D.A.T.L.A. Key

They say the rusted places are full of secrets, but are there any secrets left that can save us? Base Game

Founder's Key

The folks who ran the Wards pulled all kinds of oddities from the other worlds. The mirrors come from a goblin-like race called the Krell. These mirrors enabled the Founders to travel between the Wards completely unobserved.
  • This key unlocks a computer connected to a mirror on the lower levels of Ward 13.
  • Given to you after freeing Founder Ford at Yaesha - Founder's Prison.
Base Game


The engineers that designed this system would be happy if they knew it had outlasted most of the human race. Well, not happy exactly, but...
  • Can be used to fill the empty fuse slot located on Ward 13.
  • Can be found on one of the rooms located in the basement of Ward 13.
Base Game

Glowing Rod

This key lies heavy in your hands, both a burden and strength.
  • Can be used to open the Armor Vault (Vault of Heralds) doors in Rhom where you can find the Akari Set. Three of these are needed to open the vaults to get the Akari Armor Pieces.
  • Can be found anywhere in Rhom if Armor Vault (Vault of The Herald) Event has spawned, otherwise it will not spawn.
Base Game

Guardian's Heart

It beats and drips with power--a power that was never tested against the Root before it fell. How long, now, until the Root comes? Base Game

Homestead Basement Key

This ain't like most of the keys. around the wards--too simple, too rusted.
  • Can be found in Ward Prime in Dr. Enji Sato and Dr. Sebastian Weisskoof's office, as long as Homestead has spawned on Earth's Rural areas.
  • You will have to go back to the Homestead waypoint and exit the shack. Go inside the House and you will see two shelves. Destroy them to reveal a secret path. Go down and use the key to unlock the door and you will find the Vanguard Ring.
Subject 2923

Howling Key

Though the desert is warm, the key remains ice cold--dark as the black behind the stars.
  • Can be obtained by defeating Claviger.
  • Can be obtained by defeating The Harrow.
  • Can be used to gain access to the altar of the Sun Gate leading to the Undying King.
Base Game

Hunter's Key

The old Hunters are no longer around, but folk say their legacy lives on in us. I don't know about that, but I hope some of their stuff has lived on at least.
  • Can be found at Earth - Hidden Grotto on the random event Hunter's Hideout. It's provided by the Hunter that sits next to the checkpoint.
  • Can be used to open the Hunter's Safehouse to get the Hunting Pistol.
Base Game

Iskal Vial

The Iskal holds only joy for those who partake. The vyxworm is a gift. Swamps Of Corsus

Janitor's Watch

Old as hell and covered in droplets of blood. This watch has seen better days.
  • Can be randomly found in Reisum - Drolniir Woods.
Subject 2923

Labyrinth Key

It cost a lot to get this. Here's hoping it leads to some answers. Base Game

Liz's Key

They say Liz's great-grandparents sailed away, leaving the Root and their worldy possessions behind. It probably ain't true, but who cares? So long as this key leads to something. Base Game


Monkey Key

This city's full of locked doors and lockless keys. You find two that go together, you got yourself a treasure.
  • Found on the random event Supply Run in Sorrow's Field dungeon on Earth.
    Can be used to access a room where Assault Rifle can be found in Sorrow's Field dungeon on Earth.
Base Game


Opalescent Shell

Light swims and swirls across the creamy surface. Mesmerizing...
  • Can be acquired from the Mudling Queen Beetle from the Abandoned Throne event in Corsus. Mudling Queen Beetle appears when you kill the other beetles around the the Abandoned Throne.
Swamps Of Corsus


Packmaster's Tusk

Enormous and sharp as rusted steel. Good thing it ain't attached to a living creature no more.
  • Can be acquired by defeating the Pack Master.
  • Can be delivered to Sebum as part of the Warlord's Set armor quest line. It will only drop if Sebum is in that map.
Subject 2923

Research Station Alpha Keycard

Leto never stopped asking questions, even when the answers tried to kill him.
  • Unlock the doors in Research Station Alpha (Leto's Lab).
Base Game

Servant Cage Key

Whomever killed its last owner failed to recognize it was the key to the Jarl's servant cage.
  • Can be found at the end of Watcher's Hollow - Reisum.
  • Can be used to open the cage at Watcher's Hollow where the Emin servants are located. You can kill the Emin with the false green eye to acquire the Creeper's Peeper required for the Creeper's Peepers Event.
Subject 2923

Strange Coin

There are some folks who might see a coin like this as a mistake, others might find it charming, some might even think it's lucky.
  • Can be found randomly anywhere on Earth.
  • You can give this item to Ace, and she will reward you with Magnum Revolver.
Base Game

Strange Curio

Many Faces traveled with the Pan from their homeland across the Dark Sea to the lush world of Yaesha. It guarded them all that time, but in the end, it was Many Faces who needed guarding. Base Game

Tarnished Ring

This ring looks worn but well loved, polished from constant wear. Base Game

Ward 13 Keycard

When Ford Founded the Ward, he buried secrets in its walls. Maybe he never meant 'em to see the light, but buried things have a funny habit of comin' back.
  • Can be found at Earth on top of a table at Founder's Hideout.
  • Allows the player to unlock the doors in Ward 13.
Base Game

Ward 13 Master Key

The Ward's full of secrets. I reckon even Ford himself don't know'em all.
  • This key unlock the door in Ward 13.
  • Ward 13 (in a room after the giant fan. You can reach there after you find the keycard form Founder's Hideout).
  • After obtaining the Fuse, place the same in the fuse box outside the door in the Research Level (B3) of Ward 13. Pull the lever to turn on the power to the lower level. Place the Ward 13 Keycard in the slot by the door to open it. Return to the fuse box and pull the lever once more to turn off power to the fan in the room past the door. Go through the tunnel behind the fan and find the Master Key in the room beyond.
  • The Master Key opens the door at the very back of B2 and up the stairs, which contains the Submachine Gun.
Base Game

Ward Prime Fuse

Someone carved the word JERRY on this with a knife
  • Can be found at Ward Prime inside the Laboratory area, on the obstructed door located on the left side.
  • Can be used to restore the power to the main level of Ward Prime.
Subject 2923

Ward Prime Keycard

Looks heavily worn. Hope the thing still works.
  • Can be found inside the Medical Storage area of Ward Prime. You'll need to restore the energy from the reactor room and use the computer to unlock the door.
Subject 2923

Ward Prime Maintenance Key

They must've locked this ward up one section at a time, trying to keep the Root from getting out. Fat lot of good that did 'em.
  • Can be found in the Medical Area located at Ward Prime. You'll need to vault over a broken window and destroy a bookshelf to acquire it.
Subject 2923


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