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200 rot icon remnant





Accuracy ------------------------
Ideal Range 9m
Max Ammo 21
Critical Hit Chance 5% 
Weakspot Bonus 100%
Trigger Full-Auto
Weapon Mod
Spore Shot

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Fires an explosive round that deals 25 ROT rot icon remnant damage within 3 meters and will leave a deadly gas cloud that slows enemies and lasts for 7 seconds.

Sporebloom is a Long Gun and is one of the Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes


These blooms are what leveled the countryside outside city limits. I always wondered why that monster never came at us here, but I sure as hell ain't.

Where to find Sporebloom


How to use Sporebloom

  • This weapon requires Long Gun Ammo.
  •  A single-shot spread weapon which deals ROT rot icon remnant damage and is incredibly powerful at close range at the cost of having to reload after each round fired.


Sporebloom Upgrade Table

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Upgrade Level Damage rot icon remnant
Sporebloom 200
Sporebloom +1 240
Sporebloom +2 280
Sporebloom +3 320
Sporebloom +4 360
Sporebloom +5  400
Sporebloom +6 440
Sporebloom +7 480
Sporebloom +8 520
Sporebloom +9 560
Sporebloom +10 600


Sporebloom Notes

  • Highest damage per shot of any weapon of the game and highest ideal range of any shotgun. However, it features a very wide spread that can be reduced with the Handling trait and the Iskal Hunter Band.
  • Best used with the Slayer Set, the Grim Coil and Quick Hands trait for additional damage.
  • When used with the Bandit Set, should the Set perk activate, Sporebloom's fully-automatic trigger will rapidly fire rounds while holding the fire button.
  • Holding fire will automatically shoot after reloads, unlike other 1-shot semi-automatics.



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    • Anonymous

      Coupled with Iskal Hunter Band which reduces spread by 40% (you can see the mid circle becoming much smaller), this gun becomes a beast for mid range too.

      • This helps immensely within the caverns of Corsus. Just keep a fast-firing sidearm handy to offset the single-shot magazine. While the "splash " is rather small, the spore grenade does fantastic sustained damage.

        • Anonymous

          I hope people who have no idea how to make a good build keep complaining about how "bad" this gun is so that the devs buff it and make it even more OP than it is

          • Anonymous

            Find a narrow corridor, set up some turrets, fire a spore shot further ahead, and watch the massacre as your foes die in slow motion.

            • Anonymous

              I wish that Tony knife on the bottom was a separate melee weapon. This game needs a knife/dagger class of melee weapons.

              • Anonymous

                This weapon has a bug where if you are in multiplayer and shoot at an enemy the bullets can hit your allies even if they are 90 degrees to the side of you.

                • Anonymous

                  Stop arguing if it's good or bad, it all depends on someone's play style, some my like it and some may not.

                  • Anonymous

                    I love Sporebloom, despite its*****ty mod. This gun has some of the highest dps potential in the long gun category and it's just fun to use. Give it a shot,

                    • Anonymous

                      I take it back (see post below), sporebloom is ok. I added some points in stamina regeneration and the gun is ok for getting into some bosses faces and smashing them. The alt fire has been buffed and being able to throw it and continue to damage the boss while you heal or reload is great- it's all great for covering spawns and groups of ads. This is a 3-5m weapon for it's normal fire though so make sure you got stamina to run and roll.

                      • Anonymous

                        Should be reclassified as a melee weapon as of yesterday's patch. Way too much spread especially with the 1rd magazine. I'm using Bandit armor and maxed the reload trait- gun doesn't feel good.

                        • Anonymous

                          lol at the guy calling it useless like holy***** are you serious? This gun is hella strong, has deceptively good range AND a relatively tight spread. Put on the Slayer armor, gunslinger's charm, and max out Quick hands and this thing is absolutely viable vs damn near anything in the game. The only thing I caution about the gun is using it against root enemies, since it does rot damage it MIGHT do reduced damage vs them, have not tested this as of writing this, so just a heads up.

                          • Anonymous

                            The guy calling this weapon useless must be off his rocker on crack or something. This gun absolutely wipes out almost ANY standard enemy in a single shot, assuming you don't have garbage aim. It's insane grenade fire rate, mixed with the speed at which it's mod power charges up allows it to be used constantly and not "Just for special occasions" like most of the mods in the game are restricted to.

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