If charged upon death, the wielder will be revived with 50% Health. They will also take 10% less damage and be immune to STATUS effects for 5 seconds. 5 minutes cooldown.

Undying is a Weapon Mod in Remnant: From the Ashes. Undying isn't a Craftable Item. It come innate with the weapon, Ruin.



How to Find Undying

  • Comes equipped inside the Ruin weapon when crafted and cannot be removed.



Undying Notes & Tips

  • Health regeneration increases with the weapon's level, up to 100%, and is affected by healing effectiveness.
  • Defensive buff duration increases with the weapon's level, up to 15 seconds, and is NOT affected by Mod Duration.
  • This mod won't recharge while on cooldown. Resting at a Stone will NOT reset the cooldown.
  • Using Ezlan's Band will lower the cooldown for Undying from 5 mins to 2 mins.
  • Undying remains active even while swapping weapon or resting at the Stone. 
  • Weapon Mods cannot be used all the time, but instead, players will need to replenish the gauge by shooting enemies with the firearm that has the mod in order to re-activate the ability.



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    • Anonymous

      The cool down on my version of Ruin stopped working, and is frozen halfway, and won't charge up, or count down. What should I do?

      • Anonymous

        Nerfed in the Swamps of Corsus update. Now has a hard 5-minute cooldown after reviving, that only resets upon real death or resting at a stone. It was a bit too easy to recharge after reviving even with the huge, huge amount of mod power it required, which just let you become totally immortal.

        • Anonymous

          When active, you get a glowing floating glyph over your forehead similar to the Undying King himself. This mod however requires an absolutely enormous amount of mod power to activate it, probably the highest of any mod in the game.

          • Anonymous

            Does anyone know why my Ruin gives me 65% health back, and my friend gets 52%? What affects the strength of the mod? Also, most of my other mods are more powerful than his, but we can't figure out why.

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