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If charged upon death, the wielder will be revived with 50% Health. They will also take 10% less damage and be immune to Status effects for 5 seconds. 5 minutes cooldown.

Undying is a Weapon Mod in Remnant: From the Ashes. Weapon Mods are components that grant active abilities which can be used in and out of combat. These Mods provide a variety of effects including dealing damage, healing, buffing players and more. Most Mods can be freely slotted in and out of standard Weapons, while the unique Boss Weapons have their own Mods that cannot be removed. Weapon Mod abilities require Mod Power to use, which is generated by attacking enemies. 


Remnant Undying Mod Information

Undying is a Utility Intrinsic Mod attached to the Ruin boss weapon. When the mod is charged, it will automatically revive the user upon taking a fatal hit, regenerating 50% of their Health. For 5 seconds after being revived, the user takes 10% less damage and is immune to all Status effects.

While Undying appears to be useful, it has some very strong limitations that hinder its effectiveness. The mod has a hard 5-minute cooldown that cannot be reduced by conventional means (except for the hidden Ezlan's Band effect, more below), and it cannot be reset by touching a Checkpoint Crystal, nor will it reset after death or traveling to a different area or world. Furthermore, Mod Power cannot be generated for the mod while it is on cooldown. There are very few ways to make Undying slightly more viable, but they require sacrificing certain equipment slots which are much better used to improve your character in other ways.

Undying Mod Properties

  • Undying's Health Regeneration is no longer affected by Ruin's weapon level. However, it is affected by Healing Effectiveness bonuses, such as those provided by the Triage trait and the Mender's Charm amulet.
  • Ruin's weapon level affects the duration of the damage reduction and status immunity buff that activates after getting revived. Each weapon level grants +1 second to the duration, for a maximum duration of 15 seconds when Ruin is at Weapon Level 10.
  • Undying has a hidden interaction with Ezlan's Band. When equipped, the ring reduces the cooldown of Undying to 2 minutes.
  • When Undying is active, a sigil appears on the player's forehead, similar to that of The Undying King's.
  • When Undying is on cooldown, a counter appears as a buff icon on the bottom right of the HUD.


How to Obtain Undying in Remnant: From the Ashes

Undying is an Intrinsic Mod belonging to Ruin and cannot be removed.

Ruin is a Boss Weapon that can be crafted by McCabe in Ward 13 by providing her with the following materials:

  • Thermal Geode - Obtained by defeating the The Undying King, a story-related boss found in Rhom. The Undying King can only be encountered in the Campaign. He can be fought by refusing to give him the Guardian's Heart in conversation.
  • Lumenite Crystal x 7 - Obtained by defeating Elite enemies which spawn randomly throughout the overworld and in dungeons.


Remnant: From the Ashes Undying Notes & Tips

  • Additional Notes & Tips for the Undying Weapon Mod go here.



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    • Anonymous

      The cool down on my version of Ruin stopped working, and is frozen halfway, and won't charge up, or count down. What should I do?

      • Anonymous

        Nerfed in the Swamps of Corsus update. Now has a hard 5-minute cooldown after reviving, that only resets upon real death or resting at a stone. It was a bit too easy to recharge after reviving even with the huge, huge amount of mod power it required, which just let you become totally immortal.

        • Anonymous

          When active, you get a glowing floating glyph over your forehead similar to the Undying King himself. This mod however requires an absolutely enormous amount of mod power to activate it, probably the highest of any mod in the game.

          • Anonymous

            Does anyone know why my Ruin gives me 65% health back, and my friend gets 52%? What affects the strength of the mod? Also, most of my other mods are more powerful than his, but we can't figure out why.

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