Devouring Loop

Status Effect

Critical Hits have a 5% chance to deal 4x damage.

Devouring Loop is a Ring and an accessory in Remnant: From the Ashes. Devouring Loop isn't a Craftable Item. Rings provide additional protection or other bonuses to your character, add buffs to the player's Stats, and/or resistance to Status Ailments. Different accessories have different defense values and are, therefore, more or less effective.



The vyxworm is insidious. It will take you slowly, gradually, then without warning. It will swallow you whole.


Where to find Devouring Loop


Devouring Loop Notes

  • Players can equip up to two Rings.
  • To manage and equip rings, open the Character Menu and cycle to the accessories slot below the Armor slots.
  • The Devouring Loop's proc chance is not affected by the Catalyst trait.



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    • Anonymous

      This ring does indeed multiply your damage, I was able to hit over 27k in one sniper rifle shot on shroud. Felt great.

      • Anonymous

        For those asking if they really removed Devouring Loop from the game, it isn't true, I just found it today. Rise and shine, guys!

        • Anonymous

          This ring is amazing The idea is to max out the sniper rifle, so give it a Hot Shot Augment. Your secondary and melee will not matter. Your rings are important, get Heartseeker to give you a 100% chance to get a critical when shooting an enemy unaware, and bring Devouring Loop to raise your damage by 300% when you get a critical. Traits are Executioner and Kingslayer to raise your critical chance and damage and Shadow Walker to avoid detection.

          Essentially, you just sneak up on an enemy and kill it in one shot, including bosses. If you are discovered, your critical chance will be high enough for you to shred alerted enemies in one or two hits.

          • Anonymous

            This ring is not great. Assuming you have a 100% crit chance,

            It increases your average damage per shot by 18%.

            Math: (assuming base shot damage of 100, the base crit damage of +50%, and assuming 100% crit chance)
            100 * 1.50 * (0.06 * 4) = 177
            base * crit damage * (devouring_chance * devouring_damage) = average damage per shot

            This can be demonstrated by calculating a simulation with perfect theoretical probability:
            Lets say we do 100 shots -- 94 will be normal (150 dmg), and 6 will be devouring shots(600 dmg).
            Add these together and you get 17700. Divide that by the number of shots to get the avg, and you have 177.

            18% is above your average ring, but is beaten by the Hunters Band (10% RangeDmg, 20% WeakspotDmg, and Jewel of the Black Sun (21% ranged Damage)
            This buff is multiplicative, not additive. This can be taken advantage of to eek out a few points of total damage over the above rings at high levels, but only if your build is inefficient.

            Reducing crit chance by 5%, to 95% reduces your buff from 18% to 14.2%, so you need 100% crit chance
            The buff is unpredictable
            In most builds designed specifically for the 100% crit chance for this ring, it is simply more effecient to use Hunters Band (Boss with Weakspot), Jewel of the Black Sun (Mobbing, or boss with adds), or Burden of the Gambler(Boss with no weakspot)

            Everything is calculated to take advantage of the fact that devouring loop's buff is multiplicitive.

            TL;DR, You can do better damage by avoiding this ring, even in builds designed to take advantage of it specifically.

            • Anonymous

              Man that **** was BUSTED at the beginning i tell ya. I ran this bad boy, catalyst skill (added 15% chance to proc the effect giving you a wooping 20%), a crossbow, crit skills, hunters mark, melody of swords and the armor set you get alongside the crossbow. top it off with gunslinger talisman and you were slaughtering bosses left and right. Nowadays you´re better of with stone of balance and ,for utility, heart of the wolf or grimg coil for more damage.

              • Anonymous

                Jesus christ, Ok I know people don't like to be told how to build their characters, especially not when they base it on their gambler's addiction, but this ring is extremely niche, and I'm almost falling out of my chair reading the complete misconception, and deceptive phrasing of the dude bellow, so here's some***** to keep in mind: 1) The damage potential isn't even that high. Peak average is 26% PEAK. Unless you're going for some sort of one in a million speed run, it's barely worth considering. 2) Everything you're picking items just to TRY to make this work, which you're trading other benefits for. 3) OVERKILL IS NOT EXTRA DAMAGE which means the normal crit weapons don't get any real benefit from it outside of boss fights. 3.5) compensating for overkill with radiant means you have to rely on ALWAYS CRITTING something, which the LITERAL 2.5 seconds you DO NOT find a new target AND THEN CRIT - not just hit - *****ing CRIT - or have to reload, or, you know - *****ing dodge (but who does that in a game built around it, amirite, chads?) You immediately lose the benefit. 4)And with how limited the crit options are, you also need to somehow juggle butchers charm charge attacks - WHILE NOT LOSING RADIANT STACKS. 5)And when hunter's mark isn't up, instead of losing 20% damage, you lose 25. Technically more since you're also relying on radiant. 6) If you are IN a boss fight, you can't rely on the ONKILL ring, and even if you are, YOU'RE BACK TO THE ISSUE OF OVERKILL. 7) not only are you relying on the literal random number generator, you are relying on overcoming ALL OF THE ABOVE. In order to achieve... 26% more damage at most. which is just 11% more over a ring of god damn balance. which lets you pick OTHER multipliers which actually gets you more damage, plus other benefits, WHICH STILL WORK ON HITS. And to the guy below, that is the dumbest phrasing I've seen. "what it's actually doing is turning the +100% into +700% because it multiplies your critical hit damage" It LITERALLY - LIT-ER-ALL-Y isn't. Not to mention you're PHRASING it as if it's a good thing. How you should be phrasing it is "unlike most rings, it ONLY boosts the damage of CRITS. HITS are limper than ever." That's a NEGATIVE. But again, you phrase it like you've got a gambling addiction and say "You've got a CHANCE to deal 700 *****ing percent more damage, baby!" while acting like the percentage isn't abysmal. And that was written BEFORE the BUFF. where peak performance was.... with how the weird math was, but around only 18% lol. again: PEAK. And then he's phrasing normal damage boosts as if they double dip. THEY LITERALLY NEVER DID. YOU'RE JUST MAKING***** UP. They just multiply NORMALLY. Why the ***** you emphasize something COMPLETELY NORMAL?! In absolute AWE of this lad's mental leap.

                • Anonymous

                  It's not "statistically useless" (as the other guy said) in the case of boss fights specifically. I did some testing and lemme walk you through how the 300% bonus dmg is calculated: Say your weapon deals 300 dmg and you have +100% critical hit damage (we can ignore crit chance for now). That means when you crit, you deal 600 dmg. If the devouring loop procs it will add 3x the dmg ON TOP of that, for a total of 2400 dmg [600 + (600*3)]. So it isn't that the devouring loop simply has a chance to increase your critical hit damage from +100% to +400% or sets the +100% to +300%... what it's actually doing is turning the +100% into +700% because it multiplies your critical hit damage. The way it's calculated also means that any bonus damage modifiers you have (such as the slayer armor set) are also multiplied. So with a crossbow, slayer armor, and maxed traits for critical hit chance and damage, devouring loop can actually make a very significant impact on boss fights - even if it only crits once or twice (assuming you use a crossbow). Because when your devouring loop procs, the dmg is equivalent to FOUR CRITS in a single shot. At 60% crit chance (assuming crossbow, maxed crit/ranged dmg traits, and active hunter's mark), it increases total damage output by 15%. At 40% crit chance, it boosts by 11.42%. At 75% crit chance, it boosts by 17%. At 100% (very difficult but possible to achieve) it boosts by 20%. That puts it ahead of stone of balance and perhaps even jewel of the black sun.

                  • Anonymous

                    Not having it scale with catalyst is fine but having a chance of a chance with a 5% proc on crits, and no reward for overkill, makes this statistically useless.

                    • Anonymous

                      Playing an un-nerfed version on PC (*you can leave it offline and unpatched and then use a cracked EXE to play online), and I've got 300% for every fourth shot (25%) with this and +20 Catalyst trait. Really not worth updating -- unless they add content proper -- with how they're nerfing the fun out of the game...

                      • Anonymous

                        Is this location really random? thats awful.. i've been looking for it for hours. Do any of you remember where you found it? I wonder if loot is random also like campaign rolls (dungeons/areas you get)

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