Shade and Shatter

Location Rhom
Weakness Head/ Corrosive (+15%)Shock (+10%)
Resistance Radiation (-25%)
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Shade and Shatter is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes

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Shade and Shatter Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Before the fight make sure you have Heavy Water Elixir and Ammo Box. It may also be useful to have Adrenaline and Frenzy Dust.

When you enter the room you will face both Shade and Shatter at the same time. Shade will stay at a distance using the staff as a ranged weapon and Shatter will approach you using the lance as a melee weapon. You need to defeat both Shade and Shatter.

The best strategy is to focus on Shade first while dodging backwards when Shatter gets too close. This way you can focus on avoiding Shade projectiles. When they perform the combined attack, try to deal with the enemies before destroying the force field. You can Also hide in one of the corners and sometimes the radioactive balls won't reach you giving you time to restore your health and removing radiation by using Heavy Water Elixir.

Once Shade is defeated you can focus on Shatter without worrying about projectiles. Just dodge his attacks and shoot while it recovers.


If you have decent melee and health pool - trigger the combo attack by lowering either of the bosses health, clear out the mobs, heal up and get up close to both of them and mash melee. Petrified Maul (AoE melee weapon) works beautifully.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Shade (Ranged)
Fire Projectiles: He will occasionally fire projectiles at you Try to stay behind walls where he can't reach you
Radioactive Ball: It can stay still and conjure a giant radioactive ball that deals a high amount of damage and radioactive status. You can either dodge it or hide behind a wall to avoid it.
Shatter (Melee)
Melee Strike: It will use the lance to strike you Try to dodge backwards or either side
Lance Explosion: It will strike the lance on the ground making an explosion that deals damage and throws you back Dodge backwards
Charge: It will charge at you striking with the lance and throwing you upwards Wait until he is near and evade either side
Combined Attack
When either has received a certain amount of damage they will make a combo attack where Shade conjures small radioactive balls all over the room and Shatter conjures a force field. At the same time, enemies will come out of the walls Try to first deal with the enemies while dodging the balls. When you are done, fire at the force field until it expires.



Shade and Shatter Lore

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Shade and Shatter Notes & Trivia

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Shade and Shatter Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Had a weird experience with these guys- on my first attempt I got overwhelmed by Shatter and all the adds and died because I couldn't get a heal off, although I almost took Shatter down before I died. The second attempt, my Very Good Boy actually soloed Shade on his own while I was able to kite Shatter better and just rip him to shreds with Spitfire before he could really threaten me- I didn't even NEED to heal. I expected them to be tankier- any boss who gets soloed by a summon probably needs more HP.

      • Anonymous

        After kinda one hundred tries I finally beat those bosses, in nightmare difficulty without help. I could've beaten them much faster when bugs happened, like one of them just disappearing or being stuck in the floor, but I refused to do it, I wanted to beat them fair and square. In my experience it is much harder if you focus on one of them and forget the other, when the first die, those pesky adds start to spawn endlessly, so it is better to damage both until their health bars are almost over and kill them one just after another.

        • Anonymous

          Anyone able to get these guys on adventure mode? I legit have full cleared the map about 10 times now and still no spawn from them. Will I need to re-roll my entire campaign?

          • Anonymous

            I guarantee this boss encounter was not playtested on higher difficulties. It's so poorly designed - complete RNG whether or not you get hit by one of the radiation projectiles (which can one-shot you on nightmare difficulty) during the boss shield phase, even behind cover (with the exception of the 2 large support pillars on the left and right of the entrance that go from the floor to the ceiling) and you literally have to spend 2 ammo boxes if you want to break the shield and force the fight to progress. If you forgo breaking the shield then you can chance running into the boss bubble for a couple of cheap shots while they are immobile, but you can get one-shotted by a radiation projectile at any moment, even inside the bubble and even while sprinting or dodging. The only halfway consistent tactic to beat this boss I've seen is to go full melee and use higher-tier consumables (the ones that cost 500 scrap) to increase your health and armor values so as to not get one-shotted by RNG and just wail on the boss with melee and lifesteal.

            • Anonymous

              Honestly i just melee them to death once they huddle in shield together hammer hit both plus 18 lvl warrior trai plus rings that boost melee damage. Plus adrenaline...

              • Took the melee guy out relatively easily and the other one just froze in place. Then I just pumped his face full of shells. On the one hand, beating a boss on the first try was kinda nice. On the other hand, having the fight handed to me Iike kinda sucked.

                • Anonymous

                  This is the most bull*****boss i've ever seen, first, the melee guy attack you twice then start following you not attacking, then the range guy cast the random radiation ballsacks that last infinitely that you need to *****ing headshot him number of times to stop him, which he somehow always stand at the fog gate facing the wall so i'll have to *****ing rush in to actually hit him. After 20 tries I am starting to think if I should reset the map and never ever ***** with these**********s again.

                  • Anonymous

                    there's a good chance that the range guy will just stand aside and the melee guy slowly walking towards you. making the fight very easy

                    • Anonymous

                      With Particle Accelerator's Weapon mod you can drag them out of the bubble, allowing you to kill one of them easily

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