Location Rhom
Weakness Yellow core when opened
Resistance Fire (-25%)Radiation (-25%)Frost (-15%)
Ads Wasteland Skull
Blight Skull

Raze is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes

Raze Location

  • Location: Rhom, Lair of the Eyeless.
  • The Boss may not spawn in your playthrough, and you will need to re-roll the campaign/Adventure Mode to find it.

Raze Rewards





Raze Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Recommended brining Ammo Box, Heavy Water Elixir and Hydro Coolant to the fight.

Raze can summon many flying ads by screaming, use the opportunity to fire at his core as it will result in critical damage.

He will occasionally fire a volley of fire at you, try to hide behind a structure to avoid the damage.

Try to always focus on dispatching the ads first before firing at him. Exploding ads will spawn 2 at a time and follow you then explode inflicting radiation and damage, as well as staggering.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Scream and summon Ads: It will scream and summon flying ads Try to fire at the yellow core while he screams to do critical damage. Then, dispatch the ads before dealing with Raze
Fire volley: It will fire a volley of fire at your location Try to hide behind a structure. This can BURN you so try to use Hydro Coolant



Raze Lore

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Raze Notes & Trivia

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Raze Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Used all of my ammo at roughly 25% of his hp, and the skulls barely drop and take ammo to kill in the first place

      • Anonymous

        Avoid performing any actions with you hands(shooting, melee etc), while next to him when he does the scream in skullcracker variation. As you'll take damage due to a bug. Your character is meant to cover his ears, but it doesn't happen if you doing something with your hands.

        • Anonymous

          Nerdy Headcanon: The Black Sun is a god, and the Raze is the manifestation of the Black Sun’s anger at Ezlan’s (justified) actions. Reasons for headcanon: the triangle sigil hovering on Ezlan’s head loosely resembles the Raze, and this is a recurring design. Also, the perk crafted from the Raze’s drop allows you to summon a Wasteland Skull, a creature allowed to exist by the radiation from the Black Sun itself.

          • Anonymous

            I can't for the life of me get this to spawn. I've done at least a dozen Rohm runs and collected all the weapons and boss loots as well as alternatives. But this.... tiny floating pyramid of doom eludes me.

            • Anonymous

              Raze has a move once it reaches half health where it will spin and fire a constant stream of it’s fire bolts at the player, it doesn’t deal much damage but will stunlock you easily.

              If you have the flicker cloak weapon mod, using the mod right when Raze starts this rotating machine-gun-like move makes you immune to the stagger and prevents most of the damage for 15 seconds. This gives you ample time to take as many shots as you can into it’s mouth (it’s weak spot).

              On hard difficulty I took Raze from half health to almost no heath using this strategy.

              • Anonymous

                Should we add to some of these bosses their race? (Raze, Shade and Shatter, Ancient Construct, and Claviger would classify as Vyr, am I right?)

                • Anonymous

                  Is this the same version as the elite one found in dungeons with normal mods? Or is this an actual fog-gate boss? I've killed about 4 of these as elites in one dungeon on Rhom, and they never dropped the special resource. They also liked to bug out and be invisible, but still able to hurt you with scream and occasionally glowing yellow.

                  • Anonymous

                    The boss will occasionally hide after spawning a bunch of skulls. I found that he did not reappear until all mobs were cleared for me. I found that by leaving one normal skull alive, you can use the time to heal/grab ammo/reload before the next phase.

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