Living Potential. A formless, seething mass from which all things were made in the small hours of the worlds."

Simulacrum is an extremely rare Crafting Material in Remnant: From the Ashes.



 Simulacrum Usage

  • Speak to Rigs for Weapons and Armor upgrades. Simulacrum is required to upgrade gear to its max level. (19 to 20 for Armor and Weapons and 9 to 10 for Boss Weapons)
  •  Speak to the Root Mother after saving her to upgrade the Dragon Heart providing more charges.
  • Simulacrum Selling Price: 3,000 Scrap



How to Find Simulacrum

  • During the Campaign 1x Simulacrum is guaranteed to spawn in each of the four planets (Earth, Rohm, Corsus & Yaesha). Although their exact locations will vary, they will always be found in the following general areas: 
    • On Earth - In the second main area, Westcourt - pre-boss dungeon, which spawns to the north of the map. Names included: Sunken Passage, The Hidden Sanctum, Cutthroat Channel, The Tangled Pass.
    • On Rohm - In the Pre-World Boss dungeon. Loom of the Black Spindle (Claviger) or Unnamed  (The Bunker/ Harrow).
    • On Corsus - In the first main area, Fetid Glade. 
    • On Yaesha - In the second main area, Scalding Glade -  can spawn either side of the dungeon which divides the two halves of the area.
  • When running an adventure, there is a high chance (but no guarantee) that 1x Simulacrum will spawn. However, Simulacrum can be farmed through the Fetid Pools Random Event by re-rolling Corsus adventure mode. 
  • Simulacrum may also drop from World Bosses on Apocalypse difficulty. 



Simulacrum Notes & Tips

  • Max number held: -



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    • Anonymous

      These can drop on Normal Adventure mode. Got one in Corsus, Needle Lair only a few minutes into the dungeon.

      • Anonymous

        I only saw one comment about it after scrolling for a while here so I wanna point something out. I was just farming these and practicing my skills by rerolling an earth adventure on the second hardest difficulty. My main goal was really to get better at the game but I wanted simulacrums as well. I just killed ent not 5 minutes ago and most certainly got a simulacrum as a drop from him. almost certain it's not a but but almost certain it's stupid rare as well. Not an effective farming method but it's definitely something that should be written here

        • Anonymous

          On Earth, another of the named locations for the Simulacrum is Research Station Alpha (Leto's Lab). Preceding the Riphide boss.

          • Anonymous

            I will give the best descriptions that I can as to where they are located, but it requires some forehand knowledge of how the worlds are arranged. I will provide short "maps" for each world.


            2 main areas: Fairview (1st) and Westcourt (2nd). 1st area contains 1 dead-end dungeon, 1 boss dungeon, and the Subway connecting to the Church, then to the 2nd area. 2nd area contains 1 dead-end dungeon, 1 boss dungeon, and the World Boss connecting to the Keeper's Tower. The boss dungeons allow access to the other side of the middle divided area.

            The Earth Simulacrum is located in the Westcourt (2nd) Pre-boss dungeon.

            Names included: Sunken Passage, The Hidden Sanctum, Cutthroat Channel, The Tangled Pass.


            2 main areas: The Eastern Wind (1st) and The Scouring Wastes (2nd). 1st area contains 1 dead-end dungeon, the entrance to the Undying Throne, and 1 boss dungeon that connects to the 2nd area. 2nd area contains 1 dead-end dungeon, 1 boss dungeon, and the World Boss dungeon that connects to the 1st area.

            The Rohm Simulacrum is located in the Pre-World Boss dungeon.

            Names included: Loom of the Black Sun, unnamed/blank dungeon that leads to Harrow.


            2 main areas: The Fetid Glade (1st) and The Mist Fen (2nd). 1st area contains portals from the Undying Throne and the Labyrinth, and an entrance to The Shack. 2nd area contains The Elf Queen, 1 boss dungeon connecting to other side of the Queen's gate, and The Grotto / Ixillis.

            The Corsus Simulacrum is located in The Fetid Glade. May take longer to find due to size of the area.


            2 main areas: The Verdant Strand (1st) and The Scalding Glade (2nd). 1st area contains 1 dead-end dungeon and the entrance to the Shrine of Immortals which connects to the 2nd area. 2nd area contains 2 boss dungeons, 1 dead-end dungeon, and the World Boss dungeon.

            The Yaesha Simulacrum is located in the Scalding Glade. May take longer to find due to size of the area. Note that this area is split by a divider and you may need to clear a connecting boss dungeon to gain access to the side containing the Simulacrum.


            • Anonymous

              I’m on my first playthrough and just beat Singe. I guess I keep getting lucky because I now have 5 of these

              • Anonymous

                The absolute fastest way to get simulacrums is corsus adventures with the rusted amulet method. Having a 3 man party would make this insanely fast because of having 3 keys. The amulet once looted, every partymember gets it and you can recieve 3 keys each. rerolling for fetid pool every run will probably net you about 20 - 30 simulacrums an hour depending on how efficient you run the adventure. P.S. Any difficulty is fine.

                • Anonymous

                  They might want to change "When running an adventure, there is a high chance (but no guarantee) that there will be just one.", on my earth adventure I found 2, and it wasn't two different adventures that I rerolled, I managed 2 simulacrums on 1 run, how ****ing crazy is that.

                  • Anonymous

                    I honestly think there is a 5 Sumulacrum passive limit. I have done Corsus MANY times in adventure mode and not one dropped. I realized I had like 6 of them and spent a few on hearts/items. After that they started appearing and stopped when I reached about that limit. You can get more as with the dungeon and the rusted amulet (turns to key) there are a couple always there. Just something I noticed

                    • Anonymous

                      Alternative way to get these is to get your gear score to 20 (+19 one item category melee, secondary , primary head, armor, boots and 10 dragon hearts)
                      Then roll adventure mode -> and you will get two each run guaranteed. Difficulty doesn't matter.

                      If you are impatient reroll your campaign and just blitz through root mother , then the first area up north will spawn 1 guaranteed. Each run will take 13-15 minutes depending on how good you play. If you don't want to lose story progress try above.

                      • Anonymous

                        After re-rolling my campaign several times, what I heard about campaign simulacrums has always been consistent.

                        In campaign:

                        The Earth Simulacrum will always be somewhere in the second overworld's dungeon, which will always be to the north. The one leading to the one-way gate.

                        The Rhom Simulacrum will always be in the world boss's dungeon (Loom of the Black Sun or the oddly unnamed dungeon leading to the Bunker).

                        The Corsus Simulacrum will always be in the first overworld, Fetid Glade.

                        The Yaesha Simulacrum will always be in the second overworld, Scalding Glade. Usually it will be before the one-way gate (always has been in my experience), but I hear sometimes it might be after, requiring you to go through the dungeon that leads to the one-way gate, and the side of which that has the entrance to the world boss.

                        • Anonymous

                          I actually got TWO on one Earth Adventure (one in overworld and one in Tangled Pass). I didn't know that was possible, I thought you'd only get one per world if any.

                          • Anonymous

                            Are there any particular places on each world that will have one? I heard somewhere the only place on Corsus that can have one is the one where it's behind a locked door you need a key dipped in acid to enter. Or do they just appear at random either somewhere in the overworld or in whatever dungeon you get, and only some of the time? (I do get that they don't always appear and when they do there is only per world on each campaign or adventure)

                            • Anonymous

                              The easiest way to get these is go through normal story , bellow some guy posted a very good guide of where to find all 4 on the map , use the stamina tonics from dog tooth , 1 piece of the drifter armor the wolf ring and whatever else you like , use letos amulet to make sure you are light weight and max all the stamina related perks and just literally run past everything and only stop to look in the locations the guy in the comments talked about . Getting the first 3 doing this takes about 45 minutes , so like 15 mins per simulacrum , getting the 4th 1 is kind of rng cause the scalding glade is split in 2 parts , 1 part after you defeat the Navun encounter and 1 part is locked behind a random dungeon with a mini boss, you can literally find it right after navun and get the 4th simulacrum on like 50 minutes , or have to search the entire scalding glade and go through 1 more mini boss + dungeon (though running through the dungeon is pretty easy , the boss is the real time waster) to get to the last part of the scalding glade and have it take like 65-70 minutes for the run. This goes without saying but if you plan to do Yaesha you also have to kill the Undying king every time so that you can skip nearly all of Corsus ( just make sure to accept at first so he opens up the portal and then kill him) The first 3 are always pretty constant and easy to get so either reset after getting the corsus artifact or just trust in your luck and go for the Yaesha 1 , doing this rounds down to like 1 simulacrum / 15-17 mins ish. I also used that world analyzer tool and kept re-rolling until i got the harrow on each run cause Claviger map is confusing as ***** and apparently it can also bug the simulacrum so F that.

                              • Anonymous

                                After the leto's lab update , i found one in the Sunken Passage (dungeoun before Gorefist) by chance in adventure mode

                                • Anonymous

                                  I think this is really hard to find.. It’s almost impossible to upgrade everything to maximum level because of this item. Maybe it should be dropped by defeating the final boss.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    These always spawn on the same spot kinda . On Earth it will always spawn in the side dungeon that leads behind the locked gate on the 2nd overworld area(the one with the root with guns) , the side dungeon and the location of the item within are randomized but it will always be there. On Rhom it will always spawn in the Dungeon of the final area boss Claviger/Harrow (Though be warned if you have the Claviger in your world it can bug out and not spawn at all , had it happen twice and checked all other dungeons and open areas in the map to confirm both times) On Corsus it will always spawn in the first overworld area ( basically the first area you load into) On Yaesha it will always spawn in the somewhere in the Scalding Glade (The overworld area that has a night sky) These can also very rarely be dropped from Mini bosses (gotten twice) or found on NPCs such as the chick that sells ores in ward 13 ( found twice) or the crazy merchant with the root mask(found once). The price at the NPCs are 3000 scrap and only 1 person can buy them (not shared in multiplayer)

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Im on my 1st playthrough and a bought 2 from the vendor for each 3k. Now I have 8 Hearts so 5 per playthroug seems wrong? I grind very often for very long, and I heard if you spend more time grinding and dont go to the main screen or quit, the more you can buy from the vendor. After 2 hours I can buy 25 of the best Iron for my current state. And 2 times there was 1 Simulacrum for 3k to buy.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Ace sold me 2 of these at once for 3,000 scraps each a while after I started my 2nd playthrough on hard difficulty. She never offered more after that, not sure if something triggers it or if it's just luck.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Thes dont drop from the bosses you find them in the open world ther are five per run the fith is a secret yet to be found

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