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14 fro icon remnant





Accuracy ------------------------
Ideal Range  17m
Max Ammo 224
Critical Hit Chance 5% 
Weakspot Bonus 100%
Weapon Mod


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Spews 11 fireballs that deal 10 FIRE damage within 2 meters each and ignites enemies with BURNING effect dealing 100 FIRE damage over 10 seconds.

Alternator is a Long Gun and is one of the Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes Subject 2923 DLC. 



 Few but the Vargyl survive Reisum's coldest storms--the ice that roasts, the wind that rends. "


Where to find Alternator


How to use Alternator

  • This weapon requires Long Gun Ammo.
  • Comes equipped with the Incinerator mod and cannot be removed.
    • The mod's stats will improve as the weapon is upgraded. 


Alternator Upgrade Table

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Upgrade Level Damage fro icon remnant
Alternator 14
Alternator +1 16.8
Alternator +2 19.6
Alternator +3 22.4
Alternator +4 25.2
Alternator +5 28
Alternator +6 30.8
Alternator +7 33.6
Alternator +8 36.4
Alternator +9 39.2
Alternator +10 42


Alternator Notes

  • It's the only boss weapon where the primary and weapon mod damage types are different. 
  • Compared to the Assault Rifle it features:
    • slightly less damage;
    • slightly less range;
    • more fire rate;
    • projectiles with travel time.



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    • Anonymous

      If anyone wants more info on this gun, you get this from killing the rat rider first instead of the fat rat mount. It sprays clouds of frost per shot and the special does a fire bombardment.

      • Anonymous

        Okay, so this thing's mod, with Charcoal, Lab armor and few rings is actually pretty good at both boss melting and add disposal

        • Anonymous

          I feel like the projectile speed on this gun is a little too low, it can be incredibly hard to hit moving targets while using this weapon, especially the rats on reisum. I’ve tested it and the gun actually has the slowest bullet speed out of any other gun in the game, being beaten by the crossbow, devastator, ricochet rifle, hive cannon, pride of the iskal, etc. In my opinion, a small buff on the bullet speed of this weapon will prove great especially since it’s an AR esque weapon and it’s primary fire is essential for killing trash mobs, it excels in close range fights but gets increasingly difficult to hit shots as I have to lead a lot depending on the speed and distance of the target, not to mention I play on PS4 so it’s much harder to aim than on pc.

          • I've had both great success and lots of fun with this weapon. It is comparable to the Assault Rifle in many respects, and actually has quite a few use cases where it can outperform it. One great bonus that I wasn't expecting was that while the Alternator's projectiles are not hitscan, they are quite thick and allow you to hit enemies with small hitboxes that stagger easily, such as the pan on Yaesha and the rats on Reisum, with much greater consistency as their stagger animation is less likely to knock them out of the way of incoming fire.
            The Alternator's mod, Incinerator, is great at providing burst damage and large area coverage that's suitable to chunk and ignite large enemies or wipe out groupings of small enemies. To top it off, it looks awesome and feels great to use, and has a significant uptime when using items such as Spirit Stone, the Spirit trait, and Cultist's armour.
            The Alternator also makes great use of mod damage and elemental synergies and pairs very well with the likes of Labyrinth and Cultist's armour, Galenic Amulet and the Amulet of Epicaricity, and Spirit Stone ring. The Prismatic Diamond Ring pairs especially well as it boosts the damage of The Alternator's primary fire as well as the damage of the Incinerator mod, and it couples well with sidearms and mods that also deal elemental damage.

            Overall I've found this weapon to be a fantastic fit in a mod damage and/or elemental build, but I think it definitely has the flexibility to work outside of them as well.

            • Anonymous

              This gun in an elemental side-grade to the AR. If you like the AR and run Wildfire on it, this is the gun for you. It has similar fire rate and dps. The weapon mod is nothing to write home about, since it belongs to the burning element. Sure, it looks and sounds cool to fire the mod, but the damage can be lackluster and is sometimes suicidal.

              For everyone else, just keep ignore this and move on.

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