claviger remnant
Location Rhom - The Spindle
Ads Anointed
Weakness Shock (+10%)Corrosive (+15%)
Resistance Radiation (-25%)

Claviger is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes

Claviger Location


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Claviger Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Try to bring Ammo Box for the fight as the boss has high health and you can run low on ammo.

When the fight begins, Claviger will be protected by a field created by two glowing orbs to its sides. Destroy them and you will be able to hurt it. There are stones in the field that you can use to hide but the boss can break them with attacks. The best strategy is trying to maintain a mid distance and react to each phase. It's important to deal with the ads it summons as soon as they appear as they can quickly kill you from a distance breaking your balance.

When it's firing orbs at you, walk to the sides and keep shooting at him. If you don't stop they won't hit you even if you walk.

When it casts the ray, try to run as far as you can and deal as much damage as you can. When the ray is next to you, jump beneath it and run to the other side.

When it summons the ads focus on killing them. They can deal high damage and distract you from the Claviger attacks.

When the boss drops a certain amount of health, it will throw you upwards and turn the battlefield. After you land, you will need to destroy the glowing orbs to its side once again.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Protective Shield: It is protected by two glowing orbs to its sides You need to shoot and destroy both orbs before dealing damage
Fire Electricity Orbs: It will fire slow moving electric orbs at your location You can walk to either side while shooting and if you don't stop they won't hit you
Radiation Ray: It will conjure a ray of radiation that slowly moves toward you Run away from the ray and deal as much damage as you can, when the ray is almost touching you, dodge beneath it and run to the other side
Spawn Adds: It will spawn adds at you Try to quickly deal with the ads as soon as they spawn, they can deal lots of damage



Claviger Lore

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Claviger Notes & Trivia

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Claviger Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Did the alternate kill (absorbs mobs kill) on nightmare and used hive cannon and hunting rifle with good boy mod. Stack damage and one piece of cultist. Slowly damaged it enough for it to absorb the one add I left then used good boy to slaughter adds from then on. Good luck!

      • Anonymous

        >has the one of the best visual designs of any boss in the game
        >has fair and interesting attacks and mechanics
        >refuses to give lore about himself

        • Anonymous

          I used 2 summon mods for this fight, and he definitely killed one of my little Hollows at some point. Still got the Void Sliver, so I think Claviger can't absorb your summons on current patch.

          • Anonymous

            For ME this boss was actually fun, and fair feeling.
            You can TELL when he's gonna summon his ads. They don't just pour in. It can still be kinda overwhelming, because they're powerful Ads, but seeing the boss actually take time to summon them instead of being bum rushed from behind feels substantially less cheap.

            • Anonymous

              jeeez this boss is fckn stupid on normal... been trying to get that melee weapon for ober an hour and more than 10 attempts now, but he either kills his minions with his laser himself or the kill each other shooting at me -. - either way they're dead before he can absorb them... i even tried not shooting them myself to make sure HE is the one killing them, but nope, guess I'm stuck with the particle accelerator^^

              • Anonymous

                why did you put "semi optional"? it's not optional in any way. You must defeat the world boss to get the key. there is no other way.

                • Anonymous

                  From my experience if he absorbs even the corpses of his minions it stops him from dropping the Void Sliver. I've experienced this multiple times, it's quite annoying.

                  • Anonymous

                    The page description makes it sound like both bosses will spawn in your world this is not the case or I got unlucky with my map he was my only option there was no harrow during my playthrough, also a tip if you are after the void sliver bring the goodest boy perk he decimates the adds

                    • Anonymous

                      This dudes fun but easily ****ed around.
                      Get the timing on his blasts they aren't random.
                      get a shotgun to one shot his minions.
                      You won't need cover use the shotgun point blank over in an instant.

                      • Anonymous

                        The very good boy mod makes getting the void silver much easier because he can get rid of the adds quickly

                        • Anonymous

                          A good tip for those going for the void sliver is to use Veil of the Black Tear whenever Claviger summons more enemies. If you've put it on a rank 20 weapon then it lets you solely focus on getting rid of the ads while not having to worry about evading attacks whatsoever. It'll also defend against his beam attack too! Unless it's a meele boss ,like Gorefist or Harrow, I always have this mod equipped, try it!

                          • Anonymous

                            Easily cheesed, maybe this one gonna help someone who's struggling to beat him. 1) Run really close to the boss when a fight starts, just enough not to fall of the edge, stay on the black trim before him - he cannot hit you with his energy balls there. 2) Shoot off the shield orbs on sides, try to deal as much damage as you can while he's staggered right after it. 3) Keep your position, shoot the ads quick - Claviger's first attack is usually (but still random) the orbs that still don't hit the blind spot. 4) Ray is a little bit trickier - try to stay on the black trim taking just 2-3 steps to either side, there is another blind spot as he can't bend his hands this way to cast ray on you (DON'T stay at energy orbs blindspot, you may think you're safe, but his attack actually turns inside after a few seconds and melts you in an instant). If you're doing him in co-op, determine who he's focusing and make that player lure the ray off the others (rolling under it in the opposite direction when it comes to either edge of the arena), in that case you could stay in a blind spot without any risk of being damaged and keep hitting Claviger. 5) After losing about 1/4 of his health, Claviger would roll the arena, knocking everyone in the air without any damage. Careful: unconscious players would be rolled around the "table" while the healthy ones would stay at the same place. There should be enough time to get them up as the phase changes, just run out the blind spot then quickly return to safety. 5) Once finished, Claviger restores his force field, thus the shield orbs, and should spawn some ads. Finish ads first as their ranged attacks do no harm to players inside the force field. He should be missing energy orbs by then if you stay on the black trim. Once ads are dead (perfect moment to use ammo box if you run out of ammo) shoot shield orbs off and repeat the whole thing.

                            • Anonymous

                              for those struggling; (I did on hard the first time I ever saw him and I play solo) i used the Assault rifle with explosive shot mod, and flicker cloak on secondary. (secondary wep doesn't matter as long as you can mod it as you will only be using primary) 1) run to either the front left or right column when orbs are up, and put a clip into the orb, timed right it should be dead by the time he breaks the column. same on other side. 2) then shoot all 3 explosive shots at him and spray bullets. 3) then he spawns Adds, if your lucky you'll get 2. kill them quick as you have about 8 seconds before he shoots at you or does laser. use explosive shot if you need to. (having him break the front columns is useful for seeing the adds, if you want to keep a column, do so) 4) just as he slams the ground use an ammo box so your full and don't have to reload when you come back. if he spawns Adds and puts shield up, kill adds first, and quick. use explosive shots aswell, as killing both orbs will give you 3 more shots. i managed to kill him letting him only spawn adds 3 times, though he only had about 15% health on the 3rd spawn, but after I spammed explosive shot. BE AWARE a lot of this is RNG. Sometimes you'll get 3 adds per. sometimes 2 adds. Sometimes he'll slam the floor as soon as he spawns the adds. if he does so, just jump off the edge when you are able. heal just as he spawns Adds or when he's alone firing orbs at you. it took me 5 tries. I used twisted mask, hunters coat and pants. menders charm(which wasn't needed in the end as I only healed 3 times), keepers ring and jewel of the black sun. -LK

                              • Anonymous

                                If someone ever finds this guy PLEASE msg me on xbox gt Sinfulbiosin. Would be greatly appreciated. Been trying to find him for 2 weeks.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Fighting this guy with 2 and especially 3 players is almost impossible. He spawns those energy blasts so fast and accurately that reviving is impossible. Honestly find it easier to solo this guy.

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