Location Ward 13

Ace is an NPC in Remnant: From the Ashes.


Ace Information


Merchant's Inventory:

 Item Price
10 Scrap
Forged Iron
25 Scrap
Galvanized Iron
50 Scrap
Hardened Iron
75 Scrap
Lumenite Crystal
300 Scrap


3000 Scrap


Ace related Quests:


Location of Ace


Ace Notes and Tips

  • Voiced by: Mara Junot
  • Ace's last name is Cotterill
  • Mud Tooth mentions knowing Ace and Les, and that they are with Ford and Ward 13 now.



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    • Anonymous

      If anyone knows how she works do tell. At first I thought that her stock refreshes daily - that's wrong. Sometime she restocks in like an hour, sometime less often: my theory is that she is tied to progression or bosses' kills. I might've only seen Simulacrum in her inventory once over 60+ hours and several campaign refreshes.

      • Anonymous

        I have found making sure all of your gear has the furthest upgrade with a specific material guarantees the next material to be in her shop as well as in the world. I helped a few friends with their worlds before starting mine, I picked up galvanized iron in the first zone and through out earth and was able to buy it from Ace. Now that all of my gear is 15+ she has hardened iron and my profile is only on Rhom

        • Anonymous

          ''Her inventory improves as you progress the game.'' thats a complete lie. She will ''eventually'' display different materials even if most of the time is always iron ore regardless of the progress.

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