The Ent

the ent remnant
Location Earth, Choking Hollow
Health 4,250
Weakspot Back (+200%)

 Fire (+15%)

Rot (-15%)

Frost (-10%)

Ads Rot Wart

The Ent is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes

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Strategy Write-up

There two different approaches to fighting this boss. You can either focus on the weak spot on it's back and you will obtain Spore Gland, or destroy its legs and then finish him to obtain Twisted Heart.

Phase 1 (Has legs):

This boss moves very slow, try to stay at a medium or long distance and aim for its back. It will use its legs to cast an AOE explosion, run backwards when it does. It will also lean and use its hands to slam the ground sending a shock wave at your direction. Use the opportunity to fire at its back. When at long range, it will lean forward opening his back and sending explosive balls at your location. Try to run to either side without stopping until the attack ends. Try to not stay too close, as it can scream staggering you while ads spawn. When this happens, deal with the ads first and then continue fighting the boss.

Phase 2 (Without Legs):

From this point its easier to fire at the weak spot on its back.

When its legs are cut, it will crawl at your direction to attack you. Wait until he is about to attack to run away. It will also occasionally stop, opening its back to launch explosive balls at you. Dodge them by running to either side until the attack ends.

For both strategies:

When his health drops below 50% and thereafter, the Ent will roar occasionally and interrupt whatever you are doing to spawn Hallows. With practice, is easier to use the Ent's mechanics and Rot Warts against them than to waste ammo.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (Has Legs)
Foot Slam: the boss will slam the ground with one foot, causing a damaging shock-wave. Dodge forwards through the initial shock-wave. If you are close to the boss, this means dodging almost immediately as his foot hits the ground. Subsequent waves are for appearance only and will not damage you. Staying farther away will give you more time to dodge.
Hands Slam: the boss will slam the ground with its hands sending a shock wave towards your location Dodge to either side. You can use the opportunity to fire at the weak spot. Eventually in the fight, the boss will repeat this attack twice in a row.
Launch explosive bombs: the boss will lean forward, attach its arms to the ground, open the neck area, and then throw explosives that arc to your location. Run to either side until the attack finishes. Try and move in as straight lines as possible to avoid rot clouds, and to let remaining ads be killed by the bombs as they follow you.
Scream and summon ads: the boss will scream, staggering you and spawning Hollows. Try to first deal with the ads before returning to damaging the boss. When the Ent is in animation preparing this attack, try and finish off any nearby Rot Warts so they do not suicide on you while you're locked in the stagger animation.
Phase 2 (Without Legs)
Launch explosive bombs: It will lean forward opening the neck area and throwing explosives at your location Run to either side until the attack finishes.
Melee Attack: It will crouch to your location and attack three times with its hands Run backwards to dodge the attacks. The final vertical slam hits farther than the model suggests, so dodge to the side rather than away if you're anywhere near the boss by the time this attack happens.



The Ent Lore

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The Ent Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      Disappointingly easy even in Nightmare, he got one scream in, so one wave of ads but pretty easy to clear those especially with Hive + Rattle Weed. After that I knocked him down and appearently he doesnt scream once knocked, or I just got lucky. But if you put Rattle Weed on a Sniper Rifle youre easily able to get it back for every wave.

      • Anonymous

        You only get one item. Either you kill him without breaking his legs and you get the spore gland or, kill him after breaking his legs to get the twisted heart. Twisted Heart will let you craft the Petrified Maul, which IMO isn't worth it. It deals less damage than the scrap hammer in exchange for a 35% chance to deal double stagger... but hammers already deal alot of stagger and a 35% chance to maybe stagger when you normally wouldn't is kinda risky and meh. The Spore Gland gets you the Spore Bloom, which deals a bit less damage than the standard shot gun, but it's ability to deal continuous AOE damage with it's spore cloud can annihilate grouped up enemies or those that get caught in it for any period of time.

        • Anonymous

          Is world boss rotation only work with new character? Been rolling the playtrhough 8 times with only singe appearing each time

          • Anonymous

            Is it normal that upon defeating him i got only one item ? I did destroy his legs but i expected Twisted Heart as additional loot...

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