Location Ward 17
Race Root
Weakness Chest
Ads Ash Devil

Nightmare is the final boss for Remnant From the Ashes. This fight begins immediately after defeating the Dreamer.

Nightmare Location

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Nightmare Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Phase 1:
  • At the beginning of the fight, Nightmare takes little damage. Save your ammo and avoid his attacks until you are transported into the Shadow Realm.
  • Once there, enemies will begin to spawn. Each slain enemy will grant players stacks of a damage buff. However, be aware that your health will drain constantly while there. This can be initially countered by using Bloodwort, but the rate of health drain will eventually become severe. 
  • At any time players are free to leave through a portal in the Shadow Realm that will return you to the main boss area. Therefore, you must balance your health drain with the acquisition of damage stacks. Longer stays bring greater risk, but leaving prematurely will limit the player's damage against the boss. 
Phase 2: 
  • Once you exit the portal, focus your fire on the boss until its chest opens up, exposing the Dreamer. Once this happens, he becomes a Weak Spot so target him to deal maximum damage. Failing to deal sufficient damage will prevent Nightmare opening up and cause the removal of the damage buff. Shortly after, you will be transported back into the Shadow Realm.
  • Repeat until the boss is defeated. 

Gear Tips 

Attacks & Counters


Attack Counter
Nightmare Volley Nightmare will charge his wings and shoot a volley of energy. Keeping your distance makes this attack much easier to dodge because the missiles have a lot of travel time.
Nightmare Realm Nightmare will pull you into a separate realm filled with darkness, and summon root to attack. Killing enemies during this phase is essential to finishing the fight, using bloodwort or other forms of healing over time items can make your stay in the Nightmare realm far easier and will allow you to gain more stacks before having to leave through the portal.


Nightmare Lore

  • The Dreamer/Nightmare is the main character from Chronos (prequel to Remnant).

  • The Root used the Dreamer/Nightmare as a replacement for the original dreamer they were controlling and using as a gate to access Earth because he was stronger and practically groomed for the Roots ultimate plan which is corrupting the world's core (Earth) and the Labyrinth, therefore ending all resistance to them (Chronos events).

  • The Dreamer/Nightmare killed the Krell, the Pan and the Labyrinth guardians (Chronos events).

  • The Dreamer/Nightmare is called The Devourer by the Keeper of the Labyrinth because he killed the guardians.

  • Remnant and Chronos main characters are from the same tribe/survivor group.


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Nightmare Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      Solo Nightmare difficulty fresh char killed in 3 cycles (killable in 2) +16 Hunting Pistol with Breath of the Desert and +7 Particle Accelerator. Talisman of Animosity, Hunter's Band, Braided Thorns and Hunter Armor. Maxed out Exploiter, Kingslayer and Executioner Trait.

      Pop Bloodwort on transition, kill enemies with Hunting Pistol (1-shot headshot, 2 for archers), Get atleast 10 stacks and leave with 10+ AND 3 charges of Breath of the Desert.
      Leave through portal and dodge Nightmares attack. Use up all 3 charges of Breath of the Desert, this will make him always vulnurable. Then just gun him down with main weapon.
      Repeat, 2-3 times, make sure to fill your Breath of the Desert in the Shadowrealm.

      • Anonymous

        Duo Apocalypse was a pain for the past week just hitting a wall trying to break Nightmare's armor to make him vulnerable, tried it tonight and Swarm mod just instantly breaks his armor with 6-7 stacks of the buff.

        Good tip: with the buff Gun damage is increased by 1000% and Mod damage is increased by 3000% per stack

        • Anonymous

          I can't defeat him on Hard, weapons and armor +17-19, Radiant set, beam rifle everything. He almost 1 shots me with any attack, and meteors are impossible to avoid if you spawned next to him after 1st phase or nightmare phase.
          I consider myself a decent gamer, finished 1st and 3rd dark souls and Elden ring several times, but got stuck on this boss at Hard difficulty, idk...

          • Anonymous

            So apparently certain weapon combos don't have the DPS output to put him in his "vulnerable" state, nice waste of an hour of my life

            • Anonymous

              Beat him on 3rd try. Use bloodrot to survive, & summon minions to help u. I used dog when he teleports me for buff & summoned skulls to help hit his chest weakspot when he opens it. I think for base game Ixillis are the strongest bosses.

              • Anonymous

                Seems like the damage boost from the enemies in the second phase is a flat damage boost, not percentage. Using a +7 Spitfire gave me the same amount of damage per shot as a +15 Sniper Rifle. The sniper did give a lot of bonus damage against the weakspot (about 500k per shot) compared to the spitfire (about 55k per shot), but when shooting to reveal the weakspot, use a high fire rate gun.

                • Anonymous

                  Not sure if I'm the only one this has happened to, but myself and 2 others ran through 1st phase in about 15 seconds. 2nd phase came around and we literally couldn't do any decent damage, and the stack gimmick seemed to vanish for me personally once all 3 of us were inside the dark realm.

                  One of the randos gave up after about 5 minutes and somehow, miraculously, it seemed like every accumulated stack I missed out on appeared at once right after they left, and the Nightmare insta-died.

                  I know this game has its bugs here and there, but holy wow I was not expecting that fight to go as oddly as it did. ^^"

                  • Anonymous

                    Is there a cap on the number of damage stacks you can get in the Shadow Realm? What's the optimal number of enemies to kill before leaving?

                    • Anonymous

                      The final boss of the dlc is what the final boss should of been good weapon for defeating it well for getting to phase 2 and it’s atleast a little challenging atleast in high difficulties, nightmare on the other hand is a total joke. In his defence nightmare can be hard if you don’t know how to fight him but once you understand what needs to be done it’s a little to easy

                      • Anonymous

                        easiest boss if you well equipped , he is just a crit spoon with radiant+labyrinth set swarm / breath of the desert / hotshot

                        • Anonymous

                          You can two shot tgis enemy wear radiant armor burden of gambler and devourers loop then use swarm after shadow realm it will take 50% of nightmares health

                          • Anonymous

                            I keep seeing this thing about only one player being sent to the shadow realm at a time but every try me and my friend made we both went in and out together.

                            • Anonymous

                              uh ok. so the plan is the bore the player with a long, monotonous battle? or was this really the best idea devs had for a final boss? a massive health bar with no interesting mechanics....

                              man I am so glad I didn't have to pay for this trash game

                              • Anonymous

                                How to kill him in two rounds, tested in Normal and Hard. (A round being going through the void area where mobs spawn.)
                                Equip the Breath of the Desert mod.
                                It'll take 40% of his life if you fire off every volley, which you can do before he closes up again. I recommend shooting him a bit before launching them to get that 10% in as he'll close up quickly after receiving such a massive amount of damage.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Here is the real strategy if you are playing multiplayer/coop: Quit the session (but stay on voice chat with your bros!), Choose Play Offline, kill the guy in 3 minutes, Quit the session, Choose Play with Friends and go save the day together on some other broken coop boss besides this one. I have saved you time and your friendships.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I just got Gorefist to spawn in shadow realm, has anybody gotten any other? Except for aforementioned Shroud, ofc.

                                    • Just finished it on hard with +6 on weapons and armor (minimum for going neutral in damage dealt, but two red arrows in defense).

                                      I found the skull summon to be the most effective mod overall. It helps with dealing with the initial Dreamer, clears the weakest adds really well (never went past killing one archer anyway), and they hit quite decently against Nightmare since they always target the weak spot. I just used it with the basic Repeater Pistol which dealt quite good damage to Nightmare with great accuracy, shot him with the pistol until he exposed the Dreamer (1-2 mags), and summoned the skulls during the transition animation.

                                      That meant I could run something for Primary that could deal with the initial Dreamer and the adds effectively, for which I used Sporebloom. A close-up shot at the Dreamer's head dealt 20-25% of his health, one-shots weak adds, and two-shots archers with some help from the skulls. The mod is also incredibly good against the adds. A longer-range weapon would probably be better if you want to go for more than 10-15 kills per phase, but I didn't feel that the risk was worth it.

                                      For armor and trinkets I didn't really have anything great. Went Scrapper because it had the most armor, Mender's Charm + Blood Font for regeneration and improved Bloodwort, and Jewel of the Black Sun for some damage vs the adds. Never used Dragon's Heart, instead stocked up on Bloodwort and just bailed on the adds if I went below 50% health. I tried to drink a Bloodwort during the adds phase whenever I had a moment to catch my breath, even if the previous had like 15 seconds remaining. I really didn't want it to run out at a bad time.

                                      It ended up taking 5 phases to kill Nightmare. It should have been 4, but I got infected on the fourth round.

                                      Overall a pretty boring boss. I don't mind killing adds, but I at least want the boss itself to be challenging as well. I wouldn't have minded it as much if Nightmare had better attacks than just some weak-ass fireballs that are like impossible to get hit by. This is the final boss, it should feel like the strongest entity in the game, yet it felt like one of the weakest since it had to rely almost entirely on adds.

                                      • One incredibly unintuitive part about this boss is that the damage buff doesn't seem to be percentage based, rather it's something weird. My weapon with 500 damage per shot deals 30k with the buff, and my weapon with 20 damage per shot deals 15k with the buff. My one mod that does 60 damage deals 50k, and my other mod that does 130 damage deals 10k.

                                        I don't understand what the hell is going on, but basically you want to use anything that hits weak but often.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          The part about a player staying behind is incorrect.

                                          Duo'ing the fight with my brother and we both get teleported to the alternate realm each time.

                                          Would have been a better bossfight if they'd just left off the whole lazy Nightmare section and ended it at the dreamer. This is like some cut-rate Dragon's Dogma knock off.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            You do more damage to the child's body after coming out of the buff phase. When he removes your buffs the chest will open and you can shoot him for massive damage. Even in co-op.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              If you are about to fight the nightmare make sure you have the swarm weapon mod, if you do then when you are in the other dimension shoot enemies with whichever weapon you have it on and when you get out of that dimension activate it and you will deal massive damage in very little time.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Swarm (on solo at least; there seems to be a lot of janky bull*****trying to do it co-op) just breaks this boss completely. When you come out of the other world, I just used swarm on him immediately and there went half his hp, and the other half I just shot at him while his chest was open. Did it in one run.

                                                • Something that isn't mentioned. If you remain within the shadow realm for long enough or defeat enough enemies, a shroud boss will appear within the shadow realm, health bar and all. This may be the alternate kill method for nightmare seeing as none have been discovered yet. So if you wanna try your hand at beating shroud or any other possible boss that could spawn since it is still unknown if any others can. I'd recommend a full regen build. Full tree armor and regen ring. Don't forget to stock up on bloodworts.

                                                  • Pro tip: Its way easier solo. Bring plenty of Healing and ammo boxes, maybe some adrenaline as well. I run the sub with a coach gun, hot shot mod and swarm mod.. goodluck. btw the boss is weak to fire and swarm type mods.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      I have to agree with everyone saying this boss is broken, at least in coop. I've played the whole game with 2 friends on Hard difficulty. We got to the last boss all prepared and stuff. Fought the boos many times and we could not do decent amount of damge to it. I know people are killing the bossok in solo mode, but here is the thing. The friend who hosted the game has the save at the end, if me or my other friend want have a go at the boss solo we need to play the whole game again. So , yes, I'm saying this is not ok, and the boss is broken.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        This boss is total broken af... Playing with my friend manage to get a whole hp bar of dmg on him (nightmare difficulty) and still cant break his chest, where in solo break it x10 easier. Devs nees to take a look at this and do some balancing

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Nice to have an DPS-race boss in a game where you can specc for "spells" or melee... every build you do has to just do DMG to beat this boss.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Just ignore everything about, all you need is to shoot him with Hot Shot mod after returning from the other dimension. It's super annoying that using fire to burn it was never mentioned anywhere.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              My friend and I went into this fight after being told it was a 5 min fight, built stacks till bosses came out left the portal, did 5000-10000 a shot. 10 min later he still 90% health WTF

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                So i whas playing this boss 2 day and...... well.... i killed alot of adds in tele phase and saw another boss hp baar pop up?? It sayed Gorefist, so i focused all adds and got Gorefist as well. I had 25 stacks of dmg buff and tryed 2 kill some more adds, seemes like 25 is max. Got out did enormous amount of dmg, got teled a second time. Tryed to do the same tac again BUT this time Shroud spawned. I have not tryed yet cuz this whas with a grp of retards. What if u can spawn, i would not dare to say all the bosses but some before killing boss and get some alternative ending with alternative reward? Maybe someone can confirm.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  haven't been able to open his chest even once on nightmare, while I did it with 5 kill on normal. Still destroyed him though, it was just a 5 time trip instead of 2.

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Struggling on Nightmare difficulty? Try to use the turret mod on a secondary weapon of your choice in the dream to gain stacks, (around 15). when you leave activate the hotshot mod on your beam rifle to melt the boss till his chest opens. then continue the slaughter.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      Gamepur's little guide on this boss makes it sound super hard. It's not. It's immensely easy. First phase, headshot it and dodge one attack, it'll die before any adds spawn anyway. Second phase, dpdge ots ONLY attack until you go into an adds phase with the same adds you saw in level one. Get 15 kills, spawn back, spend one second killing all the adds with your ridiculous damage boost, then shoot the boss anywhere with anything, use mods to break the chest open fast. Once the chest is open, headshot the kid and it dies.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        This is legitimately the worst final boss I've ever fought. The boss is literally just killing mobs. ***** this boss and ***** whoever thought this was a good idea.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          Using beam rifle and hot shot made this boss way easier, once you leave the shadow realm use hotshot and itll tick on the boss for big damage and crack open his chest so you can do even more damage

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            how many counts of buff would be helpful, not sure what i'm doing wrong but can only do 4 to 5 counts of the buff while others average 10 sniper build btw

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              Breath of the desert lets you kill the boss in one phase. Every shot does 20k-40k with weakness and it recharges it self so the mod can be spammed.

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