Harsgaard, Root Harbinger

Location Ward Prime
Weakness Mouth/ Fire (+15%)
Resistance Frost (-5%)

Harsgaard, Root Harbinger is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes

Harsgaard, Root Harbinger Location

  • Location: Ward Prime
  • This boss is not optional.
  • This boss fight will begin as soon as you defeat Harsgaard

Harsgaard, Root Harbinger Rewards


Harsgaard, Root Harbinger Strategies

Strategy Writeup

As soon as the fight begins you'll be equipped with the Fusion Rifle, but you can swap it mid fight if you want.

During this fight Harsgaard deals a lot more damage than before. Try to wait to see what move he is about to perform and then react to it or you won't be able to survive.

His Beam attack covers a large portion of the battlefield so you'll have to keep moving. You can gather ammo from the sides if you need to.

Make sure to deal as much damage as you can on each opportunity you have. Aim for his mouth to deal critical damage.

Always look at the stones and remember which ones glow first to avoid their beams.

If you die during the fight you'll have to fight Harsgaard again.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Beam Attack: He will focus a beam on the left or right part of the battlefield creating an AoE that expands across the battlefield and deals high DPS Run in the opposite direction until you reach the corner. Use the remaining time to reload or deal as much damage as you can
Timed Beams: You will notice that the stones glow and after a short period they will shoot beams that cover all the area in front of them. Then the remaining stones will do the same See which stones glow first and make sure to stand in front of one that didn't glow. After the beam move to one of the stones that already fired.
Three Consecutive Beams: He will fire beams using his both hands and moving forward across the battlefield This attack happens in three stages. Try to run to the area where he previously fired before he fires again
Red Balls: He will summon red balls that float across the battlefield and explode when you touch them Try to stay near the wall and remain still. Only move when a ball is about to hit you



Harsgaard, Root Harbinger Lore

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Harsgaard, Root Harbinger Notes & Trivia

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Harsgaard, Root Harbinger Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      By using, Blood font + ezlan band + bloodwort + triage = 5hp/s, killed him in first try, only used potion when low hp from his beam spam.

      • Anonymous

        Beat him in 1st try. Kept my regen 3hp/s, healed when low hp from his beam spam. Ixillis is still far harder than all bosses.

        • Anonymous

          I love how everyone bragging in the comments about beating a boss (any boss page, not just this one) always brings up that they used Leto's Set. Like, no **** you beat it? That's like bragging you beat Capra Demon wearing Havel's Armor with the Black Knight Halberd.

          • Anonymous

            This guy has disgustingly big aoe attacks that can one shot you and half of the time cant even see what is going on because he is through all of my screen.
            First phase was fine cud see what he will do but here...**** everything is just to ****ing big and almost every his attack is aoe.
            Never liked fighting big bosses that teake half or all of my PC screen.

            • Anonymous

              Easy way i got it:
              Leto's Set + 19
              Chicago Typewriter +19 Hot Shot on Typewriter
              Sawed off Shotgun + 19 Assassin Knives on Sawed off

              Nightmare Spiral
              Alchemist Juwel
              Bright Steel Ring

              Every consumable active + Frenzy Dust
              i just stood there and shot.... through both phases.

              • Anonymous

                I've got it around the 5th or 8th try with these: Pride of the Iskal (very good against the starting form of Harsgaard), Particle Accelerator (the mod deals insane damage to the first form, before he starts moving and the second one cannot move, so insane damage goes there too), Hunter Set, White Rose, Ring of the Mantis, Devouring Loop + every 500 scrap consumable. The Loop once did a 11.000 dmg headshot to the first form, at least that's what I could observe.

                Standing in the corner does help, but beware when he makes those large energy whirlpools, those can eat your health up in no time if you stand in them. Otherwise charge the mod as quickly as possible and fire it into his mouth!

                • Anonymous

                  They turned a good fight in the first phase into a bullet hell in the second phase that doesn't even fit the game.

                  • Anonymous

                    Was much easier with the sniper rifle. Beat him my second try (if you don't count his first form b*tch slapping me half way through the first time). I also had the twisted idol, ring of honor, and alchemists jewel, for extra protection

                    • Anonymous

                      Summon setup worked fine for me. Gear score 10, solo, hardcore mode. Used skulls, soul link, soul anchor, labyrinth armor with void helmet, Ruin rifle just in case I needed the auto revive, which you actually lose when it replaces your long gun with the fusion

                      • Anonymous

                        Seems like the corner spot is what the devs thought was an optional cheese strat, but on Nightmare or harder I can't see how else you'd deal with the beams from the rocks. Maybe heavy armor and just tank the hits? Seems equally cheesy, but it's impossible to orient yourself to see where the beam lanes are in a big gnarled root room with no straight lines to judge your position with. And the beams get insanely rapid later on in the fight. His first form was a good fight, this one sucks.

                        • Anonymous

                          I went through this guy so easily without even trying to dodge with a melee build full letos aggressors bane and pride of the ishkal/fusion rifle. He tickled me

                          • Anonymous

                            I literally stood in a corner and shot him until I ran out of ammo, popped an ammo box and continued firing until he was dead. The only thing that ever hit me from the corner was one of the lasers that you can roll out of the way from (though they seem to track you sometimes). I found his first phase to be harder since he can reposition.

                            • Anonymous

                              His 3-part attack gets me every time. I just can't seem to get out of the way. Super frustrating to have to fight through his first phase over and over just to learn a single one-shot attack.

                              • Anonymous

                                On xbox solo and Nightmare difficulty. My buddy ended up beating him even with the game lagging him into oblivion. Used fully upgraded Leto Armor for more damage reduction. Use anything you have to give you damage reduction. He used the amulet i think it was that increases armor rating and reduces encumbrance so he was able to medium roll with Leto armor instead of belly flopping. Even used the one item with damage reduction but in turn makes him more agro towards you. Which didn't make a difference in his attack patterns so it just gives you a damage reduction buff. Used ring of evasion too.
                                Made it easier to dodge beams in second phase where he gets bigger and sits in back of arena. He did use the rifle it makes you use and the one shot rifle pistol (lvl 20) with corrosive swarm mod. He used as many buff potions as he could and used as many bloodworts as he could to constantly keep regenerating hp. He did it on his first try with that build.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Why does this boss cause lag? I was able to play this game on Ultra literally on everything else. There's something with this boss that is causing the game to lag.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    this boss is just lazy in my opinion. the first stage is great the second is just hide in a corner and shoot the face. love the game but the end bosses need some love.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Boss fight lags so much end up using all my dragon hearts to heal myself and two friends, secondary part launches Aoe and beams at the same time lagging game further then you either blue screen or squad wipe. 10/10 would recommend

                                      • Anonymous

                                        i have a problem ... unfortunately i died against harsgaard, and later when i try to enter the portal it doesn't take me to the boss but to reisum ... how do i solve?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          i just can't understand why they force me to use that bull**** weapon or any weapon in middle of the fights

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