canker remnant
Race Iskal
Location Corsus
Weakness N/A
Resistance Damage from Behind (-25%)/ Corrosive (-15%)
Ads Infected Swamp Elf
Swamp Hound

Canker is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes.

Canker Location

Canker Rewards







Canker Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Canker boss fight is a race against time. As time passes the room is filled with water. Canker attacks rely on this to be effective.

He can run across the room dropping corrosive bombs, at first you will be able to see them but as the water level rises you won't. Try to remember where the boss passed and stay away from that area. The bombs will disappear after some time

It can cast a sound wave sending a wave of water at you. At first, you will be able to stay on the sides of the room to avoid the attack. Once the room is filled with water, you will have to dodge the attack to either side.

Ads will spawn occasionally, try to deal with them before focusing on the boss. Can spawn elites.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Run and drop corrosive bombs: Canker will run across the room dropping corrosive bombs to the sides Try to run away from the bombs and don't touch them. They will disappear after some time
Sound Wave: It will cast a sound wave sending water to your location and knocking you down. Try to stay on the sides of the room and run away from the wave or Dodge to either side.



Canker Lore

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Canker Notes & Trivia

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Canker Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      First impression this guy looks scary thanks to his appearance. Then when you fight him, you can't help to feel sorry for him.

      • Anonymous

        this guy looks similar to the bloat. maybe this is what happens when a bloat stays infected for a long time

        • He's grotesque looking, but rather simple so long as you stay out if his swamp. I usually bring the Spitfire and light him when he passes, and use the Coach Gun to pepper him and keep his adds at bay.

          • Anonymous

            the dungeon before him is harder than the boss itself
            god ****ing dammit,every single fight the was 2 elites ,the lamp head and the fat ass guy , all with the 2 bonus "dogs" ,3 shooters and the cockroaches that screeam,a fking hell in nightmare to get throught

            • Anonymous

              Post 2923, tested this, and the boss walked up slowly to attack me once, then went on to run back and forth for the remainder of the fight. It's not guaranteed, but is a very effective method. Far safer than dodging around for higher difficulties.

              • Anonymous

                Stand on land for the win! Seriously though, with hotshot/wilfire mod and/or devastator's skewer its an easy time. just stand back and let the DoT's do work while you kill the ADDS

                • Anonymous

                  I need to say this, this boss's AI CANNOT handle you simply staying at the entrance of the arena and shooting him. he will run around, spawn bombs, etc, but HE CANNOT TOUCH YOU. the waves don't go over the land, the bombs only spawn in the water, and all you have to worry about are the ads that spawn.

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