Erfor the Jackal

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Location Reisum - Wild Reach - Den of the jackal
Weakness Legs/ Fire (+15%)Radiation (+5%)
Resistance Frost (-15%)

Erfor the Jackal is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes

Erfor the Jackal Location

  • Location: Reisum - Wild Reach - Den of the jackal
  • This boss may not spawn in your playthrough, you will need to re-roll your Campaign/Adventure Mode to find it.

Erfor the Jackal Rewards


Erfor the Jackal Strategies

Strategy Writeup

Erfor can deal a lot of damage but most of his attacks are very predictable. His weakness are his legs and you will deal critical damage when you hit them.

Try to deal as much damage as you can and he will jump to one of the platforms located outside the battlefield and Adds will spawn.

His attacks can push you off the platform so try to fight near the center.

While you defeat the adds he will toss rocks at you. You can still attack him while he is there and he will remain immobile, so if you have a long reach gun this is a good opportunity.

While the arena starts as a perfect circle, the four wooden platforms covering holes in it can be destroyed, creating fall hazards and shrinking the maneuvering space in the arena.

Some of his attacks can freeze you so its a good idea to bring Spiceroot.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (On Battlefield)
Punch: If you are in close proximity to him he will swing his fist at you Dodge away from his punch, be aware that it has a surprisingly long reach.
Charge: He will charge at you, dealing damage & knocking you off your feet Dodge left, right, or forward and attack his legs
Freeze Attack: He will slam the ground twice sending a freezing shockwave towards you each time Perform a dodge when the wave is about to reach you to prevent the damage. The wave also deals frostbite damage, potentially freezing you and making it difficult to dodge the next attack.
Rock Throw: He will unearth a rock from the arena and throw it at you. This typically happens when you are on the opposite edge of the arena from him. Dodge in any direction. This rock can also apply frostbite if it connects. The rock can also eliminate his adds if it hits them instead.
Phase 2 (On Platforms)
Both of these attack patterns will happen at the same time, before reverting back to Phase 1.
Spawn Adds: He will spawn adds (Mole Rats and Mole Bombers) to attack you. You can either attack them directly, or time your dodges for his rock attack to hit them instead. The Mole Bombers can be dodged when they explode to eliminate them at the cost of no ammo. The explosions from the Mole Bombers can also break the wooden platforms covering the four holes in the arena, making your space to maneuver smaller, avoid if possible.

Rock Attack: He will toss rocks at you dealing high damage and applying frostbite. This attack occurs during the waves of adds, be sure to watch him but also keep an eye on the adds.

He will always throw 5 rocks at you back-to-back, regardless of difficulty. Counting these can be helpful.

Note that this rock attack can also break the wooden platforms covering the four holes in the arena, making your space to maneuver smaller. If you are standing on a platform when it is broken, you will fall off the arena and die.

Run or dodge to avoid them. You can use them to get rid of the adds.



Erfor the Jackal Lore

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Erfor the Jackal Notes & Trivia

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Erfor the Jackal Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Didn't have too much trouble in full Leto with Hotshot Assault Rifle and a Magnum with Swarm.

      The most annoying part of the fight is that he can make enormous holes in a small platform and sends a ton of bomber rats at you while he's being a ****.

      That, and the camera for this fight blows, so it's easy to fall just by avoiding attacks.

      • Anonymous

        To everyone who's struggling at this boss, well try my cheat build

        Radiant set - Crit chance + crit damage
        Twisted Idol - For encumbrance and +armor (makes medium to light armor)
        Braided Thorns Ring - Crit chance
        Stone of balance - Range Dmg
        Use SMG or Machine Pistol and Chicago typewriter or Assault Rifle
        Use Beckon (summon skulls) and Iron sentinel (summon turrent) mods

        Before you enter:
        Summon 2 sulls mod

        After entering:
        1) Summon 2 turrents
        2) Equip weapon with turrent mod to replenish cooldown and resummon it as much as you can.

        Chip away at the boss
        Learn to dodge when he tries to throw the snow
        Don't worry about little sh1t he summons, the turret and skull will kill them
        and most importantly, watch where you roll. This boss can make holes on the ground

        - mtz

        • Anonymous

          Using turrets is an easy way to chip his health down while he's on the upper ledges. Just use an automatic weapon to keep the mole rats off you and watch out for giant snowballs

          • Anonymous

            terrible boss fight, his attacks are manageable, but i spent most the time trying to fight with the fact the camera is inside him 90% of the time so its a 50/50 im gonna roll into a hole

            • Anonymous

              honestly what the **** were they thinking by having the boss be able to punch holes in the middle of an already small arena

              • Anonymous

                Use letos armor and a crap ton of dmg reduce traits, both ranged and melee, there you go dont need to roll into holes no more.

                • Anonymous

                  Erfor just jumped off the platform at like 20% health and nothing is happening. Guess I'm just f'd and have to do this fight again. Cool.

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