Location Corsus
Weakness Head/ Fire (+10%)
Resistance Corrosive (-15%)
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Ixillis is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes. Ixillis is a world boss that is located in the Corsus realm.

Ixillis Location

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Ixillis Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

  • This fight actually features two Ixillis, XV and XVI. Upon entering, look up and you will spot a cocoon opposite from where the first boss appears. Shooting it will severely damage the second boss, bringing it into the fight early, at 75% health. 
Phase 1:
  • Ixillis' melee attacks are easily dodged, however be aware of the corrosive corr-icon-remnant bombs she throws onto the bridge which linger for a time.
  • Ixillis will periodically spawn white orbs that seek and damage players. She is vulnerable during this attack. Two counters are ideal:
    • Continue damaging Ixillis then switch to a high rate of fire secondary and quickly shoot the orbs as they close. 
    • Use Veil of the Black Tear, which will nullify the orbs completely and allow you to maintain damage output. 
  • If you didn't shoot the cocoon and trigger the second boss' arrival early, it will appear once the first reaches 75% health. 
Phase 2:
  • Both Ixillis will now attack in tandem. One will continue the previous move set, while the other will move along the bridge firing a beam which deals heavy damage and can potentially push you off the bridge. Track this attack, and dodge or run along the bridge as needed.
  • Occasionally, both Ixillis will stop and start charging a Scream attack that deals heavy damage and staggers you. You must interrupt this attack during its charging phase by shooting the glowing orb in front of each Ixillis. If you are quick enough, you can cancel both screams.
  • If both Ixillis are killed in quick succession, Phase 3 is negated. However if one survives long enough to become enraged, you enter Phase 3.
Phase 3:
  • Once enraged the surviving Ixillis will attack more quickly and target the player directly with its beam. Repeat the above tactics. 
Gear Tips 




Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (1 Ixillis alone)
Corrosive Bomb: It throws a bomb at your location that deals impact damage and leaves residual corrosive area dealing damage over time Try to dodge to either side when it lunches the bomb. Be careful because if it throws a second ball you can become trapped between both residual corrosive areas.
Lightning Orbs: It will cast multiple orbs that will float around the room and start chasing you. The balls deal high damage. You can destroy the balls by firing at them. Try to destroy them as soon as they appear while keeping an eye on the boss
Upper Slash: It will strike with its weapon from above at your location Dodge to either side
Diagonal Slash: It will strike in a wide arc from the side. Wait until the attack is happening to dodge to either side.
Phase 2 (Second Ixillis)
Weapon Beam: One of the Ixillis will cast a beam of light forward. If you are trapped in the beam you will receive heavy damage and stagger. If you are near the border you will fall and die Try to move around and stay away from the Ixilli that is using the Beam. If you see the attack coming run quickly in the other direction
Banshee Scream: Both Ixillis will start conjuring a banshee scream. If successfully, you will receive heavy damage and stagger, which can cause you to fall from the bridge and die. This is the best opportunity to deal heavy damage. As soon as you see them conjuring, fire at the conjuring ball that will result in a crit. If you deal enough damage the conjure will fail. When this happens, quickly turn to the other Ixillis to do the same. If your main weapon is lacking enough damage, you can finish it off with your alt weapon.
Phase 3 (Killed 1 Ixillis the other Enrages)
It will perform all the attacks from Phase 1 and will also perform the Weapon Beam alone. When it's performing the weapon beam, try to quickly run to the other side.



Ixillis Lore

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Ixillis Notes & Trivia

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Ixillis Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Your worst enemy during this fight are narrow arena and lack of knowledge what to do. Once you manage to grasp the concept of this boss battle and pick a full dps loadout, you’ll shred this boss in peaces every time. I completely annihilate these moths in nightmare.

      • Anonymous

        Gotta love the irony when the Swarm Mod literally destroys them. Use it for the first one or save for the enraged one. The first one won't last more than 5 seconds with Beam Rifle +10, Hot Shot Mod and Swarm. Rinse and repeat for the remaining one, fight should be over in 30 seconds. The best part, there won't be screams.

        • Anonymous

          There's an easy trick to beat this boss on hard. Equip the force field mod and have any sidearm you want. Use the force field 4 or 5 seconds after he summons the lightning orbs to block them. This will also help you block a couple corrosive bombs. When you feel like they're about to do the banshee scream, reload your primary and switch to your secondary. This way, when they actually cast it you'll have a full clip and you'll be able to do enough damage without worrying about reloading.

          • Anonymous

            From all the things to take inspiration from they decided on the Moonlight ****in' Butterfly and then doubled that particularly fun experience.

            • Anonymous

              Wanted to Try and Beat Ixillis on Apocalyptic Mode (Standard), consumed 1 of Houndmaster's Jerky, fought the Dream Eater first (this fight was harder than Ixillis), and then beat Ixillis on the 3rd attempt. Their charging state was pretty tough to beat but the same patterns made it a little easy for me to beat them. Also I think it dropped a Simulacrum, I guess it only happens when you beat them on Apocalyptic Mode.

              Radiant Protector Set +20
              Repeater Pistol (For the Light Orbs) - Blink Token
              Assault Rifle - Hot Shot
              Twisted Idol
              Hunter's Band
              Devouring Loop

              Great experience 10/10

              • Anonymous

                Managed to get the Alt kill solo on hard
                Labyrinth set, galenic charm, celerity stone, spirit stone (probably not optimal but it's what I had)
                SMG with swarm, Assault Rifle with Unstable Quills

                I hit the first one with Swarm and that dropped it's health to about 50%, dealt with the wisps and focused on the second boss to recharge swarm. I left the first one alone since having to stop the scream will take about 25% more health off. I got them both to about 25% before letting swarm start killing one and damaging the second one to detonate quills right as the swarm finished the first one.
                Took a few tries but it worked pretty well.

                • Anonymous

                  If anyone wants to know how to beat the scream on Apocalypse here is what I did:
                  Use Letho Armor set +19
                  Use any ring that gives 15% damage reduction (Aggressors Bane)
                  Use any other ring you prefer( I used ring that gives u 5% for crits to do 4x damage)
                  Use any necklace ( I used Vengeance Idol, 30% damage when below 30% health)
                  I used Beam Rifle +18 with hot shot mod
                  I used Hunter Pistol +20 with swarm mod
                  Now for the scream part its not possible for me to break both their screams, but it is possible to break one and thats where letho's armor comes into play it should absorb about 75% of its damage and can be healing instantly by dragon heart. The rest of the fight is gets easier as long as you remember to break the orbs.

                  • Anonymous

                    If you're playing solo or co-op and are unable to get past the dps check screams reliably, just use the riftwalker mod. If you use it right as they're raising their heads you'll dodge the screams.

                    Highly recommend veil of the black tear as well for them orbs.

                    • Anonymous

                      I just got the Guardian's Tentacle. I used the Particle Accelerator to do it. Once I had both of them at low health, I blasted one with the Gravity Core, and then turned and started shooting the other one. My blasting killed one mere seconds after the explosion behind me killed the other. I was probably taking a serious chance there, since I had my back turned to the one who was currently attacking me.

                      • Anonymous

                        The hardest part of this boss is the DPS check on the banshee scream. Make sure you have a counter in mind for that, and otherwise be prepared to deal with the swarming orbs. Once you have the dodge timing on the horizontal melee swipe down, and a method to eliminate the banshee scream the fight becomes as simple as:

                        1. Determine which is melee, look out for horizontal swings and artillery
                        2. Swap between left and right depending which side the other is firing pulse beams onto
                        3. Be ready to counter the scream, two is lethal and one will often kill you if you aren't above 2/3 hp

                        It's a matter of rinse and repeat from there and honestly once I got the timing of the horizontal sweep down I went from thinking this boss would be impossible to considering farming it because of how much scrap the end gives. I used the turret mod for the spores that home in but with ranged damage reduction or just decent aim and an automatic weapon they aren't too much of a threat, only if you are also being hit by other attacks and take too much damage/fail a dodge.

                        • Anonymous

                          Playing solo, I simply cannot get my dps high enough to stop his crit. Tried with damage mods and everything

                          • The Devastator and its bleed mod really come in hand for me here. No hand guns seem to really help me here though, as the Machine Pistol is too weak and the Magnum Revolver is too slow, especially for the wisps. Any recommendations? PS I'm on hard mode.

                            • Anonymous

                              lol tried this boss with an assault rifle on apocalypse mode solo. i dodged all the melee attacks, shot all the orbs, survived the first round of screams with rift walker but died on the 2nd round of screams when my mod wasn't up. With assault rifle, i can only manage to shut down 1 scream out of the 2 on apocalypse- this is with a character with max traits on everything except for the useless stuff like scavenger and character also max gear level- thought admittedly my rings and amulets were more utility orientated (twisted idol, stone circlet etc.) so perhaps i could have switched it for damage rings but this boss on apocalypse is kind of bs cuz of how much damage those screams can soak up from an assault rifle. U really need to either stick to the rift walker mod and have it charged up before every scream or you have to use a high damage one shot weapon like sniper rifle if u want to take on this boss on apocaylpse mode solo

                              • Anonymous

                                Regular weapon fire dps is not enough to break he scream attack. You have to use high damage weapon mod during that phase.

                                • Anonymous

                                  One of Ixillises will become enraged not over another's death, but if it's own health down to 25%. It will fly backwards before enraging

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Highly recommend breath of the desert weapon mod. Cast one at each boss when they do the charge up for the scream attack. The weapon mod will home in to the weak spot automatically and do insane damage. 1 cast is enough to break the charge up.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Whenever I try and do this ****ing boss with randos they walk right into attacks, never dodge, and roll off the bridge frequently. I dont even have the gear to carry them

                                      • Anonymous

                                        For anyone having trouble with the boss, I recommend using the "Veil of the Black Tear" mod (you get it from the "Shade and Shatter" boss on Rhom). It completely negates the homing glowing orbs and the corrosive bombs attacks. Still, you have to watch out for the melee strikes as well the laser beams, so just start moving after neutralizing the orbs.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Flicker cloack + Swarmp is all you need along with Cultist set... by the time both mods expire you ll have them again with some bullets and the boss will be dead in 2-3 mins

                                          • Anonymous

                                            My set-up: Coach gun + Default Handgun Healing aura/zone + Deployable turrets (or) Fire shots Cultist armor set My necklace and rings didn't benefit from this boss, because I forgot to swap on-kill items This was the first boss that gave me serious trouble, along with Undying King. The range of the Coach Gun is just enough to deal full damage and charge skills much faster, the handgun is perfect for dealing with the destructable homing orbs. Ammunition was an issue, but it gets replenished once you are getting double teamed and one of the bosses uses the big-beam attack. If you can survive long enough exclusively through dodging, emptying your handgun into each boss while they are doing their charge-up attack can kill the bosses in 3 cycles tops with some peppering here and there. Healing aura is totally optional if you have something else to help deal more damage. If you absolutely feel like this boss is just too hard (and I do think this is one of the hardest bosses in the game so far, especially early on), you can try and farm for the Turret summon skill in the desert. The two conditions to fight the boss are to fight the Dog boss with the masked guy (shoot his mask until it fizzles and kill him, then the dog), then turn in the extra item you obtained at the broken robot in front of the only merchant in the desert zone to begin the boss (easy fight, strafe and use cover). The turret summon skill, on Normal, is by far one of the strongest fire-and-forget skills, dealing high rapid fire accurate damage at the nearest targets, the skill gets charged super fast, it has 2 charges, and you can drop multiple at a time. It really does everything except high damage immediately.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              ammo does spawn, however im not exactly sure which phase. i think its the start where the second Ixillis shows up. a mix of long and sidearm ammo. at least on normal, hard+ might change this?

                                              • Yeah far as I can tell, the alternate kill is impossible without a co-op partner. I killed the other one within 7 seconds of the first and they went into rage mode as SOON as the first died.

                                                • Apparently "rapid succession" is "less than 30 seconds within each other" because I managed to kill the first one and at the moment the other retreated BEYOND my weapon range to actually HIT it and came back I killed it in a few seconds after that.

                                                  • This boss is quite difficult once two arrive. There is one specific attack to watch out for and it's when it releases a large yellow wave attack that can knock you off the cliff however only one from either side will commit to it

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      "Won't be able to find any ammo". Except for the giant piece of bridge in the middle that gets lasered halfway through the fight, giving you max ammo about 3 times over.

                                                      • Everyone complaining is not being imaginative in fighting this boss. Mods will make or break this fight. Run the turrets or rattle weed for the homing orbs and a high damage long gun to hit the crits when they charge up so you can stagger them out of the animation. Overall this is a pretty fair boss fight compared to some others.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          As long as you know their attack pattern, then you should be fine. But them homing balls would be waiting for me after i dodge either Ixillis's lance swipe smh.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Went into this fight going yo I got moonlight butterfly feelings, saw its combos and went, yep its legit moonlight butterfly. After the second one poppped out and started whooping my friend group its like oh, I guess they saw how much of a joke moonlight butterfly was and made this accordingly hard. It wasn't until we realized we could go to the side they just kamehameha beamed to be safe that we started getting further. Then we realized the defiler absolutely shreds them during their scream charge up if you use its mod alt fire, 2 people running defiler and we managed to finally beat it after about 10 attempts, I kept track by the frenzy dusts I popped. ~rednekdashie

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              According to the lore guardians keep the root from invading their world. The Iskal queen is likely in league with the root where the undying king probably wants to use this guardians heart to either become a guardian (no idea how) or to make a vyr guardian. The undying king probably wants to make a guardian so the scholars go back to serving him.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                There is an are behind the 2 bosses but it is blocked by rubble but there is a room on the map. Any idea how to get there or its nothing?

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