Glowing Fragment

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Holding the fragment, you see--for just the briefest flash-- multiple realities stretching out to infinity. Each one a little different from the last, like a flip book of existence.

Glowing Fragment is a Crafting Material in Remnant: From the Ashes. They are used to acquire special equipment.

 Glowing Fragment Usage

How to Find Glowing Fragment

  • Glowing Fragments can be obtained by defeating bosses in Survival Mode or during Campaign/Adventure Mode on Hard, Nightmare and Apocalypse difficulty.
Glowing Fragment Drops Hard Nightmare Apocalypse
Dungeon Bosses 3 4 5
World Bosses 5 7 9


Glowing Fragment Notes & Tips



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    • Anonymous

      Corsus adventure is BY FAR the best way to grind for these. Like every adventure it has a dungeon boss and a world boss, but it also has the queen which takes the place of a dead end dungeon, but gives you the glowing fragments of a world boss. On top of that, the queen gives you a new cryptolith sigil every time you complete the stone monolith for 25 glowing fragments, and the fetid pools can take place in the dead end dungeon slot which also can give you 25 if you have either 2-3 players or use the blink token glitch to get through the doors.

      • Anonymous

        I got this game for free on epic so this might be a noob question but can I get the fragments on the base game without the DLCs

        • Anonymous

          This article is out of date. At normal, dungeon bosses give 3 and world bosses give 5. At apocalypse, dungeons give 6 and world bosses give 11.

          • Anonymous

            Adventure mode Obelisk gives 25 for each full completion, and there is a dungeon on corsus that gives 25 for getting to cleansed keys and reaching the end

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