Ancient Construct

ancient construct remnant
Location Rhom
Weakness Head/ Corrosive (+15%)Shock (+10%)
Resistance Radiation (-25%)
Ads Remote turrets

Ancient Construct is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes

Ancient Construct Location

  • Location: Rhom, outside Wud's shop. 
  • In order to activate the Ancient Construct you have to acquire the Control Rod by killing Maul with a specific strategy.
    • During the fight break the Houndmaster's "horn", a couple of shots or a shotgun blast will suffice. When it starts to glow, the Control Rod should be visible. Maul will then attack its master.
    • If you die the Houndmaster will not respawn and you will receive the Control Rod when Maul is defeated, provided that the device has been broken before.
  • Return to Wud's shop and place the Control Rod into the chest of the Vyr automaton to activate it. This begins a boss fight against the Ancient Construct. 
  • NOTE: You must have Houndmaster and Wud's shop in the same map to be able to activate the Ancient Construct.
  • You cannot keep the Control Rod. It will be removed from your inventory when you re-roll the world.

Ancient Construct Rewards


Ancient Construct Strategies

Video Strategies

[Video Example]


Strategy Writeup

Try to bring Heavy Water Elixir and Ammo Box

Ancient Construct can periodically summon automated turrets that fire at you. When this happens, focus on destroying them as soon as you can.

When at a distance, it can cast a radiation ball at you, dodge it to either side. It can also charge at your location and strike with the spear. Dodge him to either side.

When at close range, it will attack you with the spear. Dodge backwards and keep firing at him.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Summon Turrets: It will summon automated turrets that will fire at you Destroy the turrets as soon as they appear
Radiation Strike: It will cast a ball of radiation and throw it at you Dodge to either side. Use Heavy Water Elixir if needed.
Charge and strike: It will charge at you striking with the spear Dodge to either side
Melee Strike: It will strike from below with its weapon Dodge backwards



Ancient Construct Lore

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Ancient Construct Notes & Trivia

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Ancient Construct Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      someone should add you can break his AI pretty easily, stick close to his right side and he will just keep turning and won't attack, timing on running around him is very generous too

      • Anonymous

        Just a normal Vyr with more hp and a boss trait. Unless you get the Magic explosions you shouldn't have any problems killing it.

        • Anonymous

          Pretty easy kill on nightmare. I used radiant with beam rifle+swarm after spawning 2 tentacles using curse of the jungle next to him. The combo of shock explosions, swarm, and beam crits killed him within one magazine of beam rifle.

          • Anonymous

            I have went back to the merchant after completing the area you have 1 attempt at this bc i can't get him to agro on me ive shot at the two of them and nothing happened

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