Location Earth - The Depot
Weakness Head
Resistance Fire (-15%)
Ads Mud Dogs
Reward Sharpnel Shard
Bandit Set

Brabus is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes. Brabus is a boss that is located in the Earth realm. 

Brabus Location

  • Location: Earth, Cutthroat Channel > The Depot
  • The Boss may not spawn in your playthrough, and you will need to re-roll the campaign/Adventure Mode to find it.

Brabus Rewards

  • Shrapnel Shard 
    This item allows you to purchase the Explosive Shot mod from McCabe.
  • Bandit Set: If the player possesses the Pocket Watch from Mud Tooth (old man in the helicopter), gives it to Brabus, and answers honestly that the old man wanted to give it to his son but couldn't wait for him, then the boss fight is bypassed and the player is rewarded with the Bandit Set.
    • Note that doing this will remove the Pocket Watch from your inventory. You can only reobtain the pocket watch by listening to Mud Tooth's story again in a rerolled campaign, or in a different generation of Adventure Mode.
  • Cold as Ice Trait: Brabus will ask the player to kill their co-op partner as long the player does not have the Pocket Watch. (if you have the Pocket Watch give it to Brabus to remove it and re-roll the world) 
    Only the player that wins the fight will get the trait. (If you choose to attack your teammate. You don't have to fight Brabus). 
  • Glowing Fragments
    • Hard (x3) 
    • Nightmare (x4) 
    • Apocalypse (x5)



Brabus Strategies

Video Strategies

[Video Example]


Strategy Writeup

Brabus will be in constant movement across the battlefield. He will take cover and fire from his shotgun and repeat this process during the whole combat. Try to follow him around the room dodging when he fires and flanking him to deal damage. It is best to wait for him to fire, dodge when he does, then attack once and repeat. 


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Fire Shotgun: It will fire its shotgun and move to a new place to take cover Try to dodge to either side when he fires. Follow him and flank him
Spawn Ads: It will spawn ads that will fire at you Deal with the ads as soon as they appear



Brabus Lore

  • Mud Dogs used to be lead by Mud Tooth before he stepped down and let his son Brabus be their new leader.


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Brabus Notes & Trivia

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Brabus Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Using summons like Very Good Boy and Swarm is very effective, I was shooting off ads while my babies mauled him within 3 minutes

      • Anonymous

        Well, what about the machine gun? I saw a video of a guy that don't gave the watch to brabus, and then when he killed him, he was rewarded with an machine gun, not a mod

        • Anonymous

          Doesn't seem like it's possible to get all 3 rewards at the same time.
          1. Pocket watch trade for the armour set, no mod will be given.
          2. Cold as ice I'd assume, no mod perhaps? I haven't try it.
          3. Kill then get the mod.

          • Anonymous

            Was running adventure mode and ran into him. Shot a Gravity Core below the platform and they all jumped into it wiping out all the adds and taking out 1/3rd of his health. Hilarious

            • Anonymous

              If i give him the watch will he respawn again? Was trying to get the armour then fight to also get the mod

              • Anonymous

                Does his dungeon pop up in the first area around the founder's hideout or does it pop up after the church? Trying to reroll this more effectively.

                • Anonymous

                  Is it possible to get the trait multiple times on one reroll? As in, can you "reset" the boss after killing your partner or is it a one time deal?

                  • Anonymous

                    I was using the scrap hammer. If you are having issues with this boss go to the right side of the room and go into the dead end room and hide behind the fridge door (you might have to hide slightly further back) and brabus will run in and take cover behind the fridge door. wedge yourself in between the fridge door and the barrel and start swinging. your overhead swing will go through the door and hit him.

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