Hardened Carapace


In the swamp,one's sacrifice is another's survival--a never-ending circle of death.

Hardened Carapace is a Crafting Material in Remnant: From the Ashes. Hardened Carapace is used as a component to craft numerous items. Materials can be found in various ways such as enemy or boss drops, scattered in various locations, and inside treasure crates/chests. Crafting Materials can be given to a Merchant and are mainly used as ingredients for Crafting.



 Hardened Carapace Usage


How to Find Hardened Carapace



Hardened Carapace Notes & Tips


Crafting Materials
Ancient Core  ♦  Barbed Sinew  ♦  Black Tear  ♦  Blazing Heart  ♦  Blink Spear Shard  ♦  Cold Cell  ♦  Crystalline Plasma  ♦  Displacement Crystal  ♦  Dragon Links  ♦  Dreamer's Mana  ♦  Flesh Barb  ♦  Forged Iron  ♦  Galvanized Iron  ♦  Glacial Scepter  ♦  Glowing Fragment  ♦  Guardian Tentacle  ♦  Hammerhead's Ore  ♦  Hardened Iron  ♦  Hivestone  ♦  Hollow Seed  ♦  Hound Choker  ♦  Iron  ♦  Iskal Husk  ♦  Jackal's Ivory  ♦  Kin Callers Bell  ♦  Lumenite Crystal  ♦  Luminous Gland  ♦  Obryk's Bracelet  ♦  Radioactive Skull  ♦  Root Neoplasm  ♦  Sentinel Shard  ♦  Shadewood  ♦  Shrapnel Shard  ♦  Silver Fragment  ♦  Simulacrum  ♦  Slime Vessel  ♦  Spore Gland  ♦  Stalker's Claw  ♦  Steel of Agony  ♦  Stone of the Guardian  ♦  Storm Crystal  ♦  Swarm Tusk  ♦  Tempest heartstring  ♦  Tentacle Pod  ♦  The Undying Heart  ♦  Thermal Geode  ♦  Totem Antler  ♦  Twisted Heart  ♦  Unclean Heart  ♦  Void Sliver  ♦  Zephyr's Conduit



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    • Anonymous

      18 Jan 2021 21:29  

      lol i already get carapace armor set but when i kill beetles i get hardened carapace one more :), so my hardened carapace is useless

      • Anonymous

        21 Dec 2020 12:37  

        To be clear, you 3 (THREE) Hardened Carapace to buy 3 pieces of gear, its not like some other places where you just give them 1 item for the whole set.
        So farm the black bug 3 times and then go to Mar'Gosh and buy all 3 pieces.

        • Anonymous

          27 Aug 2020 13:22  

          Getting the Carapace for the Carapace armor set is so tedious. I thought that I could just take my time and farm three of this things, but no, you can only keep a singel Hardened Carapace in your inventory at one time and have to turn them in one at a time at Mar'Gosh ... so you will need to reroll at least three times, but probably many, many more.

          • Anonymous

            14 May 2020 16:47  

            I find one so far in Hall of Whispers (look out for a dead end area that quite circular in shape). Anyone know if you can carry multiples of this at once?

            • Anonymous

              09 May 2020 01:43  

              Drops off Hall of whisper and Capillary Hatchery. Look for the spot where there's sunlight. If you miss it. Reroll the map. You can only kill it once and you will need to reroll adventure

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