The Harrow

Location Rhom
Ads Lurker
Weakness Corrosive (+15%)
Resistance Radiation (-25%)

The Harrow is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes

The Harrow Location

  • Location: Rhom, The Bunker.
  • This is one of the two possible world boss in Rhom. Defeating him rewards you with the key to the Undying King. The other possible world boss giving you this key is Claviger.

The Harrow Rewards


The Harrow Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

The Harrow will charge at your location when you are at a distance, wait until he is close and dodge forward. Try to fire at its legs as this will stagger him. If you fire enough times at his legs, he will fall to the ground, if you run behind him you can grab the Lost Harpoon weapon.

NOTE: If you grab the Harpoon, then die, you will have to repeat the process. Unlike some other alternative boss rewards, the 'Harpoon taken' state is not persistent between attempts.

When close, it will perform a three hit combo that can deal high damage, try to dodge forward and stay behind him.

When you deal enough damage, he will run away and spam ads. Try to defeat the ads before The Harrow returns.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Charge and strike: It will charge at your location attacking with its claws Wait until he is near and then dodge forward avoiding him and putting yourself on its back
Three attack combo: It will use its claws to perform a powerful three hit combo Dodge forward and run away from him
Run away and spawn adds: It will hide and spawn adds, after a moment he will come back Try to deal with the ads while the boss is not in the room.



The Harrow Lore

  • The Harrow is used by the Undying King as a kind of executioner.



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The Harrow Notes & Trivia

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The Harrow Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Bit underwhelming for a World Boss. I killed it on my first time through Rhom without even realising it was one. Just ripped it apart with help from my Very Good Boy. Mind you, I might have been a bit overleveled.

      • Anonymous

        They don't warn you about his one shot grab attack yet the image they use is from the attack.

        He'll roar at you before running towards you and stab at you with his claw, if it connects he'll spear you through the stomach and lift you up, roaring at you again before throwing you on the ground.

        • Anonymous

          Is there a place I can go to find out how to get the lost harpoon? The info in the wiki is out-of-date and i can't really find any more up-to-date info about this

          • Anonymous

            By far the easiest boss in the game. Use whatever set you want, one shot magazine guns are suggested (Sniper, Devastator). Run through him and kite him arround in a circle in the middle of the arena -Adrenalines are your best friend here- and DPS him at a slow rate. Harrow reacts to fast and high DPS ratios, just focus on running around and fire a shot every 2-3 seconds. Be careful with your mods, make sure they dont stack extensive DPS, making him retreat. Devastator works best for me, but use whatever gun you vibe with, just make sure you utilize the strat and you will have the easiest nightmare/apocalypse fights of your life. Do it a couple of times to get the hang of the DPS ratio you have to deal to secure that he doesnt spawn ads and you're all set. You're welcome.

            • Anonymous

              i found a pretty silly "bug" to deal with this fight: go to the corridor on your left just after you enter the arena, when the boss follow you into the corridor, moving towards the corner of the path kinda messes with its pathfinding AI, and he'll turn around and try to reach you from the other end of the corridor. Return to the previous position and he'll turn back again. This also affects normal enemies coming from the arena entrance side of the corridor as well.

              With this trick you'll only have to worry about the minions coming from one end of the corridor, and with a weapon with sustainable firepower (I used Ruin), the fight is actually not that bad.

              • Anonymous

                alternative kill described here doesn't work at all. predictably, since fextralife writers have no idea what they're doing. Shooting his legs actually just deals damage until he dies and you get no stagger to remove the weapon.

                • Anonymous

                  developers for this game are pretty dumb. What am I supposed to do here? boss's attacks are outrageous and have absurd range. to make it worse, they put extremely tight corridors.. in a 3rd person game.. what moron does level design like this

                  no wonder this game is borderline dead

                  • Anonymous

                    If you keep him in the middle area, he cannot retreat to the roof and spawn adds. Just kite him around that place and keep shooting

                    • Anonymous

                      Actually there was a much more cheesy way xD Equip the "Mantle of Thorns" mod from the first boss and get your hand on either the "World Breaker" Hammer or the "Petrified Maul" Hammer. Shoot his leg until he is close, dodge and go ham on him with LOADED strikes. Either you hit him hard and stagger, or the reflection of the Mante hits him even harder. He will be on his knees in 3-4 strikes. Pull the speer and finish him off.

                      • Anonymous

                        After a ton of testing and failures I think I've got this figured out:
                        Turns out that there's TWO types of stagger situations, one where he immediately runs after a stagger and another where he keeps fighting for a bit before running and that's the crucial difference! Once you stagger him by shooting his one leg and he decides to keep on fighting THEN start shooting his other leg and only THEN it works to send him to his knees.

                        • Anonymous

                          i've just find an interesting thing. I just fought him in apocalipse with a build with bleeding+fire status and if i kept the status always on he never run away and skip the add phase. I dunno if the point was 2 any random status or just the fire (the bleeding alone is not enough for that i'm sure). Need more test. Hope it helps

                          • Anonymous

                            Not sure if it was a bug or what but using the beam rifle i was able to just dodge his attacks and kill him without ever fighting an add? Though this only worked after switching off the very good boy mod.

                            • Anonymous

                              How the f*** are you supposed to do the harpoon kill if it takes like 200 shots to a leg to make it stagger and another 100 during stagger to make him fall (while the stagger animation is shorter than an smg reload..... not to mention if you somehow pull this miracle the prompt to pick up the harpoon is so friggn random it's pure luck if you manage to pick it up before he gets back on his feet....

                              • Anonymous

                                This guy can be quite a wall depending on your build, the adds can become overwhelming if your build isn't suited to dealing with them quickly, and if you can't kill them fast enough then you have to contend with them *and* Harrow. The submachine gun and Spitfire are good subweapon choices for spraying through adds quickly, leaving your long-gun slot open for whatever you like.
                                Explosive Shot, Rattle Weed, and Iron Sentinel are excellent help for the fight, and if you're lucky enough to have help with you, perhaps one of your teammates will bring more late-game mods like Stormcaller or Blink Token, which are also fantastic for melting adds.
                                Special note for people using Ruin; the Undying mod will not protect you from Harrow's instant kill Deathclaw command grab, you will still die even if the mod is fully charged.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Solo hard, no dmg: Shotgun +turret mod / Hive cannon Stay in mid stage all fight so when he comes back u see him early and have enough time to damage hard, just shoot him nonestop and run around, mod can help a bit but make sure that when he runs away u got 2 turrets up nd shot Hive cannon mod to ground, run around that and adds will die with almost no effort. Took me 3 or 4 rounds of him running and coming back

                                  • Anonymous

                                    he has an instant kill move where he picks you up and you are just dead happened after he summoned a wave of adds

                                    • Don't know why ppl struggle that much... you just kill the ads with a shotgun and then deal with the boss . A fire attribute weapon + swarm will delete him in 2-3 mins , keep your distance and u are more than fine.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Struggled for sometime to beat him. Staying in the center of the room, fire mods, lots of dodging did the trick for me. The ads mostly come from one of two entrances so they're could be dealt with. Saved some exploding bullets for the boss.

                                        • This fight is currently bugged on PS4. I got killed by his charge twice in a row(once through a wall and again when I dodged past him but he magically turned 180 degrees to hit me) and every time I respawn back at the checkpoint, my controls are completely unresponsive. I can open the menu but I cannot move/attack/aim/use items and even using the "warp back to last checkpoint" item the condition remains till I quit the game and reload.

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