Location Earth
Race Root
Weakness Fire (+15%)
Resistance Rot (-15%)
Ads Rot Wart

Gorefist is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated to progress the game, and to acquire special items and gear.

Gorefist Location

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Gorefist Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

  • Gorefist will chase the player relentlessly and attack with a multitude of high-damage melee swings, which have deceptively long range. Staying at distance is advised. If Gorefist closes, be prepared to dodge. His charge attack can be avoided by dodging or even running to his left. 
  • Once sufficiently damaged, Gorefist will enrage, activating his Mantle of Thorns, which reduces his taken melee damage by 200%. Triggering his enraged state will also summon 2 Rot Warts, with 2 more following shortly afterwards. These enemies will aggressively sprint towards the nearest player and explode, inflicting heavy damage and ROT rot-icon-remnant status build up. There are two effective counters to the Warts: 
    • Hunter's Mark will allow you to see Warts through walls and reposition accordingly.
    • Rattle Weed can draw the attention of the Warts, allowing extermination from a safe position. 
  • Recommended Primary Weapons: Shotgun/ Coach Gun equipped with Hot Shot
  • Recommended Secondary Weapons: Repeater PistolSubmachine Gun equipped with Hunter's MarkRattle Weed.
  • Recommended Consumables: Oilskin Tonics to mitigate ROT rot-icon-remnant status build up

Attacks & Counters

Chasing Slice attack Dodge to the side to avoid this attack.
Horizontal & Vertical Slice Avoid staying within range of this attack, but dodge backwards if necessary.
Mantle of Thorns Rot Wart Spawns You can shoot them, for they have low health, or dodge just before they explode once they come into range.
Mantle of Thorns Combo Avoid staying within range of this attack, but dodge backwards twice if necessary, for it has minor tracking aspects.

Gorefist Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

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Gorefist Notes & Trivia

The mechanics of Gorefist's summoning of Rot Warts was changed with the Swamps of Corsus update. The ads now appear only when Gorefist activates its Mantle of Thorns, and instead of spawning 2-3 at random, he spawns 2 initially and 2 more after a delay.

Voice Actor, homages, and other trivia go here.



Gorefist Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Seriously f*** this miniboss. If you are soloing with a new character and you get hit even once with anything, then it's almost certain that you can't heal, can't drink oilskin, can't use bandages without a Rot Wort coming next to you and then BWAAAAARP and back to the checkpoint.

      • Anonymous

        This boss would be easy by himself, not hard to dodge his attacks, the problem is those explosive things that come from nowhere and deal high damage and infected status, often blocking my way. On nightmare it took me about 30 tries to beat him (my first playthrough).

        • Anonymous

          Best way to kill his minions is to dodge at last second, they just blow up over nothing. Gorefist and his bomb minions can be tanked, even at max difficulty. The minions deal elemental damage, ROT specifically. U get the element ring for 20 defense to rot, then you wear the twisted mask for incredible 36 defense to rot, finish it off w some beefy armor like leto and somthing like aggressors bane. Twisted idol to help rolls and boost armor more. Traits are also a great factor to this. I could take 3 bombs with out dying. It trivialized the fight, I light him on fire w a flame weapon, Just dodge a few bomber boys, Im fine if I get hit, just cure the status. The sword of the boss almost kills, can one shot if he is with some minions, but his pattern is simple enough. Be far, Bait his running charge. Just roll into him,never backwards, side works too. That running charge is insanely easy to dodge if you dont back up.

          • Anonymous

            Go to open area on ground floor. Use the Submachine Gun with Hot Shot Mod. Walk backwards and shoot boss, dodge backward to avoid slashes. Unload your SMG on the boss, after 3 mags, Hot Shot should be ready to use again. Only Dodge and shoot Rot Warts with the SMG when they're nearby. After you run out of ammo, boss should be 1/4 Health or lower, finish him with your long gun.

            • Anonymous

              First post ever on one of these wiki's just cause this guy was such a royal pain.

              Here's the trick: Rattle Weed Mod, Ammo Boxes, Adrenaline

              Start the fight as normal, but move towards the more-open area in the back-right of the room.

              As soon as he activates his mantle of thorns, spawn your rattleweed & get some distance from it. All 4 Suiciders will target the rattleweed, blowing themselves up over nothing. If you're lucky, gorefist will target it too (happened to me on hard difficulty). Occasionally 1 suicider will spawn closer to you than the rattleweed and attempt to target you, so you still need to be wary/lucky.

              As soon as you can, pop that adrenaline and begin UNLOADING into gorefist. The goal here is to get your rattleweed mod off of cooldown ASAP (must happen before next wave of suiciders spawns). Keep ammo boxes handy, because you will likely run out of ammo very quickly.

              Once you have rattleweed mod available once again, rinse and repeat with the next suicider wave. So long as you have the consumables available (adrenaline as you are in a time crunch to next spawn, ammo boxes to sustain) this fight is doable.

              Managed to beat the boss on my first try with this method. Only souls boss where consumables have truly come in clutch.

              • Anonymous

                I got gud after only a couple of deaths. All pain, no gain boss. You do get a couple of ammo boxes though, if that's even worth it.

                • A fast way to kill him (apocalypse mode) : https://youtu.be/o0TCwQY7cmc
                  This strategy won't work anytimes, depending from where the bombing adds come from, cause they can kill the turrets and free the boss.

                  • Anonymous

                    I’d recommend headphones as audio cues are extremely important for this boss. Listen for the exploding monsters, they spawn most times after he does the move where glows red, which can occur mid his-attack.

                    Prioritize adds, on Apocalypse/Nightmare only 4 spawn at a time. Don’t bother attacking him until they’re all dead (until you’re confident at least). Learn to bait their explosions. They also explode one another if next to each other when one of them blows up.

                    Gorefists moveset itself is trivial. I recommend moving to the large open area to the right of the entrance to the boss fight. Be wary of the far right corner relative to the entrance as the adds can spawn above you there, so on cue try moving more to the middle-right area (again relative to the entrance). This is not foolproof, you still will need to listen and adjust accordingly.

                    When he rushes you dragging his sword, just walk around him to the right. You don’t even have to dodge. His horizontal sweep has deceptively long range, so make sure if you’re unfamiliar with its dodge time to keep your distance including through physical obstructions. I’d say this is the main move of his to be careful of; he can also explode the adds when swinging and if it’s in your direction they’ll blow you up.

                    But I can’t stress this enough: Audio cues. Tell everyone around you to shut up if you have to. The little whirring of the blow up adds is how you know where to look.

                    • Anonymous

                      If you're having trouble with this boss for story progression start up adventure to try out the other fights, there's lots of bosses + rings/amulets and random gears you can find on earth alone that will make all future fights much easier, for me Leto gear + Explosive Shot(mod) & twisted idol have made bosses a cakewalk. For this boss I shot the 3 base explosive shots, played around in close quarters with shotgun until mobs spawned then ran out the room killed them used bandage if needed put down menders aura and proceeded to blast the boss in face with shotgun to build up explosive charges to easily kill it.

                      • Anonymous

                        This is the worst boss I have every fought. I can solo clear 5 man dungeons and raids in WOW easier that I can fight this **** boss. Adds spawn on my head every time I fight him. Your description of how fast the adds run to the player is horrible. The jump from the sky on top of my head and explode. If you are not lucky or you do not have the right class to kill it like a HUNTER you may as well uninstall the game.

                        • Anonymous

                          A great boss test your knowledge of the game mechanic, a cheap/**** boss tests your patience. Gorefist is the latter.

                          • Anonymous

                            A great boss test your knowledge of the game mechanic, a cheap/**** boss tests your patience. Gorefist is the latter.

                            • Anonymous

                              This was my first boss in my first souls-like, which I put on "hard" because it's only the second level out of four and I'm not an infant

                              Thanks to the commentors here for letting me know he's just a garbage boss so I didn't rage quit. It took an hour and a half, but doing steadily better was satisfying and the next area was a breeze with the skills I picked up.

                              • Anonymous

                                Mark of the hunter really is a kind of cheat code here, seeing those blobs through the wall makes it so much easier.

                                Just stop focusing on the boss once he uses his red aura run away, best with Adrenaline and kill the blobs first, or just let them blow up once they come close and dodge away (the infection curable is a godsent though nearly got rekt when I randomly caughed while surrounded by 2 blobs and the boss.

                                • Anonymous

                                  This fight comes down to luck. Just keep at it till you're lucky enough to not be blown up by a blob through the wall! ;)

                                  • Of all of the Souls-like games I've played, this was probably the most annoying first boss. Gorefist is simple enough. I think he only killed me once, but those 'splodeys.....

                                    • Anonymous

                                      A good boss tests you to see if you understand the game's mechanics up to that point. A great boss teaches you important lessons about the game going forward. The important lessons Gorefist sensei taught me was that:
                                      1. Bosses will cheese, so it's fine to cheese them. Bosses will also stun lock you if given the chance, so use every trick up you sleeve.
                                      2. Bosses will spawn minions, it's probably best to take them out first before they overwhelm you.
                                      3. It's not always a bad idea to dodge toward a boss as they attack.
                                      4. Walls are your enemies, stay away from them.
                                      And 5. When in doubt, inflict status ailments. Gorefist lit up like a birthday cake when I used the Hot Shot weapon mod on my SMG.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Gorefist in a nutshell:
                                        - You died to suiciders.
                                        - You died through the wall.
                                        - You died to suiciders through the wall.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Least rewarding boss in the game. For many first timers he might be a deal breaker even. Gorefist himself isnt hard, in fact if you got the hang of fighting the hulks, he´s an absolute joke. The suicide roots are the real danger here, always kill those you get a line of sight to (they´ll f*** you up real hard if you let them close) and use your rilfe (coachgun works best from experience) to get a hit in or two, then bolt it. Rinse and repeat until he´s dead. Real sh** is when he gets a modifier to health/ damage reduction or at worst health regen. Damage boosting modifiers arent even a problem since early game he´ll f*** you up almost instantly either way.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            This boss is AIDS. cramped quarters, constant explosions, bleed, getting hit through walls... who thought this was a good idea?

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Whats his weak spot? And man is this fight boring, just a giant health pool and all he does is charge at you with the exploding adds just spammed at you.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                What kind of *****ing slimy ***** designed this *****ing cancer boss? Getting hit through the walls is one thing but spamming one-shotting suicider enemies constantly? *****ing bullshit

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  This is missing an entry for his list of attacks & counters. When you stand directly behind him (usually after dodging one of his other attacks) he will do a very wide horizontal swing that's distinctly different from his normal sweep, with almost no wind-up.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    when he charges he will do a single hit. if he glows red then charges he seems to do a 3 hit combo attack at the end of the charge that goes through walls.

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