The Ravager

the ravager remnant
Location Yaesha
Weakness Head/ Rot (+10%)Frost (+10%)
Resistance Shock (-25%)
Ads Pan Arbalist
Pan Swordsman

The Ravager is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes


The Ravager Location


The Ravager Rewards


The Ravager Strategies

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Strategy Write-up

Try to stay at a medium or long distance. The Ravager will try to leap on you, try to dodge to either side and keep firing at it.

It can conjure a lightning ball at your location, you will notice he leans upward, dodge to either side and keep firing at him.

When you are at close range it can use its claws to attack you.

You can hide behind the pillar but the charge will destroy them.

When you deal enough damage, it will leave the battlefield and return with ads on its back. Try to first dispatch the ads and then continue firing at the boss.

Alternate Reward

You can also put the boss to sleep if you play the Lullaby correctly by firing at the bells before confronting the boss. This will grant you Stalker's Claw. Hit the bells by following orders:

song of lullaby remnant from the ashes wiki guide 

This picture will tell you what order to hit the bells in.
It is best to find a location within the boss room that allows you to see all 5 bells, and be sure to familiarize yourself with the symbols. You must do this QUICKLY, failure to do so with result in a reset, meaning you must restart the lullaby. 
Once the lullaby is complete, you can approach the boss and speak with him, to which you will obtain the Stalker's Claw.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Charge: It will charge at your location biting you Dodge to either side
Leave and return with ads: It will leave the battlefield and return with ads on its back Try to first deal with the ads and then focus on the boss
Thunder Strike: It will conjure a lightning ball at your feet Dodge to either side
Claw Strike: It will lean forward striking with its claws Dodge to either side



The Ravager Lore

  • The oldest living being in Yaesha. Claims to be older than the Pan, and would join the Root instead of fighting it, so he would survive.

  • The Red Doe was a vision that the Vaunnt (Pan's priests) saw when they arrived in Yaesha that signified the end of the Pan's journey. They also saw a vision of a Black Wolf (The Ravager), but they hid that from most of the populace so that they could all settle. Then, the wolf actually appeared and threatened to destroy their culture. As a result, they learned to appease it but the Tree of Life (Thaen, the immortality tree) still died, meaning the original shared vision (The Doe followed by the Black Wolf) is still coming to pass.

 Lore confirmed by the developers:

  • The Ravager is an ancient creature that lived in the forest before the Pan came to the land.
  • The prophecy of the Doe followed by the Black Wolf will come to pass.


Confirmed lore (o) (1)

The Ravager Notes & Trivia

Voice Actor, homages, and other trivia go here.



The Ravager Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      whats the time limit on the lullaby? iv tried multiple times and i know for a fact im doing the right sequence so it can only be im too slow

      • Anonymous

        Not one single word about the B.S. siege/ swarm attack I walked into. I would have thought that would be worth mentioning at least. Never even saw the Boss, just swarms of minions.

        • Anonymous

          For everyone struggling with aim. try to keep this in mind..... when moving the camera around (before pressing to LT aim) ... try to make sure the center of the screen is lined up with the bell before aiming. This way your target will only be slightly off the bell at least, because the aim is always at the exact center of where the camera is pointing... so basically make sure the bell your aiming for is in the center of your screen before pressing LT to aim and fire as best you can.

          This can save you alot of time without having to move/align your target over to the screens center with rushed panic aiming... this is how proper aiming was done in games before all that snap to/auto aiming came into play :)

          • Anonymous

            I just did it twice on PS4, i'll try to give you some tip:
            - Go into the Game options and raise orizonatal camera sensibility up to 70-80, then lower your aim to 10-20.
            - Go into the Video options and raise your luminosity to very high level in order to clearly see the bell.

            This should help you get the bells in time while stending ot he right side of the arena, almost behind the central-right pillar.
            If you still have trouble, i tried with this equip:
            - No Armor for max mobility
            - Beam Rifle ("The Lost Gantry", Rhom random event) it's quieter than a firegun, and i feel like i can control the fire better.
            - Pillar of Stone (Earth random), probably the most important ring, reduce Weapon Sway by 60% - MUST HAVE

            In case you're still having trouble i can only suggest to equip "Heart of the Wolf" & raise Swiftness trait (Both found in "Pan Flautist" in Yaesha) & use Adrenalin to get +40% Mov speed, even if you can do it from a single spot, it really helps to move a little to get closer to the target.

            By doing this in offline mode i also got the "Untouchable" Trophy.

            • Anonymous

              Achievement ''Wolf of the woods'' is buggy for lot of Players on PC (Epic Launcher)
              Killed Ravager and didnt got the Achievement.

              What i tryed:
              - Campain / Adventure on different difficultys (Normal, Hard, Nightmare) (Offline / Online).
              - Alternate end with Lullaby Song.
              - Nacked kill.
              - Fist kill.
              - Let him kill me, and killed him at the same time with fire and bleed (just for the lulz... -_-).

              No Mods installed. No Cheats. No Hacks. No whatever...

              ...and still no Achievement.

              • Anonymous

                Finally did the bell puzzle solo on PS4, wasn't easy. Coach gun did it for me in the end, just had to be quick with aiming- by the time you've finished a reload, be on the next target to immediately shoot again. Took a fair few attempts, I also quit the game and came back to it later and was still able to complete the puzzle. Messed up several times, but waited 15-30seconds, then tried again from the start and eventually got it, so yes you can make mistakes, just pause between a new attempt.
                Even though I didn't kill the Ravager I still got the 'Wolf of the Woods' trophy AND I got the 'Untouchable' trophy too, lol, easy way to get that.

                • Anonymous

                  Man, people aren't kidding about using the Coach Gun to ring the bells. I thought it's reload would slow the shots down to much, but it worked perfectly. After trying for hours and not even coming close, I did in minutes with the Coach Gun.

                  Also, for anyone wondering: you DON'T have to shoot the bells during the fight. The Ravager will stay in his cave until you shoot him or get too close.

                  • Anonymous

                    Speed and stamina my bruddah, that is a way! Use something like "Hear of the wolf" and hold the distance.
                    PS: i play with summons, so it was pretty easy, running and surviving :D

                    • Anonymous

                      This isn't working on ps4. Not consistently atleast. Inb4 "shoot faster": just shut up. Literally timed myself vs successful youtube video, enough times to be confident. Used coach gun and have cannon, both worked good for consistent melody. Unfortunately nothing happens.

                      • Anonymous

                        If you do the ravagers lullaby in survival mode then approach the boss, the boss will glitch in floor and you'll have easy fight

                        • Anonymous

                          This is very doable solo on console! I did it on my second attempt. Tips: 1. USE THE COACH GUN (I also used the Hunter's Halo ring for good measure) 2. If you mess up and your character doesn't say "This is it!" or words to that effect (start of combat voiceline) you can re-try. Just wait a short while before restarting. When I did it, I messed up twice and just waited a bit after each attempt

                          • Anonymous

                            I tried doing the lullaby and failed, I was about to use liquid escape to try again when I decided to talk to the ravager. The boss fight started and I said ***** that and used the liquid escape anyway. After I died, I got EXP and the tentacle pod. Went to the boss room and the ravager was still there, got to 50% of his life when I died. I went there to try again and he is nowhere to be found and I just advanced

                            • Anonymous

                              For anyone wanting to fight him, I used this strategy to kill him (on ps4 I found his speed way to fast to aim at longer distances): assault rifle with explosive shot mod. Keep shooting to get your mod charged. Swap to spitfire to burn him as he jumps out (the burning will keep damaging while he is out). Then when he jumps back in, hit him with a explosive shot to kill the 3 adds on his back immediately. I also stayed close near a pillar in between so I could use the pillar to avoid his attacks, but was close enough he didn't charge and break it. I guess this would work with any gun, just with the explosive mod on it. Good luck and enjoy!

                              • Anonymous

                                Absolute savage. It's his job to protect Yaesha from the Root, and he straight up tells you he's letting the Root invade so he can join it because he thinks it's inevitable that the Root will win.

                                • Anonymous

                                  5-1-5-1-2-3-4-1 I did it solo. Adrenaline + sniper riffle. There is another bell puzzle in same room 1-1-3-4-1-1-3-2 opens swiftness trait. Check Ytube vids for correct bell order. At the end I stuck. I got both puzzles got reward and XP points. Spoke to ravager but walls remaining red. He is green and not talking to me anymore. Liquid escape doesn't help. Good thing it is my second palythrough otherwise I'll be pissed for eternity.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Problem here you need to get song right from first go because there is no option to reset. I fail twice. He is not hard to kill but I was looking to get melee weapon. Next time I'll try to use liquid escape. Hope it works. Had about 10 of those my first playthrough. Now I have just 1 by some reason.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      lullaby it doesn't work and after the last update it doesn't show the damage to the bells ... is it normal?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        h t t p s : / / y o u t u . b e / H V C k k h _ I 9 H g this is the code of the video, what i mean in the last post is this is doable in solo, just need the correct weapon... and a mouse or use higher sensitivity in the gamepad.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          This is doable, i stand in the spot of this video , took me a while to get used to the mouse but i did it, also i used the gun that can summon tentacles, that gun has zoom and a big magazine... but my game seems to be bugged because the red fog do not disapear.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Getting this puzzle on ps4 is very difficult. PS4 controls have little precision and have a very rough movement when you aim.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Seems like it can be killed even if you get the Stalker's Claw. Two of my buddies sat there for a few minutes shooting him, and when he got to the last bar of health he twitched and started fighting.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                I just did the Lullaby and he didn't fall asleep, he just sat in his lair and I could talk to him to get the Stalker's claw. However, I can no longer fight him even though he's considered as an enemy as I can shoot him (he does take damage but no health bar is showing) and he can aggro he Wasteland Skulls, is it bugged or intended ? Do we need to choose one material before the start of the fight, or can we get both and I just got unlucky ?

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Literally done 15 playthroughs and have yet to see this boss at the end... What the ***** is up with his spawn rate

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    After you play the Lullaby and you beat the dreamer/nightmare and end the main questline, you can come back here and kill the dog without him moving from his sleep, you will get the tentacle pod and the trait aswell as some achievements, probably a bug but worth it nontheless.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Hit the bells before you make him mad. If you start the fight you can't try the bells again that playthrough. If you are doing it solo it's difficult to hit all the bells fast enough to complete the song in time so bring another who you can work with the hit the bells fast enough.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        there needs to be a way to prevent the boss from destroying the bells. because he CAN and WILL destroy them and f*ck everyone out of the claw weapon.

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