Tian, the Assassin

Location Reisum - Valenhaag Mines
Weakness Head/ Fire (+10%)Radiation (+5%)
Resistance Frost (-15%)
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Tian, the Assassin is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes

Tian, the Assassin Location

  • Location: Reisum - Valenhaag Mines
  • This boss may not spawn on your playthrough and you must re-roll your Campaign/Adventure Mode to find it.

Tian, the Assassin Rewards


Tian, the Assassin Strategies

Strategy Writeup

Tian is fast and can perform both ranged and melee attacks. Try to head to the pillar on the left that can provide you with both cover and a high area to shoot at him.

His ranged attacks will track your location, so try to wait until the last moment to avoid them or use cover to prevent them. Try to aim for his shoulder to deal maximum damage.

When he spawn adds try to deal with them first so you don't become overwhelmed.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Two Daggers: He will throw two daggers forward Dodge Left or Right
Spinning Daggers: He will throw two spinning daggers that are slow but can track your current location Try to get behind cover or use your dodge when they are about to hit you
Leap Attack: He will leap towards you dealing damage Dodge to either side and attack him
Dagger Triangle: He will summon three daggers that will form a triangle and fall upon you dealing massive damage Use your dodge to prevent the damage



Tian, the Assassin Lore

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Tian, the Assassin Notes & Trivia

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Tian, the Assassin Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Died in first two tries when i accidentally rolled into the pit and second time when he himself pushed me into the pit. To ease the fight i equipped evasion ring to increase roll window and used skull summon mod. Just summon 2 skulls who will chase after him, and stand near red barrier, where u can take cover and easily take safe roll. Use a powerful weapon to hit him, he only has two moves knive throws and multi knive throws which chases u, in which he take brief time and shouts before throwing, which can be easily dodged moving sideways or rolling, even if it hits u, it only deals moderate damage, although if his multi throws hit u, it takes severe hp of ur life so heal when low hp. Sometime he lunges at u for melee fight which is good to land powerful staggering hit. Sometimes he calls his friends, so dispatch them before they surprise u. He isn't a big threat as long as u are good at rolling and do not fall into the pit while rolling or adjusting camera while moving.
      Used Magnum +17 & nightstalker armor +17 plus brutal mark amulet.

      • Anonymous

        I accidentally dodge-rolled into a pit and died, and while I was falling, Tian jumped in after me, killing himself and giving me the clear.

        • Anonymous

          i was able to knock him into a pit using Devestator's weapon mod as he was jumping. fight was over before i knew it

          • Anonymous

            He's the most bugged mini boss i've ever seen. I've fought him 4 times and three of them he was completely disabled by terrain or some sort of moveset loop. One time I shot the sh*t ot of him with devastator's spear and he was just stuck in the wall. Looked like I impaled him.

            • Anonymous

              if you headshot him while he is leaping to you over the holes he will fall down resulting in a won fight
              technicly you can kill him with one well placed bullet.

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