scourge remnant
Location Rhom
Weakness Beehive (+25%) / Fire (+15%)
Resistance Radiation (-25%)
Adds Ghast

Scourge is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes

Scourge Location

  • Location: Rhom, The Iron RiftThe Hive
  • The Boss may not spawn in your playthrough, and you will need to re-roll the Campaign/Adventure Mode to find it. 

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Scourge Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Be sure to stock on Heavy Water ElixirAdrenaline and Ammo Box before the fight. This fight is a bit of an endurance battle. Scourge doesn't deal a lot of damage that is hard to avoid, but has a lot of HP. Try to make each shot count. If you need ammo, kill his adds, but make sure to roll away if you're meleeing them as they die.

Scourge will slowly chase you around the room trying to hit you with its claws. Try to stay near the structure in the middle running in circles, when he gets close you will see it remains still and his arms start growing, you can jump backwards to avoid his attack and take a couple of shot on him. His melee attack will hit through walls, so pay attention to the audio cue and try to keep him in sight around corners. If you keep his adds between Scourge and yourself, they will be hit by his melee attacks, which will stagger and damage them.

Every time you shoot him in the head, hives will spawn and chase you, try to use a high damage weapon to spawn fewer hives or shoot him on other parts of his body to avoid spawning hives. It is important to dodge hives especially if you're fighting Scourge with the Skullcracker modifier as they will stagger you.

Scourge will also occasionally protect itself in a field and conjure many hives. You can hide inside the tunnel of the middle of the room but beware, as some hives may still reach you. You can also try to lure him inside and fewer hives will spawn.

Certain weapon mods, such as Explosive Shot and Swarm, can damage him while he's using his Hive Attack to protect itself.

Remember to use the Heavy Water Elixir when you are Irradiated.

If you are having problems avoiding the hives you can use Adrenaline to run faster

There will be atleast two respawning adds that have a lunging attack and cause a radioactive explosion on death. They take damage from all of the bosses attacks. Avoid being near lowlife adds. As they respawn and are not highly aggressive, you are able to keep your back safe if you leave them alive and kite them and the boss. If the adds are gone be careful as they spawn outside your vision.

A good strategy in multiplayer is to keep one add alive and make it follow a player around the arena while the others fight the boss, this will prevent new adds from spawning and allow you to focus on the bossfight.



Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Claw Attack: It will extend its claws performing a wide attack (can hit through walls) You will see its arms growing before it performs the attack, you can avoid it jumping backwards
Hive defense: When you hit it in the head, a hive will be released from its head and chase you Try to deal damage, avoid the hives and then attack again
Slam: When in player melee range, it raises its claw above the head, slamming it into the ground causing a radioactive explosion Do not get to close
Hive Attack: It will protect itself in a field and release many hives that will chase you Its invulnerable while performing the attack, so try to run away and avoid the hive. Don't run into him as there is higher chance of being damage. You can also hide in the tunnel in the middle of the room.  Can still be damaged with certain weapon mods.



Scourge Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

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Scourge Notes & Trivia

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Scourge Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Hive Cannon
      Hive cannon for adds, when the boss goes hive mode, hide in one of the back area doors on the left or right. Adds come, use the hive cannon grenades to keep them away. Sporebloom for boss damage. His attacks are very telegraphed, just dodge and stay close to him with Sporebloom, when you run away, leave the spore grenades. Retreat to back area, kill adds with hive cannon, rinse and repeat.

      • Anonymous

        I think they changed this fight a bit. In my game the adds are highly aggressive and can chase you down from the opposite end of the arena in seconds. Ignore them and they will develop a strategy to kill you. I will reply to this post when I find the strategy adjustment that allows me to kill this boss.

        • Anonymous

          As long as there are 1+ of the minions (those enemies that spawns alongside the boss), there will be no other minion spawns. This is helpful if you're doing co-op where one keeps track of the minion and the other keeps track of the boss. If the minion dies, just get a new minion.

          • Anonymous

            The slap move have just a silly range hitbox and the fact that hit through wall is even more silly. Stupid way to add difficulty

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