stormcaller remnant
Location Yaesha
Race Pan
Weakness Rot (+10%)Frost (+10%)
Resistance Shock (-25%)
Ads Glaive Thrower
Pan Thunder Tusk
Pan Swordsman

Stormcaller is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes


Stormcaller Location

  • Location: Yaesha, Heretic's Nest > Martyr's Garden
  • The Boss may not spawn in your playthrough, and you will need to re-roll your Campaign/Adventure Mode to find it.

Stormcaller Rewards










Stormcaller Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

As the name suggests, Stormcaller has various storm attacks, including summoning lightning from the sky, create lightning orbs that chase you. You need to keep moving and keep a distance so you have more time to deal with his lightning orbs.



Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Lightning Strike Keep moving
Lightning Orbs Shot them before they reach you



Stormcaller Lore


Members of the Pan Priesthood are not trained for frontline combat. They move slowly, and their melee attacks deal only moderate amounts of damage. But give them enough space and they will exhibit the devastating power that comes from a life devoted study to the study of arcane energy. The Storm caller is the most advanced of the Pan Priests. It can summon electric charges that travel along the ground and are difficult to evade – these charges can polarize the target enveloping it in a field of energy that explodes when hit with subsequent electrical attacks. The strongest Storm Callers can even summon thunderstorms to the battlefield. The air will grow thick with ominous clouds that project bolts of lightning at nearby enemies.



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Stormcaller Notes & Trivia

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Stormcaller Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Equip celerity stone & keeper ring, to ease this fight, one provide faster heal with bonus reload speed buff & other increase ur resistance to survive his lightning strike spam. Use summon mod close to him at start of the fight, & ur 3 summons will take care of him, where u have to mostly dodge his attacks, dispatch his minions, and attack & heal when opportunity.

      • Anonymous

        Beam Rifle with Breath of the Desert (he's weak to radiation)
        SMG with Beckon to summon the skulls, SMG for the close range ads, the skulls will take out the grenadiers.
        If you are having trouble i-framing his homing shock balls, just take the Void Carapace Armor+Keeper's Ring.

        • Anonymous

          This boss is true garbage. Homing ground blasts that are invisible since you look up to the sky all fight long, bullshit mobs swarming endlessly, a bullet sponge that moves like a ballerina and has a melee range of 400 yards. Absolute trash.

          • Anonymous

            Kind of a shame, this guy was a chump. I stood in the middle, dodged his slow shots, and shot him until he died.

            • Anonymous

              F**k this fight. Seriously. Those fire spewers paired with the stupid ground electricity that homes in on you is straight up not fun at all. And no I'm not writing this because I lost to this bastard twice in survival mode.

              • Anonymous

                Why does he not drop the crystal I’ve killed him two without getting the reward and I have every mod except stormcaller

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