The Unclean One

the unclean one remnant
Location Corsus
Race Unknown
Weakness Buttocks/ Corrosive (+10%)
Resistance Frost (-10%)

The Unclean One is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated to progress the game and to acquire special items and gear. 

The Unclean One Location

  • Location: CorsusThe Shack.
  • This boss is not optional if you choose to complete Corsus.


The Unclean One Rewards

  • Unclean Heart
  • Hammerhead's Ore (Alternate Kill): After entering the arena, stick to the right and go down into the basement. Do not aggro the boss. There will be 3 pots that can be interacted with. Doing so will trigger a hiding animation. Once inside the pot, wait for the cut scene transition and defeat the Unclean One afterwards. This reward replaces the Unclean Heart.
  • Glutton Trait
  • Exhausted Emote
  • Empowering Loop: Hardcore Adventure Mode, either kill method. Can also be obtained by killing Ixillis on Hardcore Mode via Adventure or during the Campaign. 
  • Glowing Fragments
    • Hard (x5) 
    • Nightmare (x7) 
    • Apocalypse (x9) 
  • 1x Simulacrum 
    • Nightmare (Rare) 
    • Apocalypse (Uncommon)



The Unclean One Strategies

Video Strategies

[Video Example]


Strategy Writeup

This boss's attack can break the environment objects like walls and can spawn ads from breaking the urns in his shack. The best strategy is try to maintain a medium distance from him and fire to his unarmored areas. When at a distance, he can perform three kinds of moves: The belly strike, the weapon leap and the weapon throw. If he closes distance dodge backwards.

There's a great oportunity to some damage when he throws his hammer, as he will always go retrieve It and give the player his back for a couple of seconds, where you can capitalize on his weak spot on his butt.

When he tries to us hammer whirlwind, run in a wide circle until the attack ends and then finish him off.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Weapon Leap: Jumps into the air from a distance striking you with his weapon Try to wait until he is about to land, then dodge forward and you will be behind him. Use the opportunity to attack his butt dealing additional damage.
Belly Strike: He can leap forward striking with his belly Try to dodge to either side
Three Hit Combo: Can perform a three hit combo with long reach Try to run away from him when the combo starts, when it finishes take a few shots to the head to deal extra damage
Weapon Whirlwind: He swings his weapon like a whirlwind dealing damage and destroying all structures Try to run away from him in a wide circle. Wait until the attack ends and attack him. You can guide him to hit the adds and make your life easier.
Weapon Throw: He can throw his weapon at you dealing high damage. Try to dodge to either side and fire at him while he gets his weapon back.



The Unclean One Lore

Theory of Origin: The Unclean one appears to be unaffected by the Iskal Vyxwurm, and keeps some infected in jars within his shack. Due to this, and his amphibious skin, is theorized that the Unclean One is some sort of frog-like entity that feeds on the insectoid inhabitants of the swamps, and the viscera scattered over his table is the remains of Iskal thralls.

The Unclean One Notes & Trivia

In the Swamps of Corsus update, his head weakness was removed, and his overall health reduced to compensate. An alt kill was also added with this update.

Voice Actor, homages, and other trivia go here.



The Unclean One Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Where is his boss crate? Ixillis has 4 and they're all in obvious spots. If the reality is that there is no crate, **** this guy completely.

      • Anonymous

        He looked like a pretty hard boss, until I accidentally shoot his booty. I'd never think of his ass as a weakpoint

        • Anonymous

          playing the game blind for the first time. my review of this boss is: worst man i have ever met. stinky bastard man. -20/10, he embodies everything i hate about this godforsaken swamp

          it was horrifying. all i could do was run from him during his spinning hammer. the one good thing about how big his reach is, is that he can kill his own minions. i was forced to equip my sniper rifle and, whenever he was in regular mode, ENTER CLOSE QUARTERS COMBAT and let him take a swing at me. I dodge forward, slipping behind him. the only weakspot i could find on him was his ass. literally his cheeks. I was dodging behind this man and simultaneously switching weapons so I could slap his jiggly ass with a single bullet and then start the whole process over. I am not sure if I just had the best fight of my life or the goddamn worst one.

          • Anonymous

            This page needs more info about his alt fight, because it's COMPLETELY different. The bastard goes from a complete walkover to one of the most BS bosses in the entire game just because of that stupid hammer smash attack. Also, he once one-shotted me by following up the hammer smash with an INSTANTANEOUS hammer throw that didn't even have an animation telegraph, and I'm genuinely uncertain of whether it was just the most BS attack in the game being made MORE BS, or whether it was actually a legitimate bug that caused him to skip his animations.

            • Anonymous

              I had problems with the alt kill beacuse of those hammer slams so i put on my heaviest armor and all the damage reduction rings and amulets that i had plus healing aura mod on my primary weapon and like that i killed him but it was still very difficult

              • Anonymous

                Neutral dodge his ground slam attacks when going for the alt kill. As soon as he begins his downswing, hit the dodge button.

                Neutral dodge gives you plenty of time to recover and maybe even get a shot in if he isn't doing his swings in quick succession.

                • Anonymous

                  Stumbled on a cheese way to kill him easy for the Hammerhead ore. Drop an iron sentential in front of his second weapon
                  in the wall by the stairs, when he goes to get the weapon he can get stuck on the iron sentential and just keep running in

                  • Anonymous

                    did the alt kill but the game didn't give me a pop up for the hammerhead ore. I was still able to buy the flail even without that item in my inventory.

                    • Anonymous

                      lol! this is such a fun boss design. unavoidable AoE stagger with ranged attack that will kill you in one combo. Super exciting gameplay by devs that clearly know how to design awesome boss fights.

                      • Anonymous

                        So THIS is what I look like when trying to kill a roach in the middle of the night when I just wanted to take a piss

                        • Anonymous

                          He really pulled out so many f*cking moves with his axe(s), I literally was behind him after he did a slam attack and was about to hit him but he threw the axe behind and hit me dead on, and his slams are so deadly for the fact they hit everywhere below.

                          • Anonymous

                            He's quite easy once you get a hang of it. Watch out for his ground slam tho, it has a bit of a delay to roll-caught you, took me a few tries. But hey, at least he's not total BS like Gorefist and summon the entire population of China's worth of minions to fight you.

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