The Unclean One

Location Corsus - The Shack
Weakness Head, Buttocks
Reward Unclean Heart
1050 Scrap
Lumenite Crystal 5x

The Unclean One is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes. The Unclean One is a dungeon/world boss that is located in the Corsus realm. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated to progress the game and to acquire special items and gear.


The Unclean One Location



The Unclean One Rewards



The Unclean One Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

This boss's attack can break the environment objects like walls and can spawn adds from time to time. The best strategy is try to maintain a medium distance from him and fire to his head. When at a distance, he can perform three kinds of moves: The belly strike, the weapon leap and the weapon throw. If he closes distance dodge backwards.

There's a great oportunity to some damage when he throws his hammer, as he will always go retrieve It and give the player his back for a couple of seconds, where you can capitalize on his weak spot on his butt.

When he tries to us hammer whirlwind, run in a wide circle until the attack ends and then finish him off.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Weapon Leap: Jumps into the air from a distance striking you with his weapon Try to wait until he is about to land, then dodge forward and you will be behind him. Use the opportunity to attack his butt dealing additional damage.
Belly Strike: He can leap forward striking with his belly Try to dodge to either side
Three Hit Combo: Can perform a three hit combo with long reach Try to run away from him when the combo starts, when it finishes take a few shots to the head to deal extra damage
Weapon Whirlwind: He swings his weapon like a whirlwind dealing damage and destroying all structures Try to run away from him in a wide circle. Wait until the attack ends and attack him. You can guide him to hit the adds and make your life easier.
Weapon Throw: He can throw his weapon at you dealing high damage. Try to dodge to either side and fire at him while he gets his weapon back.



The Unclean One Lore

He’s a gentle soul at heart


The Unclean One Notes & Trivia

Voice Actor, homages, and other trivia go here.



The Unclean One Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      17 Sep 2019 21:08  

      Maybe we best break the hammer on his head? if u look closely to butcher's flail looks like the top of his head

      • Anonymous

        16 Sep 2019 03:44  

        Just fought him with Hunting Pistol (+ Blink Token) to nuke him down with headshots, and blink away when he rushes me. Used Sporebloom to AOE the adds. Made the fight quite easy.

        • Anonymous

          13 Sep 2019 22:55  

          For the Butcher's Flail i have tried to shoot the arm, the hammer when it's thrown no damage on the thrown hammer. Maybe you guys should try to shoot his belly.

          • Anonymous

            28 Aug 2019 02:01  

            I was helping someone fight this boss and I could have sworn the hammer took damage when shot. I could be wrong but I think the hammer head ore is a piece of his weapon.

            • Anonymous

              25 Aug 2019 15:21  

              i saw someone today with it, i am sure its have to do with the boss helmet, the flail have the same emblem on it, but with my friends we failed to destroy the helmet by shooting it only ( armor piece so you deal less damages to the boss) maybe it have to do with the cauldron in the corner of the room, you have to make him jump into it / breack it

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