Chain Blade

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A sharp blade attached to a handle with an extendable chain. It is quick and versatile suited for almost any situation. It excels at controlling areas with its wide-arcing swings and fast recovery. Excellent against hordes of smaller enemies and perfect for dealing damage in a pinch.
Damage Value 47
Critical Hit Chance 5%
Melee Weapon Type Chain-Sword
Weakspot Bonus 10%
Charge Attack Ability
Chain Strike
Charge attacks extend the chain allowing the wielder to hit enemies from farther away.

Chain Blade is a Melee Weapon and is one of the Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes Subject 2923 DLC. 


It is said that where Magir killed one, he killed two. Where he killed two he killed four--four then ten, then then fifty, until a thousand enemies lay dead at his feet "

Where to find Chain Blade


How to use Chain Blade

  • Each melee weapon has a primary combo of three strikes in a row before executing another melee attack, these attacks are categorized into three types:
    • Normal Attack: These can be executed by continuously pressing the attack button for the primary three-hit combo.
    • Charged Attack: This type of attack is executed by holding down and then releasing the attack button for heavier and harder swings.
    • Lunge Attack: This can be executed by pressing the attack button while sprinting.


Chain Blade Upgrade Table

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Upgrade Level Damage
Chain Blade 47
Chain Blade +1 56.4
Chain Blade +2 65.8
Chain Blade +3 75.2
Chain Blade +4 84.6
Chain Blade +5 94
Chain Blade +6 103.4
Chain Blade +7 112.8
Chain Blade +8 122.2
Chain Blade +9 131.6
Chain Blade +10 141


Chain Blade Notes

  • Any other Note and Trivia goes here



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    • Anonymous

      Looks like it would be really cool, but that thing where the boss throws it like sixty feet to mercy kill his mount? Yeah, you can't do that. It doesn't really do anything special except disappoint people expecting something like a Bloodborne weapon. Chalk this up to another cool concept executed poorly.

      • I love the look of it, but it has such a limited range. Should be more like the Beast Cutter from Bloodborne- able to flay enemies from a safe distance. That's even how the boss plays it out.

        • Anonymous

          Chain charge sweeping attack can be awkward to execute reliably, you need to queue the input for each subsequent charge attack as soon as you've made one. Can be a bit gnarly to do in a chaotic moment.

          • Anonymous

            Most people don't know this but you can chain together 3 charged attacks to increase the range and damage of this weapon. Simply do 3 charged attacks in rapid succession.

            • Anonymous

              Extremely disappointing. The range is nin existant, you need to be so close you might as well use another weapon or a normal attack.

              The chain tricks you into thinking it has a lot of range when it really does not.

              Expected it to be like the Threaded Cain from Bloodborne.

              • Anonymous

                The range is not all that far. Attacking normally is almost justice, by you stepping slightly forward while attacking anyway. Wish is was even slightly further or extended almost like the boss; especially if it's going to cost me luminite to upgrade.

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