The Mangler

Location Earth
Race Root
Weakness Eyes/ Fire (+15%)
Resistance Rot (-15%)
Ads Hollow

The Mangler is a dungeon Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes

The Mangler Location

  • Location: EarthThe Tangled Pass > The Artery 
  • The Boss may not spawn in your playthrough, and you will need to re-roll the campaign/Adventure Mode to find it.


The Mangler Rewards





The Mangler Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Try to bring Oilskin Tonic to the fight.

Phase 1:

When the battle begins, the boss will be small and more passive. If the boss spawns with the "Enchanter" affix, you will notice explosions occurring all around the battlefield. Try to stay away from them as they can cause root damage. You can use Oilskin Tonic if you are having difficulties. The boss can roll to you dealing damage. It will also burrow underground while spawning ads. Try to deal with the ads before the boss comes out.

Phase 2:

When the boss has 50% health it will transform into a bigger monster. It will become more aggressive and maintain its old abilities. It will also be able to leap at you and perform a melee combo. Try to dodge backwards and attack him.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (Small)
Hide underground: It will hide underground and spawn ads Try to deal with the ads before the boss comes out of the ground
Roll attack: It will roll on the ground and strike you dealing damage Try to dodge to either side.
Phase 2 (Big)
Leap and combo: It can leap at you and perform a melee combo Try to dodge backwards and use the opportunity to attack him.



The Mangler Lore

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The Mangler Notes & Trivia

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The Mangler Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      The real boss are the adds and mines around arena. Who ever thought of that for a boss fight I hope your family dies from cancer and you leave a healthy life and die of old age.

      • Anonymous

        If playing apocalypse the hardest difficulty find a friend unless you like mental pain, because the sheer amount of stupidity this boss is in apocalypse is astonishing. The "random", (Totally not random **** you game, you'll walk two steps into the boss room and you will already be targeted by these pink bursts of ****) spore bursts practically one shot so you have to be on a constant move and if you are tanky you will still get infected which is annoying. The boss spawns in 2-3 minions when he digs down and when he digs back up, if you take advantage of his stun when he hits a wall he spawns 2-4 minions you have to kill because they will one shot you unless you are tanky. For other solo players who just started an apocalypse mode with no gear the best way for a new character to beat this shrimp piece of **** is to use the shotgun with the fire mod and scrapper armor for close up damage when he hits a wall and gets stunned, upgrade this gear because any bit of advantage is needed for this ball of garbage named ThE MaNgLeR.

        • Anonymous

          He's vulnerable to melee when he's crouched after a charge. But mostly it's just keep squishing adds and bide your time for a good volley on him.

          • Anonymous

            This trash ended my survival run... I was almost at 5 kills and his stupid second phase flurry of attacks one-shotted me...

            • Anonymous

              I want to find whoever thought this boss fight was a good idea and castrate them with a rusted can opener.

              • Anonymous

                When he rolls, he gets stunned if he hits a wall. Stay back to a wall, dodge, go to town with melee when he’s stunned. After he turned big he went down pretty fast with assault rifle and flame mod. For context I am bad at this game and have died a*****load.

                • Anonymous

                  My experience is a little different than what is described. At the start of the battle he spawned two of his minions and every time you kill one a new one instantly spawns, it doesn't matter if he's above/below ground. The minions may seen easily to kill, but if you kill something to have it just instantly spawn next to the boss, is it really dead? My advice for this (if you have the same experience) it to focus on the boss and practice your dodging skills. If you worry about the little guys you'll never win because they will never be truly dead.

                  • Anonymous

                    This motherfuc ker summons a billion little meatball fuc ks that keep swarming you and they can even grab you, all while a million gas bombs keeps bombarding you. Jesus christ I hate this boss.

                    • Anonymous

                      Considering there are a lot of enemy types in this game it makes me wonder why the devs put weaker versions of these bosses in the dungeons right before you face them - it makes the bosses seem less unique as you just go "oh it's just a beefed up one of those" instead of "what is this new and interesting thing I am encountering for the first time?" They could of left the weaker versions out and still had enough enemy variety to go around.

                      • Anonymous

                        Anyone know how the "Enchanted" boss modifier works? For Mangler, it introduces constant Rot explosions across the battlefield. Is the modifier random?

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