Dreamer is a World Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated to progress the game and to acquire special items and gear.


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Dreamer Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Phase 1:  Dreamer

Aiming for the Dreamer's head is the best option as this is his weak spot. It is best to defeat the Dreamer as fast as possible as Roots will begin to spawn later in the fight. Using his attacks to damage the Root that spawn during his fight is an easy way to reduce their engagement.

Phase 2: Nightmare

At the beginning of the fight, Nightmare takes little damage. Save your ammo and avoid his attacks until you are transported into the Shadow Realm. Once there, kill enemies to gain a damage buff for each you kill. In the Shadow Realm, there is a portal that will bring you back into the main boss area. Once you have killed as many enemies as you can, leave through the portal. It's best to make your way to the portal and continue to fight near it just in case you need to leave quickly to avoid dying. The longer you stay in there the more damage you will take, so you'll have to judge carefully, but you will need a lot of stacks to deal decent damage. While in the Shadow Realm, it is recommended to use Bloodwort to somewhat negate the damage you are taking.

When playing multiplayer, only one player is transported at a time. The other player(s) stays in the arena with the boss. During this time, Roots will spawn and attack players left in the arena while the boss continues shooting barrages. Kill these Roots as quickly as possible so that they do not distract the player with the damage buff when they return. Be careful not to focus on one of these threats too much as the other can quickly deal a lot of damage. If you are one of the players left with the boss, be careful not to walk over where the transported player will come back to when they leave through the portal. If you are being targeted by the boss and run over where that player was, you can cause the player to be downed if you are unlucky with timing of the player returning.

Once you come out of the portal, focus your fire on the boss until it's chest opens up, exposing the Dreamer. Once this happens, he becomes a Weak Spot so aim for him to deal maximum damage. Failing to deal sufficient damage will result in Nightmare not opening up and removing the damage buff. Depending on how upgraded your Weapon is and what Traits you have, you may have repeat this process two or three times, though it is possible to do it in one. Be sure to have an Ammo Box or two, in case you need to replenish your ammo.

Weapons that inflict damage over time effects, such as fire, are extremely useful as the damage they deal is also buffed. A Weapon Mod, such as Hot Shot, can be used to achieve this.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Volley Dreamer will stop following you and fire into the air. Running can easily dodge the attack. or dodging just after he fires should give you enough distance to avoid all or most of the attack.
Spin  Dreamer will hover close to the ground and spin, damaging you if you stay within range. Keep your distance any time he moves down to the ground, spin can be ignored for the most part if you're keeping your distance.
Spin Slam Dreamer will begin to add a slam after his spin when his health is low, the spin itself will pull you in. Dodging away, or running after the pull should keep you out of range of his slam. Be careful because he will also pull the root into him and they will still try to attack you.
Ground Slam Dreamer will land on the ground, and slam his tentacles into the ground. He will do so twice, dodging just before the wave gets to you or running in a circle around him can usually avoid the attack. This attack works well for damaging the root that spawn frequently during the first phase.
Phase 2
Nightmare Volley Nightmare will charge his wings and shoot a volley of energy. Keeping your distance makes this attack much easier to dodge because the missiles have a lot of travel time.
Nightmare Realm Nightmare will pull you into a separate realm filled with darkness, and summon root to attack. Killing enemies during this phase is essential to finishing the fight, using bloodwort or other forms of healing over time items can make your stay in the Nightmare realm far easier and will allow you to gain more stacks before having to leave through the portal.



Dreamer Lore

  • The Dreamer/Nightmare is the main character from Chronos (prequel to Remnant).

  • The Root used the Dreamer/Nightmare as a replacement for the original dreamer they were controlling and using as a gate to access Earth because he was stronger and practically groomed for the Roots ultimate plan which is corrupting the world's core (Earth) and the Labyrinth, therefore ending all resistance to them (Chronos events).

  • The Dreamer/Nightmare killed the Krell, the Pan and the Labyrinth guardians (Chronos events).

  • The Dreamer/Nightmare is called The Devourer by the Keeper of the Labyrinth because he killed the guardians.

  • Remnant and Chronos main characters are from the same tribe/survivor group.


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Dreamer Notes & Trivia

Voice by Yuri Lowenthal



Dreamer Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      09 Mar 2021 03:55  

      This is the worst boss fight I have ever seen in a video game. who thought it was a good idea to make unavoidable damage a thing in a dark souls like game the concept is retarded this boss is ass rest of the game is good but what the **** is this garbage I expected something better.

      • Anonymous

        25 Nov 2020 13:57  

        Page says multiplayer only transports 1 player at a time, that is false (at least in current update), as I'm playing with a buddy, we both transport to the dark realm at same time every time.

        • Anonymous

          20 Nov 2020 00:12  

          Made easy work of him using turrets and the souls link ring. In phase 2, when I got whisked off to the dark place, I'd summon two turrets and thanks to the soul link, they'd heal me faster than I took damage, while also helping me kill root to rack up my damage.

          Souls link + turrets is seriously powerful against most bosses.

          • Anonymous

            01 Sep 2020 23:18  

            after i defeated him i didnt get anything. and i dont know if there is someone i have to talk to get the rewards or if this is a glitch and i have to replay the story again.

            • Anonymous

              31 Aug 2020 16:34  

              First time I came across this boss I struggle quite a bit, the mechanics are simple, yet, I couldnt put enough damage to knock him off his state (2nd phase) and expose the little fella, I had to use breath of the dragon to do that. I was going for the head but still I was needing 2-3 runs into the void to do it, breath of the dragon only required about 2 shots. I was leaving the void with around 10x stacks. I finally got him after a couple of hours.

              Now, second time I did it was the easiest boss ever. Decided to try using hunting pistol with the fusion rifle and a crit build, using swarm to clear ads in the void although after the run I dont think this was even needed and I would have probably benefited more with hunters mark.

              Anyway, left the void with 10x stacks again (to see how much damage I would do and if I would be able to stagger him), started shooting, within 1 second he staggered and exposed the little fella, blasted his head, kept shooting, took about 90% of his health in one run, pretty sure I could have done better.

              Just a word of advice, when you are trying to stagger him, aim for the armpits/wins circles, they are the ones you need to shoot for, not the head... I realized this way to late into my first try, otherwise you will never get him to crit in 1 run. And 8-10 stacks is enough to make him stagger. Good luck!

              • Anonymous

                25 Aug 2020 08:49  

                how many players can write but cannot read ...
                "Once there, kill enemies to gain a damage buff for each you kill."
                "Once you have killed as many enemies as you can, leave through the portal."
                "Once you come out of the portal, focus your fire on the boss until it's chest opens up, exposing the Dreamer. Once this happens, he becomes a Weak Spot so aim for him to deal maximum damage."

                • Anonymous

                  23 Aug 2020 02:22  

                  ...Wait, you gots buffs for kills in the void? Huh.

                  Managed it with an Assault Rifle//Unstable Quills and some ammo boxes. Use box on way into Void. Pop Bloodwort soon as you're in. Run to exit. Open fire & quills on boss (the pop does no damage, but the quill-cast itself does), repeat until victory.

                  Probably only works on Normal. We'll see how it goes on the next run through!

                  • Anonymous

                    17 Aug 2020 04:25  

                    This boss... in fact all bosses in this game can go **** themselves. Literally the worst aspect of this game.

                    • Anonymous

                      14 May 2020 10:14  

                      So I just got to this guy in a hardcore run and couldn't break the carapace in Phase 2. Turns out that it doesn't matter how strong your weapon is, for context my Hunter's Rifle was doing only 1200 damage a shot whereas Spitfire was doing 1300 a shot. So don't be like me and show up to this guy on hardcore without a long-range rapid fire weapon cause it's far too difficult to dodge his barrage when you get into SMG range and you'll die just like I did.

                      • Anonymous

                        22 Dec 2019 23:02  

                        So i've beaten all the souls games and even stuff like the surge. This is literally the most BORING and tedious boss i've ever dealt with. it really doesn't explain how to do substantial damage to him so people resort to looking online which is irritating cuz i managed to beat the entire game in a blind run. his first phase is SLIGHTLY interesting but the second face you can literally walk around and not get hit. it's just disappointing considering how much fun i had with the rest of the game. it honestly feels lazy compared to the other bosses.

                        • Anonymous

                          30 Nov 2019 06:12  

                          I'm in Solo and the boss didn't open his chest so I can't do the necessary damage I repeated many times but stills not doing it

                          • Anonymous

                            06 Nov 2019 17:08  

                            For everyone struggling in co-op: wildfire mod is very strong at his second phase, kill 8-10 in shadow realm, go back and spam wildfire.

                            • Anonymous

                              24 Oct 2019 08:22  

                              Basically I have only one advice. As soon as you moved to Shadow Realm look for a portal and run like your life depends on it. It actually does. At list your character life. Kill all that stands on your way and then stay next to portall for as long as possible killing root dudes. Only reason my toon died few times was because I choose to fight first and then run. Running and fighting should be done simultaneusly. If you have area heal even better. If you don't not a big deal as long as you have 6+ heals. Should be more then enough for 2-3 trips into Shadow Realm. In my opinion Hunters riffle is the best choice for long gun + 3-4 ammo boxes. It let you stay at dodgeable distance from boss and does very fast and decent damage with fire bullets. .

                              • Anonymous

                                04 Oct 2019 15:48  

                                So, don't die during the cutscene of this bosses death. Somehow, I died during the cutscene. After the Epilogue scene plays your screen will be pitch black. You can still shoot both your weapons and use your items, but the screen is just pitch black. At least, this is what happened to me

                                • Anonymous

                                  17 Sep 2019 17:45  

                                  For anyone struggling with this boss, take a one shot weapon (sniper, crossbow, hunting pistol) and the fireball mod from the 2 fire bosses 1. Phase: just spam headshot with the weapon, ignore adds 2. Phase: wait till you get into the other dimension, kill some enemies with the one-shot-pot and exit, then spam all fireball stacks (the fireball stacks will recharge themselves after a explosion, so just spam them till the boss goes invincible again, fireball is legit broken here)

                                  • Anonymous

                                    11 Sep 2019 22:41  

                                    So if you are looking to be done with this boss quickly, I used the crossbow to kill adds in the void (one shot them) I had swarm and breath of the desert. After killing sufficient adds, I usually got 8-10, throw swarm on him, the swarm keeps Breath up at 3 stacks pretty much the entire time, and opens his weak spot each time. Solo, I killed him with 1 void visit. with 3 people I was getting him down to 1/4 to 1/3. I did not shoot my guns at the boss. Just use swarm, then breath until his damage buff wears off.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      11 Sep 2019 05:23  

                                      This is a bad boss. Not because it’s too hard, not because it’s so easy with the right build, but because it’s not made for multiplayer... in a multiplayer focused game. The nightmare gains way too much health with 3 players. The void mechanic Makes it so only one player gets to fight the boss at a time and nothing make sense the first time it happened. The group I was with spent 30 mins on the first attempt against the nightmare( this is the same 2 guys I played through the whole game with). Whenever someone got voided they ran for the exit because we thought it was an attack to separate the party. We saw we were doing damage even if the bar wasn’t going down so we figured we needed to stagger the dreamer out or something. I only learned how the fight was meant to work after looking here. I still like the game but jeez this is a very poorly made fine boss. It doesn’t at all consider its in a co-op game

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