Location Earth
Race Root
Weakness Head/ Fire (+15%)
Ads Devil

Shroud is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes

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Shroud Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Shroud will start the fight by firing arrows from a distance. He will also fire explosive arrows at all present players, leaving behind a cloud that inflicts Root Rot. The battlefield has two different levels and Shroud will teleport to another place of the battlefield after every attack. The best strategy is to keep moving and looking out for where Shroud is going to appear. Try to aim for the head as it deals additional damage. If all three totems found in the dungeon are shot and the quest completed, clouds of root rot will explode around the arena and on the player(s) similar to an attack by a Rot Witch.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Charged Arrow: It will charge its arrow and fire a three-shot volley

There is a delay before the arrows are released, try to dodge after they are fired or run in circles. When in mele range he struggles to aim properly.

Teleport: After he has performed his attack, it will teleport to a new location You can see the shadow of where it will appear. If you are close, you can run to that location and shoot when it appears. The sound moves from the old location of the Shroud to the new one. Use that to track it better.
Bombardment: It will remain still and conjure a bombardment at your location. After a short delay, three consecutive explosions will appear on your location Try to run next to it as it can't move or attack when it's conjuring the bombardment, then run away until the attack finishes.



Shroud Lore

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Shroud Notes & Trivia

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Shroud Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Erm.... i have just been killing this boss for QUITE a while, because i set very high difficulty with low gear level, and randomly ONESHOT him!?!? When it was like on 20% hp i dealt him 15k damage with one shot. Is this some kind of mechanic made so the player wouldn't need to fight bosses for too long?

      • Anonymous

        Got Enchanter as my first boss. I enter the arena and got insta bleed and root rot, jumped down and got killed. Second try, the AOE explosions sound were still active before fog door (bug?), I enter the arena and got ganged up by root, AOE and death. Third time "ok, gotta keep moving", I try to run and got AOEd up the ass, tried to heal, got root rot and axed to death by the root.

        I can't

        • Anonymous

          Ugh died like 20 times trying to clear this sewer on hard, no idea what I was doing loads of wee mini boss dudes keep showing up with minions every corner I turn and then some boss called shroud keeps wrecking me when I try to heal fs( I assume from the comments he's the customer that fires arrows while trying to destroy the crystal totem things

          • Anonymous

            Easier the gorefist as a first boss by a large margin - exposed weak point (aim for the head) and adds can be dealt with a lot easier (keep moving and use the sub machine gun when needed)

            • Anonymous

              Destroying totems just makes the fight harder but it will net you exp.

              You can kill shroud when summoned via totems I failed on the first 2 but killed it on the 3rd it dropped a lumenite crystal, killing it had no impact on the boss fight itself but as stated destroying totems just makes it harder its not worth the lumenite crystal if you do manage to kill it before the actual boss fight.

              • Shroud has a quest in the dungeon before his boss fight, it awards the player 250 XP upon breaking all of the shroud totems in the dungeon; however, upon doing so shroud will spawn the player can attack shroud but it has no effect on the boss battle at the end of the dungeon.

                destroyed totems are saved in the event of death so is shroud does kill the player they do not have to restart the quest.

                Im not sure if spawned shroud despawns via timeout or if he takes 25% damage but I typically can damage him to that point each time he spawns.

                • Anonymous

                  Jeez 2nd playthrough on nightmare and this guy is hard as balls, 2-shots me with those exploding things, and 1 shots me with his arrows. Well guess thats why i picked nightmare lol.
                  I have to recommend them for not making him a bullet sponge though so far so good, he still takes decent damage with my Sniper Rifle.

                  • Anonymous

                    There are two variants for this boss - Regenerator and enchanter. In regenerator mode, he will heal slowly overtime and in enchanter mode he will summon rot explosions to your location. The mode will be displayed along with his name.

                    • Anonymous

                      Not a bad boss in itself, rather easy actually but the ads and his areal attacks can mess you up if you´re aint careful. setting him on fire with incendiary rounds is a good way to go or hunters mark to keep tabs on his location. As long as you keep moving and fire of a few rounds into his head while clearing out the trash, you´ll be fine.

                      • Anonymous

                        Fun fact: Veil of the Black Tear, one of my personal favorite abilities, will shield you from his arrow barrage that leaves behind rot clouds. It'll hit the top of the barrier but you'll be safe. Watch out for the adds chasing you though!

                        • Anonymous

                          Bugged for me, started a new world after beating the game on normal and this guy just disappeared after I destroyed all the totems. No boss drops, no shards, nothing.

                          • Anonymous

                            Guy bugged for me? shot him down he teleported went to next totem he was full hp, so on so forth till the 3rd and then just disappeared

                            • In regards to the totems: you cannot kill Shroud from them. He always leaves when you take out one pip of his life bar. After the third time you get a quest complete prompt and some xp. Also after I did this during his boss fight, rot spore explosions will trigger in random spots throughout it.

                              • Anonymous

                                I had a strange event with Shroud in the dungeon just before fighting it. There were three totems that spawned Shroud for a short period of time after I destroyed them. Unsure what would have happened if I beat it then as I died to adds and the totems didn't respawn. Did anyone else get this?

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