Totem Father

totem father remnant
Location Yaesha
Race Pan
Weakness Head/ Rot (+10%)Frost (+10%)
Resistance Shock (-25%)
Ads Archer (Red totem)
Pan Swordsman (Blue Totem)

Totem Father is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes


Totem Father Location

  • Location: Yaesha - The Tempest Court.
  • Either this boss, or The Ravager will spawn in the world.
  • Switching the totem colors will alter the boss' attack patterns and the minions he summons. 
    • Blue: Boss attack pattern will favor ranged and the minions he summons favor melee.
      Red: Boss attack pattern will favor melee and the minions he summons favor range.

Totem Father Rewards


Totem Father Strategies

Video Strategies

[Video Example]


Strategy Writeup

You will see a circular battlefield with many columns inside of it. Totem Father will start the fight on top of one of the columns. When on top of the columns, he will attack you at range with the Double Energy Balls or with the Boulder Throw. Then, he can leap to the ground to place a totem or to leap at your location for an attack. After a few attacks, he will leap to a column again restarting the Phase.

Try to focus on dealing damage while he is on top of the columns.

If you aim for his head you will deal critical damage.

You can heal back while he is jumping back to the columns.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (On top of Columns)
Boulder throw: Conjures a Boulder and throw it at you Dodge to either side
Double Energy Balls: Throws two energy balls at you Dodge to either side two times to dodge both balls.
Thunder Totem: Place a totem that cast thunder explosions at your location Fire at the totem until you destroy it
Spawning Totem: Places a totem that spawns enemies Fire at the totem until it is destroyed. Then dispatch the ads summoned.
Leap And explosion: He leaps at your location creating an explosion with the staff Try to dodge forward or to either side to avoid the explosion
Phase 2 (On Ground)
Two hit combo: He can perform a two hit combo with the claws and the staff Try to dodge backwards. After he preforms both hits you will have a chance to strike back.



Totem Father Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

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Totem Father Notes & Trivia

Voice Actor, homages, and other trivia go here.



Totem Father Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      The problem with this fight is that both versions of it are not balanced because of the adds. Ranged Totem Father has melee adds and Melee Totem Father has ranged adds. If they reversed that ranged TF wouldn't be so easy and melee TF wouldn't be so hard.

      • Anonymous

        Anyone know why the totem wont change for me? It's stuck on blue which I've done already in a randos world. Wanna do red but wont change

        • Anonymous

          Totem father with red totems is so irritating. Whole fight with blue totems is like a walk in the park compared with his alt battle.

          • Anonymous

            Прекрасный босс! Вдвоём на максимальной сложности одно удовольствие его убивать. Настолько "Лёгкого" босса никода в своей жизни не убивал. С боссами из любой части DS просто не сравнить. Верните мне только 9 часов, которые на него были потрачены, пожалуйста.

            • Anonymous

              "Hey, why don't we make two bosses with the same basic crap gimmick and put them in the same area so that there's a decent chance players will fight them back to back and quit playing?"

              The devs, probably.

              • Anonymous

                I just fought him and remembered a long time ago I wanted something he drops and read he's got alternative versions depending on what you do before the fight, so I came here to read what it was since I died. However, I'm reading people saying this is hard and I dunno why. I kinda did about 80% of his HP without much effort

                • Anonymous

                  One of those cancerous bosses where the ads are more annoying than the boss itself. But then again that's like 90% of this game's boss encounters.

                  • Anonymous

                    There's a tip that I don't see anyone mention: Use the totem as a cover.
                    Enemy's attack will make it faster to destroy totem.
                    This is really a game-changing for me on nightmare.

                    • I dit it, i kill this bastard on nightmare solo

                      My setup if someone was interested:
                      Wep1: "Twin shot",
                      W_Mod1: "Fan of knives"
                      // With this u can make damage to boss even when this monkey is jumping or you trying to survive. I love when it bleeding.
                      Wep2: "Ricochet Rifle"
                      W_Mod2: "Blink Token"
                      //The perfect weapon vis mobs. Just shoot in a ground and disk will automatically hit up to 4 enemies, and generate power to blinks.They can't evade ricochets! "Blink Token" is using for making damage to totems. You can destroide it for 3 blinks, also this mod help to dodge the Lighning strike if you have no time to run away.

                      Other eqpment: "Void Armor set", "Twisted idol"(to faster dodging and more armor agains mob'*****s), "Burden of the follower"(+100% Power Generation), "Heart of The Wolf" (to running faster)

                      "Glutton" with "Adrenaline", and "Status Traits" are welcome.

                      Tip: lighning needs a time to accelerate full speed, use sprint after a while when it charge a little bit. Blink or adrenaline like second option.
                      Tip1: turrets is nerfed, the ricochet gun is muuuuch better.

                      • Anonymous

                        What THE F*CK to do with lightning? It'***** me even when i dodging, i can't run away from it also.
                        ps: i try on nightmare, but what a hell should be on Apocalypse?

                        • Anonymous

                          At least once at nightmare solo. Once! I suggest to kill this boss to each gamedisigner wich make such terrible balance! How much times i died before on a nightmare? 1-2 for each boss, and what about this? 50 times! Why the difference is so big? It is ok? Or i need to found only one working build special for this damn monkey?

                          • Anonymous

                            Just beat this world boss on Normal difficulty, using a hardcore character, and did not get the Ring. This information is either incorrect, or there is just a chance of it being dropped.

                            • Anonymous

                              Missing in above information: depending on the colour of the totem he switching fighting strategy. When you want to get the spear, the boss will use more melee attacks and spend less time on the pillars, while the adds he spawns are using crossbow. When going going for the long gun, he will shoot more while on top of the pillars, and the adds he spawns are melee. So if you dont care about the weapon, I'd recommend shooting him from the pillars, I found his melee attacks much harder. Also I noticed (with melee boss) he is glitchable. Walk backwards as he chases you for a melee until your back is against the fog wall or stone wall near it, and he will stop attack for a while, I got 5 free close range headshots before he started moving again making this much easier.

                              • Anonymous

                                the totem is before the most to the left. You can shoot the gold switches on the side to change the totem from red to blue/vice versa, and choose which item you get from the boss.

                                • Anonymous

                                  How do I even find this world boss. I noticed on youtube that in game maps vary is it true the the game plays out different depending on the choices that are made?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    This boss is ridiculous solo! Can't kill the mobs quick enough to stay on top of the battle to destroy the totems. This is where my playthrough may end. Co-op is last resort.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      aye what's with all the boss names seemingly missing, is the game not out yet or is this section of the wiki still in heavy development

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