Location Earth - Leto’s Lab
Race Root
Weakness Red Glowing Inner Torso splitFire (+15%)
Resistance Rot (-15%)Frost (-10%)

Riphide is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes

Riphide Location

  • Earth - Leto’s Lab > The Cursed Station.
  • There is a chance that this boss does not spawn in your playthrough. You will need to re-roll your Campaign/Adventure Mode to find it.

Riphide Rewards






Riphide Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Write-Up

  • Upon entering the arena, Riphide will divide, creating an additional instance of itself. This process will repeat throughout the fight, creating 4 total enemies during phase 2, and 8 total enemies during phase 3. For this reason, AOE weapons/mods are favoured. 
  • Riphide's primary attacks include a ranged javelin-like projectile and a high-damage shockwave, both of which can be triggered by each riphide instance - so be prepared to dodge several times in a row.  The easiest method for dodging the shockwave is to wait until the wave is just in front of you, then dodge forward or to the side. Dodging back will cause the wave to hit you. 
  • During Phase 2/3 Riphide will begin to heal itself. This can be prevented by targeting the instance with a glowing white orb in its chest. 
  • Riphide can also attack with melee, simply dodge away. 
  • The following Weapons/Mods are recommended for their AOE and CC potential. 


Phases & Changes

Phase 1 (100% health)
There will be 2 instances - attacking with melee, javelin projectiles and shockwaves. 
Phase 2 (First instance of 75% health)
The 2 instances from phase one split to produce 4 enemies. The Heal ability is introduced. Only one instance will heal at any given time.
Phase 3 (First instance of 50% health)
The four from the previous phase split into 8 enemies. The Heal ability will now be done by 2 instances, healing Riptide immensely if not taken care of.


Riphide Lore

The reason the devils took society out so fast in the first place is they never really die—some of ‘em anyway. Some of ‘em break in two and then your problems double. You gotta burn the ground after killing a splitter, else the whole damn planet’ll be covered in ‘em.

Riphide Notes & Trivia

Ammo is not scarce in this Boss fight. Breakable boxes scatter the boss room and tend to be broken by enemy attacks, plenty of ammo drops in this fight, so make sure to look around!
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Riphide Image Gallery




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    • Anonymous

      What a complete and utter prick. Takes way, way, WAY too much damage to down for a boss this early in the game with the limited loadout available to me, and that's before the stupid healing ability, does WAY too much damage, and the constant AoE blast spam is just lame, cheap, unfair boss design. Absolutely awful.

      • Anonymous

        guys this boss is a piece of cake if you use this, 2 pieces of hunter gear 1 piece of cultist gear, the shotgun (mine was +5) and the seed caller mod...thats it. oh and just in case put menders aura on your secondary, took me no more then 2min to kill him without the explosive pustules.

        • Anonymous

          I found a really nice set up for rocking out some good damage on this guy. All 3 Labrinth armor pieces, Vengence Idol amulet, Spirit Stone and Gravity Stone rings, Stormcaller and Hunter's Mark mods. On normal I went in below 50% health for the Vengance buff and activated Hunter's Mark and then Stormcaller. Legit finished the boss fight in just over 15 seconds.

          • Anonymous

            Had a tough time 2-manning this one on hard tonight. Very Good Boy helped but we couldn't down the boss in time, Rattle Weed also helped manage the adds but we still kept getting overwhelmed by the numbers and shockwave attacks.

            What finally did it for us was Stormcaller. Got Riptide down to a sliver of his last health bar and my buddy went down. I did just enough damage to get Stormcaller charged and used it right as I was being surrounded. Buzzed around with it for a second and then MY CONTROLLER DIED. Standing still and completely vulnerable, the damage reduction from Stormcaller kept me alive long enough for the mod's AoE damage to finish the boss off with no time to spare. Photo finish.

            Tl;dr Stormcaller is great for saving your skin and damaging the mob in the later stages. Rattle Weed also useful for managing mob aggro and getting breathing room.

            • Anonymous

              i used eye of the storm and another weapon w/ healing aura, and that kinda worked? the eots weapon mod is great against the last split if you can time it right, it deleted the boss pretty much instantly

              • Anonymous

                Wore letos's armor set. Stood next to him swinging my hammer. Popped Mender's aura. Fight was over before the aura ran out. Easiest boss ever.

                • Anonymous

                  Just used the storm caller mod, dmg him until he pops 4 clones then pop the mod and dance around them. Pretty quick kill!

                  • As said below, the weapon "Curse of the jungle God" is very effective against this boss.
                    A video to see the tentacles in action (in apocalypse difficulty) :

                    • Anonymous

                      Got this guy on like my fourth run through Earth. Brilliant boss, really, though the AoE spam was more cheap/unfair than clever design.

                      He might have been a real gamestopper for me if I'd encountered him on my first run. Instead, I used the Gravity Well to basically skip the fight. If you shoot it at the group while they split for the 3rd time, it's pretty much over, on hard mode.

                      • Easy in solo and pain in the ass while in team because developers did't think about players ping. They even don't show it in Session Browses. As a result - one of mates was oneshooted any time when boss use AOE abiliy.

                        • This is one of the best boss fights ever done, it skill checks you on every game mechanic. That is if you get him on your first run, otherwise you might have gear that will make it easy.

                          • Anonymous

                            Lol my main weapon Ricochet rifle just melted him, the more of him, the more bounce. Killed this plant with a Frisbee.

                            • Anonymous

                              This may just be the most stupidly overpowered boss i have fought in my damn life i cant beat it after 6 hours...

                              • Anonymous

                                Just use curse of the jungle god weapon mod, died under 15 seconds, or maybe it was a bug in my playtrough

                                • Anonymous

                                  If you get this first run like me get letos armour and the scrap hammer. Then take a bloodwart just before entering and then wade in and pray

                                  • Anonymous

                                    If you're lucky enough to get Leto's Lab as your first Earth dungeon in your campaign, good luck to you. Without AoE mods this boss is extremely troublesome.
                                    If you're hoping to get some co-op action in on this fight, for the love of God bring an AoE mod. Explosive Shot is fantastic, and Stormcaller can obliterate x4 or x8 Riphide almost instantly as the lightning strikes and damage aura affecting multiple Riphides at once will melt through their health bar like butter.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      this boss is a joke. With the right setup is kinda ok but in survival with random gear is game over. If you don't have aoe you is ****ing insane. A tons of ****ers who scream heal theirself, throw **** to you and making aoe waves who force who can't be avoided if not roll toward one hundred mother****ing copies

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Not sure exactly how it works but I've seen the healer be on fire continuously taking damage. I still had to shoot him out of it. Maybe the DOT has to be applied after he starts healing?

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