Location Earth - Leto’s Lab
Race Root
Weakness Red Glowing Inner Torso split
Reward Displacement Crystal

Riphide is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated to progress the game, and to acquire special items and gear.


Riphide Location

  • Leto’s Lab > The Cursed Station (Earth)
  • There is a chance that this boss does not spawn in your playthrough. If this is the case, start a new adventure or reroll your campaign to restart progress and try again.

Riphide Rewards










Riphide Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Write-Up

It is recommended you bring an AoE/Ranged Mod. This includes:

Some are more effective than others. The underlined mods are considered the most effective by the community.

During phase one and phase two, Riphide will begin to rapidly heal itself. This is prevented by stunning the Riphide with a glowing WHITE orb in the chest cavity, this takes 2 shots from any weapon or mod. (Status Effect Damage ticks apply to this as well.)

Amongst all phases one of the Riphide instances will attempt to throw a Javelin at you. This attack is notified by an audio cue and the wind up and light emitted from javelin during the wind up animation, The projectile is incredibly fast, so be sure to dodge before the throw is complete. This attack will be followed up upon by another Javelin throw from one of the remaining Riphides until all Riphide instances have thrown one UNLESS one of them is interrupted. Interruptions occur when the Riphide who is queued for the next Javelin is in the middle of an animation, such swinging their blades, healing, or being forced into the next stage to split. This will skip that Riphides's turn, leaving the next Riphide to follow up instead.

Another reoccurring attack is the Pulse Fracture. (not the canonical name, I cannot source the true label for this attack) This attack is an AoE explosion notified by the charging up audio cue and the red light emitted from the Riphide instance during the wind up animation for the attack. This attack is difficult to get used to, but easy once you understand the attack. This attack will "pulse" doing a ring shaped explosion, that is immediately followed up by another explosion slightly further away from the epicenter than the previous one. It will pulse 8 times. The best method to dodge this attack is to wait until the next explosion will occur directly under you, and then dodge to the side or forward to escape it, if you dodge backwards, you will get hit by the next explosion. During phase 2, 2 of the 4 Riphides will explode in quick succession. During phase 3, 4 of the 8 will do this as well. This attack can be interrupted like the previous, however the only way to interrupt this attack is by forcing them to split.

Riptide has two basic close range attacks that are fairly weak and easy to avoid: however, close range is not recommended. The first of these attacks is a wide swing with their blades. The second of these attacks is a chase, nearly doubling the walking speed they normally have, to which it will attempt to sweep you with both blades within close range.

Lastly, Riptide has a basic dodge, nothing special about it, most enemies have this move, it might dodge to the left or right when you line up your cross-hairs with the instance.

Phases & Changes

Phase 1 (100% health)
Basic start with 2 instances to deal with, they will throw javelins and explode.
Phase 2 (First instance of 75% health)
The 2 instances from phase one split to produce 4 enemies. Now 2 instances will begin the Pulse Fracture instead of one, and a new attack is introduced, the Heal, but only one instance will heal at any given time.
Phase 3 (First instance of 50% health)
The four from the previous phase split into 8 enemies. Now 4 instances will begin the Pulse Fracture instead of 2, and the Heal will now be done by 2 instances, healing Riptide immensely if not taken care of.


Riphide Lore

The reason the devils took society out so fast in the first place is they never really die—some of ‘em anyway. Some of ‘em break in two and then your problems double. You gotta burn the ground after killing a splitter, else the whole damn planet’ll be covered in ‘em.

Riphide Notes & Trivia

Ammo is not scarce in this Boss fight. Breakable boxes scatter the boss room and tend to be broken by enemy attacks, plenty of ammo drops in this fight, so make sure to look around!
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Riphide Image Gallery




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    • Anonymous

      10 Dec 2020 04:55  

      i used eye of the storm and another weapon w/ healing aura, and that kinda worked? the eots weapon mod is great against the last split if you can time it right, it deleted the boss pretty much instantly

      • Anonymous

        03 Oct 2020 05:35  

        Wore letos's armor set. Stood next to him swinging my hammer. Popped Mender's aura. Fight was over before the aura ran out. Easiest boss ever.

        • Anonymous

          02 Oct 2020 02:07  

          Just used the storm caller mod, dmg him until he pops 4 clones then pop the mod and dance around them. Pretty quick kill!

          • 27 Sep 2020 11:22  

            As said below, the weapon "Curse of the jungle God" is very effective against this boss.
            A video to see the tentacles in action (in apocalypse difficulty) :

            • Anonymous

              13 Sep 2020 17:08  

              Got this guy on like my fourth run through Earth. Brilliant boss, really, though the AoE spam was more cheap/unfair than clever design.

              He might have been a real gamestopper for me if I'd encountered him on my first run. Instead, I used the Gravity Well to basically skip the fight. If you shoot it at the group while they split for the 3rd time, it's pretty much over, on hard mode.

              • 03 Sep 2020 20:36  

                Easy in solo and pain in the ass while in team because developers did't think about players ping. They even don't show it in Session Browses. As a result - one of mates was oneshooted any time when boss use AOE abiliy.

                • 29 Aug 2020 15:48  

                  This is one of the best boss fights ever done, it skill checks you on every game mechanic. That is if you get him on your first run, otherwise you might have gear that will make it easy.

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Aug 2020 00:43  

                    Lol my main weapon Ricochet rifle just melted him, the more of him, the more bounce. Killed this plant with a Frisbee.

                    • Anonymous

                      26 Aug 2020 01:43  

                      This may just be the most stupidly overpowered boss i have fought in my damn life i cant beat it after 6 hours...

                      • Anonymous

                        21 Aug 2020 22:13  

                        Just use curse of the jungle god weapon mod, died under 15 seconds, or maybe it was a bug in my playtrough

                        • Anonymous

                          17 Aug 2020 03:43  

                          If you get this first run like me get letos armour and the scrap hammer. Then take a bloodwart just before entering and then wade in and pray

                          • Anonymous

                            08 Aug 2020 12:51  

                            If you're lucky enough to get Leto's Lab as your first Earth dungeon in your campaign, good luck to you. Without AoE mods this boss is extremely troublesome.
                            If you're hoping to get some co-op action in on this fight, for the love of God bring an AoE mod. Explosive Shot is fantastic, and Stormcaller can obliterate x4 or x8 Riphide almost instantly as the lightning strikes and damage aura affecting multiple Riphides at once will melt through their health bar like butter.

                            • Anonymous

                              04 Aug 2020 04:29  

                              this boss is a joke. With the right setup is kinda ok but in survival with random gear is game over. If you don't have aoe you is ****ing insane. A tons of ****ers who scream heal theirself, throw **** to you and making aoe waves who force who can't be avoided if not roll toward one hundred mother****ing copies

                              • Anonymous

                                30 Jul 2020 05:05  

                                Not sure exactly how it works but I've seen the healer be on fire continuously taking damage. I still had to shoot him out of it. Maybe the DOT has to be applied after he starts healing?

                                • Anonymous

                                  06 Jun 2020 09:37  

                                  Had the misfortune of having this sucker show up in Survival Mode on wave 7, around level 18 tonight. We were 2 levels behind, no AoE mods, and just using summon mods. He wiped the floor with us.

                                  • 07 May 2020 20:27  

                                    There should be two separate pages for the Splitter and Riphide. The Spliter is the basic enemy resembling Riphide that inhabits Leto's Lab. Riphide is the boss version that divides.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      02 May 2020 17:25  

                                      And i thought the harrow was hard to kill... unless you have crowd control when you get to him, this is not easy, at all...

                                      • Anonymous

                                        16 Feb 2020 12:29  

                                        If you use the Gravity Core mod from the Particle accelerator after it has split twice you can kill it right off if you catch all of them in the explosion

                                        • Anonymous

                                          05 Oct 2019 12:58  

                                          always fire rattle weed to lure the boss. shoot him in the chest untill he splits into 8 or 16 spillter´s and fire away with explosive shot. all the "clones" take dmg as well. killed him in 13 secounds with this combo.

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