Iskal Queen

Name Cessnya
Location Corsus
Race Iskal
Weakness Head/ Fire (+10%) 
Resistance Corrosive (-15%)Frost (-10%)
Ads Exploding insects (1st phase)

Check Iskal Queen for the NPC version. Iskal Queen is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes added with the Swamps Of Corsus DLC. 


  • Location: Queen's Temple in Corsus. (Adventure Mode)
  • This boss is optional.

Cryptolith Sigil

  • Prerequisite: You must gift her the Guardian's Heart during your Campaign. 
  • When you approach her, she will talk about how you gave her the Guardian's Heart and will provide you with the Cryptolith Sigil. Used to acquire:

Acquiring Potency & Ring of the Unclean

  • Talk to her while having the PARASITE status effect from an Iskal Infector and tell her that you want to help the Iskal. She will give you the Iskal Vial.
  • Go to the Graveyard Elf and approach her by crouching, so she doesn't wake up. Interact with her soup and use the Iskal Vial. This will unlock the Potency Trait.
  • Rest at a checkpoint and come back. You will find the door of her hut open. Go inside and you will find the Ring of the Unclean.
  • NOTE: In order to get the Iskal Vial you must have the Graveyard Elf and the Iskal Queen in the same Corsus map. 

Battle Rewards

  • Alternative kill reward: Iskal Husk - used to craft Seeker mod.
    • You must destroy the pointy pillar above her head, on the ceiling, when she lands after getting off her throne:
      • Look for the water dripping from the pillar, it marks where the pillar will fall. Position yourself about a meter or two behind where the water drops from the ceiling before entering phase 2. When the Queen slows you, wait until she lands and walks under dripping water, fire at her head to stun her and then shoot the pillar on the ceiling. It will fall and kill her.


Iskal Queen Strategies

Video Strategies

[Video Example]


Strategy Writeup

The fight against Iskal Queen is divided into three different Phases. In the first phase she will remain on her throne and use ranged magic against you. Once her health drops to 75% she will stand up and fight you melee. When she has about 30% life left she will fly and attack you from the sky for some time and then come back to Phase 2.

Phase 1

For Phase 1 you want to first deal with the bugs that she summons. Staying on the opposite side of the room will give you more time to deal with them. They will also come next to each other as they approach. They will explode in chain reaction when you are near them, so you can wait until they are near and attack them. Once you've dealt with the bugs she will start using the acid rain attack against you. Each time she fires dodge forward 1 time and attack her until she uses the next attack. She will now use the Bug Bomb attack, wait until you hear the clap of her fingers and press dodge to avoid the damage. Try to stay in the middle of the room as she will usually use the Poison attack from the sides. Just keep attacking her. After the poison on the sides is over she will use the fracture attack. Run to the sides to avoid it, you can use the opportunity to collect ammo. She will now use her acid attack once again and summon the bugs restarting Phase 1. After you deal enough damage, she will cast a mist and fly towards you.

Phase 2 (75 % Health)

You won't be able to attack until she lands on the ground and start walking towards you. If you let her come close enough a cinematic will play, and she will kill you in one shot. Start shooting at her head as soon as she touches the ground. Use this opportunity to deal as much damage as you can before she stands up. Once she is up she will start attacking you. It's best to stay close to her and avoid her attacks. If you ran away she can quickly catch you and her ranged attacks have a very little window to strike back. Just stay close to her and roll behind her to avoid her attacks (Similar to Undying King). Pay attention to her slam attack (She will usually scream before using it) as you need to time your dodge to avoid it. Once you've done enough damage she will fly upwards and phase 3 will begin.

Phase 3 (30 % Health)

 Once her health drop low enough, she will jump upwards and attack you from above. Keep attacking her while keeping an eye on her attacks. You will get a chance to strike back after each attack she makes. After a while, she will scream at you and throw her weapon to your location and then she will throw herself dealing massive damage. When you notice she is charing this attack just run in the opposite direction and wait until she lands. This will take you back to Phase 2.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (100% Health, Sitting)
Summon Bugs: Bugs will appear and chase the player, when they get close enough they will jump and explode dealing Corrosive damage. Try to stay on the opposite side of the room and wait until they are near. When you shoot them, they will explode killing other bugs and creating a chain-reaction. Some of them will glow and run faster, focus on these first.
Acid Rain: She will cast a volley of acid that will fall on top of the player and leave a corrosive patch in the ground for some time. The Acid will fall where the player was standing when she made her attack. Dodge forward 1 time after she attacks and strike back. Repeat for each time. Remember to avoid the acid patches.
Bug Bomb: She will place a bomb on your arm she can manually detonate dealing high damage. When She place the bomb you will see corruption around your arm. After some time she will snap her fingers making it explode. If you press dodge the moment you hear the snap, you will avoid the damage
Poison Pool: She will spread poison on the right and left part of the battlefield in front of her that deals very high damage over time. Try to stay in the middle of the room. She won't attack you until the poison disappears, so this is the best chance to deal damage to her.
Ground Crack: She will Move her Scythe forward and the ground in the middle of the room will crack and poison will come out of it. This attack deals very high damage and so does the poison. Run to the side when you see the light coming out of the floor. You will have a small window to either attack or collect ammo from the sides of the room.
Phase 2 (75 % Health, Melee)
Three Hit Combo: She will attack forward two times and then throw her weapon dealing massive damage. The first two attacks can be avoided but the third one has very long range. Try to run in circles around her. When she throws her weapon she will remain still, use the opportunity to attack
Ground Slam: She will jump upwards and slam the ground dealing high damage in a big AoE. She usually screams before making this attack. The AoE is big so you won't be able to run away. Wait until she is near the ground and perform a dodge to avoid the damage.
Ground Crack: She will Move her Scythe forward and the ground in the middle of the room will crack and poison will come out of it. Run to the sides far enough to stay out of the crack and poison.
Ranged Attack: When confronted from a distance, she will shoot 2 consecutive slashes. Dodge to the side two times and strike back
Forward Rush: When confronted from a distance, she will kneel and rush forward very fast dealing high damage and closing the distance. You can dodge forward to avoid the damage. She kneels in two steps, wait for the second step to perform the doge.
Phase 3 (30% Health, Flying)
Scythe Slash: She will move her Scythe upwards instantly creating a slash in front of her. Wait until she is raising her Scythe and doge either left or right to avoid the damage.
Ranged Attack: She will shoot 2 consecutive slashes from above. Dodge to the side two times and strike back
Throw Weapon and Land: She will throw her weapon to the ground dealing very high damage and then do the same with her own body. Run in the opposite direction and wait for the attack to finish.



Iskal Queen Lore


  • The Iskal Queen is a mysterious figure who showed up one day in the native elves' village and began recruiting them into the Iskal. She is meant to help the Vyxworm in expanding and spreading the Iskal hive mind parasite.

    The Queen is charismatic and was able to get most of the natives, including those who mocked her, to join. The ones who did not want to join were either forced into joining by their turned families and friends, or were assimilated.

  • When the Queen meets the player, she will attempt to make them join the Iskal. She asks them to get the Corsus guardian's heart for her, but will refuse to explain further. She will state that the reason is for the Iskal alone.

  • The Iskal wanted to kill the Guardian to get its heart for their own benefit and sought to enslave the entirety of Corsus and they also wanted the Root to invade their world so they could attempt to assimilate them into the Iskal.

  • The Iskal Queen will ask for the player's help in tricking the Graveyard Elf into consuming the parasite, and states that the Iskal cannot enter the graveyard because it represents death whereas the Iskal reject death.

    After infecting the elf, the Queen will announce that the Graveyard Elf had become one with the Iskal and this event marks the end of the elven race.

  • Graveyard Elf tells the player that the Queen's name is Cessnya.


Lore confirmed by the developers:

  • The Iskal Queen wants the heart to benefit the parasites, and seeks to enslave the entirety of Corsus.
  • The Queen is not concerned about the Root, and wants them to invade Corsus so she can attempt to assimilate them.
  • Everyone that has been fought on Corsus is a part of Iskal.


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Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

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Iskal Queen Notes & Trivia


  • Voiced by: Mara Junot

Voice Actor, homages, and other trivia go here.



Iskal Queen Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      27 Jul 2021 19:58  

      Found a really cool ****ing fact about this fight today while going for the weapon mod: They lock your camera more during the paralyisis bit

      • Anonymous

        27 Jul 2021 19:55  

        My god this fight is bullshit. She is the worse damage sponge since the ****ing Emerald Weapon in Final Fantasy 7. There is nothing fun or compelling about this fight. It is pure tedium and frustration.

        • Anonymous

          20 Apr 2021 18:18  

          If anyone had trouble like me for the alt-kill, I had to stun her right after she walked past the dripping water. Also she wasn't quite directly under the drip, she was slightly to the left (from your perspective). Now the alt-kill works every time, no fail. I used the middle puddle. Skewer + Hive Cannon, Labyrinth Set, Galenic Charm, Spirit Stone, Grim Coil. Side Note: She CANNOT take damage after she falls down, including bleeds and other effects. Otherwise she'll not stay down long enough for alt-kill.

          • Anonymous

            02 Apr 2021 07:45  

            Back up to the center of the far wall and use Hive cannon mod, all her bugs will run into the AOE and die. Got the alt-kill after about 4-5 tries.

            • Anonymous

              31 Mar 2021 21:55  

              Summoned turrets (iron sentinel mod) and swarm mod worked for me. The swarm mod really took care of the suicide beetles. Turrets with soul link provided health throughout the fight.

              Had the Galenic charm, soul link, and spirit stone equipped. Took me 4 tries.

              • Anonymous

                19 Mar 2021 13:16  

                She is fairly vulnerable to the primary fire of the Hive Cannon and its secondary fire (Hive Shot) can setup a screen to deal with the exploding adds, stacking enough damage fast enough will just about skip over the first phase entirely. If the cling beetle is activated during the first phase, but doesn't detonate before initiating the second phase, it will dispel itself without causing any damage.

                • Anonymous

                  19 Mar 2021 03:38  

                  the only bad part of this boss is her ungodly brutal cling beetle, since it does so much damage and applies SO much corrosive damage its almost an assured proc... when paired with her beetles your armor is usually going to be nothing... its brutal

                  • Anonymous

                    15 Mar 2021 23:46  

                    Does iskal queen replace miniboss or main boss? I have tried to get her to spawn countless times, but still haven't gotten her dungeon.

                    • Anonymous

                      11 Mar 2021 03:22  

                      If She has an status effect on her(In my case was bleeding and/or burning)when de pillar falls into her it will do damage instead of the alt kill animation.

                      • Anonymous

                        11 Jan 2021 08:50  

                        For those struggling with the alternate kill I just did it and the stone column does still one shot her but you need to be fast. I had a few attempts and was using the devastator to stun and hit the column but it never worked and she only took a little damage. I just successfully killed her with the column by switching to my pistol and shooting the column. Looks like you need to do it pretty quick to get the alternate ending.

                        Hope that helps ;)

                        • Anonymous

                          30 Nov 2020 21:13  

                          The lunatic is sooooo satisfying to kill, especially with the alternate kill method; blatantly obvious tyrant, that voluntarily committed genocide on her own planet, doomed said planet to extinction for the sake of power, and is trying to gain control of the Root. Been a long, long time since I had a boss fight this satisfying to beat in a video game.

                          • 25 Nov 2020 17:28  

                            I am not very good at editing, but there are several attacks missing from her "Attacks & Counters" as well as some incorrect information regarding some of her moves. "Three Hit Combo:" I have done this boss on all difficulties and the only three-hit combo she does is first a normal slash (dodge backwards) and on the second hit (not third) she will throw her weapon in a spinning fashion; dodge parallel to the right. In most cases, this will cause her to interrupt the third hit if you are "medium distance", if too close or too far away she will follow up by a third hit that is slightly more delayed compared to the first two. Usually, if it is interrupted by being too close she will slash behind herself but this is not part of the combo.

                            "Forward Rush:" This ability can also be performed right after she does a jump with a twirl (while at a distance), she will immediately kneel down and perform the rush mush quicker than when she does it from a standstill.

                            The flying phase is triggered by a stagger, not by a specific percentage and can be triggered earlier, at around 1.5 health bars (37.5%). She can also enter this phase several times depending on the time it takes you to kill her, or not at all if not staggered. Also, if standing underneath her she will not throw her weapon first, simply body stomps you.

                            P2 is triggered at ~66% on all difficulties (roughly after 1.33/4 depleted).

                            Another ability she has is "Scythe Throw". This is triggered at the same distance as the Forward Rush and is indicated by a wide arch of her scythe going from right to left, rather than kneeling down, before throwing it spinning towards the player followed by her jumping and grabbing it and performing a few more twirls. Sprint to the side when you see the arch and dodge to avoid. This ability happens very rarely, sometimes not at all for an entire kill.

                            After doing the boss for a while you'll start to predict the moves she makes. She will nearly always start with the Forward Rush, then (assuming you are backing up) a quick dash forward. She sometimes does a small jump and a slash behind herself, but the two main abilities are the Ground Slam and three-hit combo. After performing one (let's say the three-hit combo), you can nearly always bait out the Ground Slam by ensuring that you stay in the range of it. After the ground slam, she will nearly always jump backwards and perform at LEAST two attacks, the "Ground Crack" and "Ranged Attack" b4 closing distance or doing some other attack, just some insights after quiiiteee a few attempts.

                            • Anonymous

                              21 Nov 2020 16:57  

                              Shot her, she dropped down under a pillar, I dropped it on her, she took a bit of damage, fight continued... guess the alt kill is still bugged.

                              • Anonymous

                                30 Oct 2020 21:21  

                                OOOOOoooooooooooooooooh. I'm supposed to stun her THEN shoot the pillar. Christ, you'd think the pillar would crush her, anyway, but no, apparently standing makes all the difference.

                                • Anonymous

                                  25 Oct 2020 16:50  

                                  Hard fight for non alt-kill. Easy cheese is to put on letos, restriction cord, keepers ring, and eat greenleaf. Pop howlers immunity at start of fight, just shoot queen n let bugs hit ya- you take barely any damage or corrosion. You then just strafe out of aoe attacks while firing at her head. Its ok to take a few ticks of hits, just don't stand still in them ( Solo on normal doesn't matter). When she lands, pop mantle of thorns. When she flies, pop howlers immunity. This makes the fight pretty doable.. use nm spiral for absolute cheese.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    23 Oct 2020 17:25  

                                    Tried the alternate kill today and it does NOT work anymore. If you stagger her and drop a stalactite on her nets you mere 10th of her health nothing more. Byebye seeker mod.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      21 Sep 2020 00:58  

                                      This boss was hard on solo mode, even with the alt method to instakill her at the start of phase 2.

                                      Think I'll wait for some friends to help me kill her the normal way.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        14 Sep 2020 09:59  

                                        I'm having a really hard time spotting her two ground-based AOEs in phase 1. The one where she cracks the arena down the middle and the the one where the middle is the only save place.

                                        Can somebody give me an idea of what to watch/listen for to prepare for those?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          09 Sep 2020 00:00  

                                          I started a map and checked it in the world analyzer to make sure she was there. Then I found her temple and her seat but she was not spawned there. Is there a reason why she's not spawning on her throne?

                                          • Anonymous

                                            06 Sep 2020 18:38  

                                            Definitely the hardest boss in the game, seemed impossible the first couple attempts but it's doable with a bit of experience, luck, and a lot of skill. It took me around 7 attempts on Nightmare solo, build was Spitfire, Devastator (Melee weapon irrelevant) Slayer set, Leto's amulet, Empowering loop and Ring of Supremacy.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              27 Aug 2020 09:27  

                                              I am the only one who fails to do this action, I do everything well but when the pillar falls it does not do any execution, it only inflicts a portion of damage to the queen as if nothing had happened; yet it seems to me that I do everything correctly or am I wrong and I don't notice it?

                                              • Anonymous

                                                25 Aug 2020 21:23  

                                                Just killed the bug b**** solo on hardmode after 2 hours of trying. My gear(everything is max lvl): bandit set, hunting rifle (cold spear mod), hive cannon for the stupid bugs, twisted idol (cuz she one shots otherwise), braided thorns and devouring loop. I had like 50% crit chance and 80% crit dmg.

                                                So basically how many of my fights went: Make a pool of goop in front of you to suicide the bugs when they come close with the off weap then onload on her with the cannon but be careful with the damage when you drop her bar and a half cuz you want her to summon the second wave of bugs in which you can squeeze 1/3 of one of her health bars. In between of course you should be careful of her corrosive bul**** make sure to pop a greenleaf whenever you get the full status otherwise she oneshots no matter what. Stay in the middle when she does the corosive spit, kite it on the sides so u can stay middle and dps her ass. When she does masssive corrosive earthquake in the middle u will know she preps it for like half a sec so be ready for it and DOUBLE roll on the side as for the side **** she does if u stay middle u dont have to worry. What else? oh yea second phase u have a little time so if u still have charges on the hive thigie pistol make pools of goop 2-3 meters in front of you so as she walks towards u she gets corroded that makes your critshots to the head more damaging. After you see her get up IMMEDIATELY freeze her ass THAT MADE THE FIGHT SO MUCH EAISER for me personally like i was losing my fecking mind before. So yea another important thing is to reapply the freeze after it wears off otherwise you'll be wasting a charge. Good Luck Brothas! Hope you kill her aswell.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  23 Aug 2020 07:30  

                                                  Just killed her yesterday. I really don't get why everyone finds this fight hard. it's well-designed and quite easy if you know what you're doing. The corrosion status is the real killer, so phase 1 was the most dangerous part of the fight since she doesn't apply corrosion in phase 2 and 3. You can mitigate that with some greenleaf though so it's a non-issue if you're prepared. Phase 2 and 3 were no different to any other melee boss, with well-telegraphed attacks which are easy to dodge. Plus you get a free 25-50% of her health gone if you're lucky at the start of phase 2. It took me ~5 tries.

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