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Accuracy ------------------------
Ideal Range 8m
Max Ammo 30
Critical Hit Chance 5% 
Weakspot Bonus 100%
Weapon Mod


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Fires a projectile that banishes enemies into another dimension for 4 seconds. When they return, they'll take 1.25x the damage from the Repulsor's primary fire for 8 seconds. Powerful enemies won't be banished, but will take increased damage from the Repulsor.

Repulsor is a Long Gun and is one of the Weapons in Remnant: From the Ashes, and is a shorter-range Shotgun-style weapon.


We didn't know it, but we had torn down our own protection--we invited them. With the walls of our world gone, all we had left to fight the Root with... was the Root.

Where to find Repulsor


How to use Repulsor

  • This weapon requires Long Gun Ammo.
  • Comes equipped with Banish mod and cannot be removed.
    • Fires a projectile that banishes the target into another dimension for 4 seconds. When they return, the'll take 1.5x the damage from the primary fire of the Repulsor weapon for 10 seconds.
    • Maximum charges 5


Repulsor Upgrade Table

You can see Crafting for a complete table on upgrade requirements.

Upgrade Level Damage
Repulsor 100
Repulsor +1 120
Repulsor +2 140
Repulsor +3 160
Repulsor +4 180
Repulsor +5 200
Repulsor +6 220
Repulsor +7 240
Repulsor +8 260
Repulsor +9 280
Repulsor +10 300


Repulsor Notes

  • You can banish your teammates with reduced duration. This may harass them or protect them according to the situation.



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    • Anonymous

      Really fun and unique gun. I love it. The mod works differently on bosses. Instead of it freezing them, it debuffs them for that four second window (tested at Wailing Wood). Hit them with the alt fire then switch to normal fire and unload your clip. The DPS is absurd (and you get five charges of the mod). The mod is useful for solo play as it let's you control the battlefield. Freeze that elite while you kill the trash then turn your gun on the newly-debuffed enemy.

      • Anonymous

        Even though banish won't freeze bosses, firing it at them still adds the icon and appears to add the damage multiplier. Fun fact.

        • Anonymous

          Is this gun worth it? Have'nt craft it yet, because I'm always running low on luminite to upgrade my weapons

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