The Warden

the warden remnant
Location Yaesha
Race Pan
Weakness Destroy Bells on the spear/ Rot (+10%)Frost (+10%)
Resistance Shock (-25%)
Ads Pan Arbalist
Pan Swordsman
Reward Kin Callers Bell

The Warden is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated to progress the game and to acquire special items and gear.

The Warden Location

The Warden Rewards








The Warden Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Write up

There are lots of ads in this fight and then can easily overrun you. Try to run to the upper area and kill the ads that come at you first and then deal with the boss. When it places the bells, destroy them to gain additional damage and to stop ads summoning.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Throw Lance: It will throw a lance at you Dodge to Either Side
Bell Lance: It will stick a lance with a bell on the floor. This will spawn adds Try to destroy the bells. If you do, his armor will break and you can deal high damage on him.
Three hit combo: It will perform a three hit combo Dodge backwards



The Warden Lore

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The Warden Notes & Trivia

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The Warden Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Ricochet rifle ledo's armor twisted idol necklace braided Thorn ring heart seeker ring seed collar mod on one gun Hunter's Mark on another gun and run in a circle around the arena and make sure you have 30 adrenaline 30 ammo box if you have eternal orb equip those doesn't really matter unless you're having a really hard time with the shock and I also took a Divine nectar that's from the DLC potion doesn't matter either but run around in a circle zigzag so they don't hit you I didn't even worry about the bells just shoot to ricochet rifle behind you and it will hit everything and with the crit rings in the crit Hunter's Mark you will be good everybody will die and it's pretty easy this game is amazing so underrated I have so much fun right now playing it can't wait to play number two good luck and God bless

      • Anonymous

        Here's a strat I used after struggling for a while on Nightmare difficulty:

        Sniper Rifle with hunter's mark
        Burden of the Gambler (Since no weakpoint)
        Gunslinger's Charm (Just try and maximize reload speed)

        Don't shoot the bells, he'll stop throwing bells after a certain amount of time and become more passive due to many enemies being around.
        You can 1 hit every enemy as long as you crit (except for the strong spearmen of course) and slowly chip away his HP while kiting him.
        Make sure to run around the top arches, drop down after the road ends, run across the center of the arena to the other side of the top arch and repeat.
        Hunter's Mark builds super fast and it helps you with extra crits and seeing all the enemies through walls.

        • Anonymous

          I'm not even gonna lie, I was concerned with how many people were talking this boss up, but I just steamrolled the poor bastard. The bells don't even have a ridiculous healthpool or anything. Y'all just need to Git Gud fr

          • Anonymous

            After encountering him like 3 times in Survival, I thought, this is impossible. Once I've used the Shotgun and got about half his HP down and he started to summon the Spearthrower big guys. I died... Then, in Adventure mode, it turns out he's pretty easy to defeat: Just go to the left, up to the actual Ring of Trials, which is a large, half-circle of steps, like the upper part of the Colosseum. It's brightly lit, so you can see everything, the enemies can only come from one direction and he himself is pretty easy to hit there. Shotgun or Sporebloom is great here, they deal a lot of damage and kill the smaller enemies quickly. I suggest the Swarm-mod for the Shotgun, if available.

            • Anonymous

              It's 100% percent the worst boss in the game. I hate bossfights, in which you have to deal with ads 90% of the time and this fight is the most garbage out of them.

              • Anonymous

                Well, yeah, I agree with everyone else that whoever designed this boss needs to be fired, but in the meanwhile, I'll share what worked for me in apo.
                Void armor (damage up, and nothing better on hand)
                Twisted idol (make the armor medium at least)
                Devastator + 10
                Magnum + 19 (good boy)
                Burden of the gambler (no weakpoint, might as well get more crit)
                Provisioner ring (from doing hardcore normal run, massive dps increase)

                So my technique was as simple as it gets, just shot the bell with the bleed from devastator, kill the two adds, shoot the guy for damage and to build stacks again, Keep dog summoned, he will die eventually.

                It's not even that hard, if you don't have provisioner ring, burden of the follower can help too, to get more mod increase, since you want the bleed uptime for the bell. You can technically shoot the bell twice as well, if things get dicey, but often takes too long to reload devastator twice while dodging mobs and boss.

                Now, this is SOLO approach, you know how bosses scale in multiplayer? don't even try this guy in multiplayer, it's just absurd, bells are almost impossible to kill and the amount of adds spawned are ridiculous, not to mention literally any attack will one shot you (not the case in solo apocalyptic). And with the army of adds behind him, your partner can't revive you. Literally do the boss in single player and play with your friend again after he's dead.

                • Anonymous

                  This is hands-down the worst boss I've ever encountered in any game period.
                  Apoc difficulty.

                  This **** is so poorly designed on so many levels-- The bell throw NEEDS a cooldown, I have had a ton of runs by now ended by him throwing two bells in a row. Shitty bell gimmick mechanic would be fine if they didn't have 2000 HP, spawn two adds on drop even with no other bells out, and not give you time to deal with any of that.

                  Bell Toss: Throws a bell in your general direction, never directly at you.
                  --(Solo) At one bell, spawns two Pan Swordsmen
                  --Two spawns two Pan Swordsmen and two archers
                  --3+(not certain)
                  Spear throw: Telegraphed, throws a spear at your current position.
                  (He will typically sprint to you before doing the below)
                  Jab: Jabs at you twice
                  Lunge: Performs a two-handed lunge with both spears at you
                  Spinning Strike: Sweeps around and ahead of him twice.

                  Notes: His attacks can damage his bells, but trying to get him to do so is massively unreliable.
                  If he hits an add with a bell toss, the bell does not get placed. (Good luck manipulating that though)
                  His adds seem to prioritize spawning behind you relative to him (Flanking) when on the upper balcony. Otherwise, they appear to try to spawn out-of-frame.
                  The bells are immune to explosions (Explosive shot, Sporebloom mod and its DoT, etc) but not to bleed/burn effects like Devastator/Hot Shot.

                  Not to mention this is the buggiest boss I've seen in this game so far.
                  -Bells persist after being destroyed for 2-3 seconds, meaning that even if you destroy a bell, if he decides to throw another, you'll get the next tier of adds (You can test this for yourself by destroying a bell with a bleed effect. Notice that you'll hear the destroyed SFX for a period after the bell breaks; if another bell lands in this period it will spawn the next wave up.
                  -He constantly puts bells out-of-bounds, instantly ending runs.
                  -Have seen him get stuck in the floor on the stairs up to the balcony

                  There have been some dumb bosses in this game for adds but this bells mechanic takes it way too far. If it had an internal cooldown so it wasn't all RNG, maybe I could like this fight. But as it is I'm grinding this praying for not **** RNG with his bell throws, because in addition to him throwing them one-after-another, he loves to run away and hide them like ****ing easter eggs

                  • Anonymous

                    Dont try to kill the bells. Its a trap. Kite him around the upper area and dont let the adds overwhelm you.Keep pumping the boss as hard as possible. Devastator works great.

                    • Anonymous

                      I was having a horrible time with this guy, then I figured out something that seemed to work. Don't stay too far away from him. If you stay close he seems less likely to throw bells. I use the particle accelerator so was normally across the arena from him and he would throw new bells constantly so I kept getting overwhelmed. If you stay in his face he spends less time doing that and will usually kill his own minions with his melee attacks. Also if you run to the right as soon as you enter the arena there is a pillar that makes a narrow path up to the second level. It seems like sometimes he will get stuck on that and his AI will repeatedly jump up and down trying to get follow you.

                      • Anonymous

                        Alternatively use burden of the reckless and stay in the center. Dodging all melee ads will keep your health full. Then i suggest stacking as many debuffs on him as you can efficiently. Ignore the bells. The downside is time. I killed him befor he summoned the big guy.

                        • if you prefer killing adds than bells, the weapon "Ricochet Rifle" is very useful for this fight, effective against mobs and fast to reload mods.
                          A video to see the Ricochet in action (apocalypse difficulty) :
                          (get the Ricochet Rifle by killing the Blink Thief)

                          • Anonymous

                            On apocalypse i died against iskal queen countless time, for hours and never feel frustratred cause the fight is cool and schematic, you just need to learn the patterns. This is just random ****, there's no patterns. I died much less times before i did it but i swear and cursed god the whole time. Every touch of the boss is game over, the bells get planted way too often and in just stupid unreachable place, ****ing annoying add everywhere..**** this chaotic **** seriously.

                            • Anonymous

                              my nightmare strategy was as follows: -spitfire -devastator -Slayer set (bost one shot weapons and reload) -guardian ring (bost mele damange) -Stockpile Circlet (ammo capacity) -Twisted Idol (bost armor) Your priority is to destroy the bell and never let it have more than one, the second bell invokes archers, it will make the fight more difficult. With the Devastator you manage to destroy them in 2 to 3 shots. Next, eliminate the 2 allies that bell summons and then you go for the boss until the next bell is launched. With the Spitfire you can easily set it on fire (that's what you'll use this weapon for) and with the Devastator's ability to make it bleed. Those two effects will allow you to be hurting her while you take care of the bells. Remember to always be close to the Boss, since his attacks also damage his allies.

                              • Anonymous

                                Game's been out for how long now? And the guides here are still this weak? smh how do I remove sites from my google results >,>

                                • Anonymous

                                  Does he spawn in adventure mode? I've re-rolled the area several times and not once has the Warden been a spawn.

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