Hardened Iron


Incredibly strong and surprisingly light. Folks don't believe it, but they once used this stuff to make tanks that fly.

Hardened Iron is a Crafting Material in Remnant: From the Ashes. Hardened Iron is used as a component to craft numerous items


Hardened Iron Usage

  • Speak to Rigs to craft Items.
  • Hardened Iron is a material that can be used to:



How to Find Hardened Iron

  • The drop chance is proportional to the level of your equipped Weapons and Armor, game difficulty level and Location.
  • Spawns Randomly
  • Sold by Ace for 75 Scrap



Hardened Iron Notes & Tips

  • Max number held: X
  • The required amount of hardened iron used for upgrading a full armor set is:
    • 70 for the chest
    • 42 for the boots
    • 28 for the head
    • 140 for the whole set



Crafting Materials
Ancient Core  ♦  Barbed Sinew  ♦  Black Tear  ♦  Blazing Heart  ♦  Blink Spear Shard  ♦  Cold Cell  ♦  Crystalline Plasma  ♦  Displacement Crystal  ♦  Dragon Links  ♦  Dreamer's Mana  ♦  Flesh Barb  ♦  Forged Iron  ♦  Galvanized Iron  ♦  Glacial Scepter  ♦  Glowing Fragment  ♦  Guardian Tentacle  ♦  Hammerhead's Ore  ♦  Hardened Carapace  ♦  Hivestone  ♦  Hollow Seed  ♦  Hound Choker  ♦  Iron  ♦  Iskal Husk  ♦  Jackal's Ivory  ♦  Kin Caller's Bell  ♦  Lumenite Crystal  ♦  Luminous Gland  ♦  Obryk's Bracelet  ♦  Radioactive Skull  ♦  Root Neoplasm  ♦  Sentinel Shard  ♦  Shadewood  ♦  Shrapnel Shard  ♦  Silver Fragment  ♦  Simulacrum  ♦  Slime Vessel  ♦  Spore Gland  ♦  Stalker's Claw  ♦  Steel of Agony  ♦  Stone of the Guardian  ♦  Storm Crystal  ♦  Swarm Tusk  ♦  Tempest heartstring  ♦  Tentacle Pod  ♦  The Undying Heart  ♦  Thermal Geode  ♦  Totem Antler  ♦  Twisted Heart  ♦  Unclean Heart  ♦  Void Sliver  ♦  Zephyr's Conduit



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    • Anonymous

      I got around 100 hardened iron while playing both campaigns at gear level 1. May drop more frequently on higher levels, but just an FYI.

      • Anonymous

        Can I assume that Hardened Iron starts dropping ONLY when my gear is at level 15+, or can it also drop for level 7+ stuff (like boss weapons which need hardened iron at that level)

        • Anonymous

          Hardened Iron does not require NG+ or Hard Mode as some of these people are saying. It can drop on New Game Normal if you are trait level 200 or higher.

          • Anonymous

            Hardened Iron will begin to spawn when you reach Hard Mode - AND - The Armor + Weapons you have equipped are at 15. I had all at +15 except one piece at +14 and received my first Hardened Iron in ACT ONE. So it has nothing to do with where you're at in the game, just your equipment. It seems that it drops off of Special Enemies and Chests at first. It may drop off of other mobs/breakables/spawn in the world after your gear is sufficient quality, but I've yet to experience that.

            • Anonymous

              The highest material I saw in normal difficulty was galvanized iron and it only starting becoming available in late game. In hard difficulty, galvanized iron becomes extremely plentiful by comparison. I'm guessing late into hard difficulty, hardened iron will become available, and then in nightmare will become plentiful. Still testing this theory. I'll update when I can confirm or deny.

              • Anonymous

                idk why but i cant find hardened iron.. armor (leg, Chest, hands) all +15, weapon +15 . . . still no hardened iron for me..

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