Dragon Heart



Dragon Heart is a Consumable item in Remnant: From the Ashes.



 Dragon Heart Use and Effect

  • Dragon Heart is the primary way of restoring health, being much faster than items such as Bloodwort. It begins with 3 charges when first acquired, and all charges are instantly replenished after resting at a checkpoint.
  • Capable of resurrecting a nearby wounded ally, though this process takes a few seconds to do and can be interrupted if your character gets staggered. You can speed this up through the Revivalist trait or the Hero's Ring.
  • Instantly restores health (This can be increased through healing effectiveness boosters such as the Triage trait or Mender's Charm)



How to Find Dragon Heart

  • It is given for free by Reggie after turning on the reactor at Ward 13.
  • The Dragon Heart can be permanently upgraded by speaking with the Root Mother after saving her.
    • The upgrade costs 1 Simulacrum, 10 Lumenite Crystals, and 1000 Scrap, but will provide 1 more maximum charge. You can hold a maximum of 10 charges.



Dragon Heart Notes & Tips

  • The Dragon Heart takes a few seconds to use, so be careful not to interrupt it by rolling or being staggered before the heal actually activates. This time can be shortened through the Glutton trait or the Celerity Stone.
  • Wearing the Cleansing Jewel while activating the Dragon Heart will cure you of all ailments.
  • Wearing the Mender's Charm while activating the Dragon Heart will make all other currently present players receive some healing as well.
  • Wearing any piece of the Elder's Set will not only provide a 25% chance to not consume a charge on activation, it also grants all nearby allies a temporary attack power buff on activation.


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