Location Earth
Race Root
Weakness Chest
Resistance Fire (-20%)Rot (-15%)Frost (-15%)
Ads Flame Devil

Singe is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes

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Strategy Writeup

Make sure you have Hydro Coolant and Ammo Box for this fight. You may also want to bring Adrenaline if you are having trouble dodging the attacks and Frenzy Dust to increase damage output. You will notice patches of oil on the battlefield, try to stay away from them as they can be ignited by Singe attacks. There are some vehicles and buildings on the battlefield. You can use them as cover, but they can be destroyed by Singe attack so use them wisely.

Ads will be turned into Immolators when you fire at them. If you use your melee weapon before they transform they are easier to dispatch.

Try to aim for his weak spot, his chest. During the fight he will stand up and summon Root. When he does, you will be able to perform a clean shot on his chest dealing additional damage.

Singe will start the fight by throwing fire balls at you, try to dodge them to either side. A good strategy is trying to maintain a medium-to long range. In this scenario, he will mostly use his fireballs and fire breath. Both attacks can be easily avoided. When you are low on health run for cover and use your Dragon Heart.

If you have a short range weapon such as the shotgun, avoid mid range, as Singe will use his fire breath that cannot be dodged. Run straight to him and stay behind his body, where you can dodge his physical attacks.

Also for short range weapons, the large arena and Singe's habit of flying away will have you running around all the time to keep close. Consider equipping one or two pieces from the Drifter's Set so you can save stamina and maintain survivability.

 If you do not have Hydro Coolant on hand, or are being attacked, rolling will reduce the duration of the burning effect, which is useful in a pinch.

Destroying Singe's tail will provide the material Dragon Links. Since you aren't attacking his weak point, it is also helpful to have a high critical strike chance from traits or weapon mods.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Throw Fireball: When at range, it will throw a fireball from its mouth two consecutive times You can easily dodge it by walking or running to either side. Try to avoid flames in the ground while doing it
Fire Breath: It will spread fire forward from its mouth. Try to jump backwards. If you are too close, try to run behind it. Can't be dodged, in short, manage your distance.
Charge: It will make a roaring sound and charge to your location Wait for the charge to start and then dodge either side
Fire Strike: It will fly upwards and come down sending a fire strike towards your location Wait until its diving, then dodge to either side.
Four hit combo: It can perform a three hit combo with its claws, then finish with a dive. Try to dodge backwards or run behind it. For the last hit you can dodge forward, If close enough.



Singe Lore

  • Singe is not the same dragon you fight at the end of Chronos. Ford was referencing that dragon (Clawbone). (Chronos prequel to Remnant)


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Singe Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      08 Sep 2021 00:22  

      managed to ut hiis tail a couple times now, both times he seems to bug out and stop moving, first time i did it for the sword, second time i wanted to see if they bug would happen again, both times he was on a burning pool of oil

      • Anonymous

        09 Mar 2021 17:57  

        An easy way to destroy the tail is by shooting it while singe is standing on its legs and charge up. That way i could deal a couple hits with a rifle while keeping my distance.

        • Anonymous

          31 Aug 2020 16:32  

          Alquien sabe porque no puedo ir al dragon ¨Quemadura¨ si he pasado ya hasta el penultomo boss? entro por la puerta de la iglesia como en la partida de un amigo, pero aparezco en otro mapa diferente quee no llega al dicho dragon

          • Anonymous

            14 Jun 2020 03:14  

            clarifying the tail issue. it must be destroyed, not cut like in Dark Soul. So you can use firearms. On maximum difficulty, it cost me 2/3 damage to her life until her tail was destroyed. Devastator is the weapon u need to make this easy.

            • Anonymous

              10 Jun 2020 20:17  

              To be honest, Fire Strike seems a lot easier to avoid if I dodge to my left; on the right side, I always seem to get caught in the AoE mid-dodge since it appears to skew in that direction, and it seemingly auto-hits you no matter what stage of a dodge you are in.

              • Anonymous

                06 Jun 2020 23:05  

                Anyone know a way of getting the Dragon Links now that Rattle Weed has been nerfed and no longer affect Singe.

                • Anonymous

                  02 Sep 2019 07:49  

                  I like this guy, but seriously "Singe?" It just seems like such a weaksauce name for a mighty dragon. I suppose the idea is that's what the humans call it, but when I think about a dragon I don't think "slightly burnt around the edges."

                  • Anonymous

                    27 Aug 2019 14:20  

                    Another important thing to mention is that attacking the adds that spawn with a melee weapon does not set them on fire, which makes them tankier as well as more dangerous. If you save your ammunition for enemies that get lit on fire by other means and for the boss itself you will have a far easier time with ammo management.

                    • Anonymous

                      23 Aug 2019 21:11  

                      Please add that cutting the tail off only nets you with Dragon Links and not Blazing Heart. Cut off the tail thinking I would get both and now I have to reroll so I can get the other.

                      • Anonymous

                        23 Aug 2019 09:10  

                        Playing on ps4.. got a Singe spawn .. add me if you want to destroy his tail before killing him so we get the sword! Add me = iamMQ

                        • Anonymous

                          22 Aug 2019 19:19  

                          If you encounter this one in a multiplayer game: One should kite the immolaters (kill two of them, kite one t'til the end of the fight), he'll not spawn new ones until all immonlaters are dead. One should get the attention of Singe: Dodge his attacks. One should stand on the side of him (45°), so the fire breath isn't affecting and shoot his crit point. This should do the work - pretty simple

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