Sketterling Temple

Location Corsus > Multiple Locations
Reward Hardened Carapace (Black)
Amulet of Epicaricacy (Red)
Ring of the Mantis (Red)
Iskal Hunter Band (Red)

Sketterling Temple is a Random Event in Swamps Of Corsus DLC. Random events act like side quests where players need to complete some requests in order to obtain a reward. The events may or may not appear on your play through, requiring a restart for a chance of getting them.



Sketterling Temple Location

  • Location: The Beetles spawn randomly in Corsus normal and boss dungeons, they are usually found in round areas of the map which are usually a dead end within a dungeon.
  • A beetle of either color has a 100% chance of spawning in the Strange Pass location.



Sketterling Temple Description

  • When you enter a dungeon there is a chance for Red or a Black Vikorian Beetles to spawn.
  • The Red and Black Vikorian Beetles spawn at the same spawn point.
  • Red and Black Vikorian Beetles give different rewards:
    • The Red Vikorian Beetle can drop 1 of 3 trinkets, but the item dropped is always random, this means you can get items you already own which convert into scraps, before getting the item you have yet to acquire.
    • The Black Vikorian Beetles' drop Hardened Carapace which can be used to trade with Mar'Gosh while having the Parasite Status Ailment in order to get the Carapace set.



Sketterling Temple Rewards



Sketterling Temple Notes & Trivia

  • If the beetle retreats into the bark before it is killed, it can be lured out again using the Rattle Weed mod.



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    • Anonymous

      A prime example how to NOT properly implement rng. Just remove an item from the droptable when it is already in the players inventory. That's all what is needed.

      • Anonymous

        yeah too much RNG is BS i got 31 red beatles in a row

        trying in hard mode soon like this other guy had luck with...

        and its not just rng its coded badly or intended like this, the chance for that is 1 in 2 billion.... rly BS

        • Anonymous

          Hunter's Mark + Cultist Armor + Burden of the Follower Ring is amazing for farming these guys. Although I'd wear a tanky chest piece for durability.

          Note: Don't kill stuff. Just run like the wind.

          • Anonymous

            Ok, So IT HAS TO BE ON HARD! 100+ runs all red beetles, first 3 on hard bam insta spawns, You're welcome.

            • Anonymous

              Any advice on what dungeons have more or less chances of spawning them and specifically the red ones? I seem to never get them to spawn in Circlet Hatcery or the Capillary.

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