Race Root
Location Earth
Weakness Head

Juggernaut is an enemy in Remnant: From the Ashes. Enemies are hostile creatures that inhabit the different realms that you'll encounter, each enemy that is seen is unique by its appearance and set of attacks. Killing a basic enemy drops common items while elite enemies drop rare items upon death.


Juggernaut Information

  • Some survivors whisper about a kind of tank on two legs fused with some Root machine-gun the size of an oil drum. A Juggernaut. Damn thing could wipe out a city, they say, if there were any cities left.
    They’re just whispers though. They gotta be…
  • Juggernauts use their left arm as an automatic rifle, firing rapid barrages of  Rot Damage toward their target. Players who get too close might get kicked or punched.
  • The Juggernaut's main cannon can shred even high level players' health in seconds. Hiding behind cover and hitting it in its back is your best option.
  • The Juggernaut's movement is very slow, making him easy to outrun. If you have plenty of cover then you can easily avoid him. You should use this to clear out other enemies so you can focus on the brute.
  • High Power Rounds in Elbow above Cannon have chance to Stagger.
  • As an elite enemy it has a chance to drop Lumenite Crystals.


Juggernaut Location


Juggernaut Drops



Juggernaut Notes & Tips

  • Referred to as "Root Brute" in in-game dialogue.
  • Basic Enemies respawn whenever a player or a team rests at a checkpoint.
  • To identify if an elite enemy spawns in the area, players can hear a chime which indicates it to be in pursuit or if it is around.
  • In Co-op Play, depending on the number of players in a team, enemy scaling increases by the number, as well as its health, and damage.



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    • Anonymous

      Damage-sponge enemies with overkill damage on nightmare and apocalypse difficulty. For some one that does not run some boring OP one-shot tank meta build it can be a struggle.
      No weak point. You can stagger then by shooting in shoulder (his left arm) but that is it. Does not really help a lot against damage-sponge enemies.
      Devs should really give enemies like this weak points especially if they have a lot of HP and difference stats.

      • Anonymous

        Their back is so high, that even if they walk behind a car, it sticks out. So shoot that part! Also a Very Good Boy or the Root Hollows kill them in no time, because they can't outrun them. Those summons are useful in the sewers, as well as Swarm.

        • Anonymous

          Crouch behind obstacles, then press aim button, you can attack him with getting minimum damaged for yourself. In the Sewer, I defeat several with this.

          • Anonymous

            If you have an object to back around and use for cover, put that object on your right and press shift while aiming down sites. This will swap which hand you are holding the gun in. You can then move to shoot just around the corner while minimizing the return fire he can send at you since he holds his gun on his left side.

            • Anonymous

              I try to fight this jerk by staying behind cover until he stops firing, then jumping out for a few quick shots. I also try to not let him get too close, even if I can circle an obstacle; the camera gets wonky and I lose shots into the obstacle. His head seems slightly weaker.

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