Race Root
Location Earth
Weakness Head

Hunter is an enemy in Remnant: From the Ashes. Enemies are hostile creatures that inhabit the different realms that you'll encounter, each enemy that is seen is unique by its appearance and set of attacks. Killing a basic enemy drops common items while elite enemies drop rare items upon death.


Hunter Information

  • Don’t see Hunters much anymore, not unless you’re lost some place the deadwood don’t want you. They mostly guard the old rusted places. They’re blind, but don’t let that fool you. I’ve seen Hunters cut down well-armed men pouring lead into ‘em. Hunters don’t care. They just keep on fightin’.
  • It will approach with its weapons up, acting as a shield. this seems to stop all attacks from harming it. You must wait until it attacks and opens itself up to be able to hurt it.
  • While its swords are up and crossed it cannot be hurt. It is advised to run and roll past it to bait it to attack, then shoot it to deal damage.
  • It attacks up to 5 times in quick succession when in melee range. The attacks are generally an almost 360 degree spin or a frontal cone slashing with both blades at once.
  • Is Vulnerable to attacks from behind if in Co-Op.
  • As an elite enemy it has a chance to drop Lumenite Crystals.


Hunter Location


Hunter Drops


Hunter Notes & Tips

  • Basic Enemies respawn whenever a player or a team rests at a checkpoint.
  • To identify if an elite enemy spawns in the area, players can hear a chime which indicates it to be in pursuit or if it is around.
  • In Co-op Play, depending on the number of players in a team, enemy scaling increases by the number, as well as its health, and damage.



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    • Anonymous

      21 Aug 2020 04:51  

      This piece of **** made me want to quit the game when I first started, I would just get 3 of these spawn in a row in the sewers

      • Anonymous

        18 Aug 2020 05:35  

        I've been solo-ing with explosive shot on. Turns out, whether it works depends on whether the explosion is behind him or in front. Good odds to stagger, and then primary fire or "oops, I meant to switch back" fire will drop him.

        Otherwise... kinda glad I play a lotta souls. Would suggest rolling twice most of the time, and remember you can dive forward, which makes it harder to get stuck on a wall.

        • 13 May 2020 01:31  

          Melee is too risky. To deal with this rascal rather use some obstacles that force him to lower his guard due to climbing over it. He is slow and you can kill other enemies with some shooting while moving around. When playing solo it is very difficult to shoot his back so do not count on it. But it is definitely possible.

          • Anonymous

            05 Feb 2020 19:26  

            Elemental attacks seem to go through his guard- swarm, flamethrower, idk what else. I don't want to use stormcaller in case he decides to rush me lmao

            • Anonymous

              19 Dec 2019 07:59  

              Easy solo strat: Equip the coach gun, let him get close, and just blast him when he starts his attack animation. If you're quick enough, you can shoot him twice and stagger him, and by the time he attacks you again, you'll be reloaded. Repeat until dead.

              • Anonymous

                09 Dec 2019 20:44  

                Something interesting to note is the Swarm mod will damage him despite him having his guard up. Simple activate and backpedal for easy damage

                • Anonymous

                  22 Sep 2019 01:44  

                  This d*ckhead is SO annoying for one reason, you think “ok I’ll just walk on up to him and when he attacks dodge back and I’ll be fine” well SIKE B*TCH turns out this guys swords have a TWENTY F*CKING FOOT SWING RANGE BECAUSE F*CK YOU AND ***** YOUR PLAYTHROUGH CUZ ITS TIME TO HIT A BRICK WALL OF F*CKING BULLSH*T

                  • Anonymous

                    06 Sep 2019 22:11  

                    I'm not sure if I just got lucky, but I was able to "stealth" my way through the first dungeon without spawning him. The ball dudes were dying in 1 or 2 melee hits for me so I did that pretty much the whole dungeon. (I was not scrapper so no innate melee damage buff)

                    • Anonymous

                      03 Sep 2019 21:53  

                      Annoying enemy and it bugged. Sometimes it start to attack you non stop until you die. Each his attack stagger you so if he hit you once you dead.

                      • Anonymous

                        30 Aug 2019 12:58  

                        This guy is the main reason I hate the sewer dungeons. Not so much because of how tough he is but because he always spawns BEHIND you, and the "Elite Enemy chime" doesn't sound until YOU spot HIM. It always makes me really paranoid about traversing the sewers, turning around every few minutes to see if it's following me.

                        • Anonymous

                          30 Aug 2019 05:12  

                          I just had this guy show up 3 separate times in the same life in the first dungeon, talk about hard, especially with all the little ball dude showing up, luckily I was close enough the the exit of that area of that area I just ran man.

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Aug 2019 03:50  

                            just fought him a second time in 5 minutes in the first dungeon. Is this guy supposed to be like the regenerator from Dead Space?

                            • Anonymous

                              26 Aug 2019 01:54  

                              Initially I had a lot of trouble with this enemy solo. The key I found to defeating him was to use the environment. Whenever I tried to straight up fight him, I would lose. If he ever has to climb up or down he drops his blade shield for a moment. Using a shotgun, you can typically hit him twice during this which staggers him and lets you get another set of shots up. In places where I couldn't get him to jump up or down, I was able to get an elevation change so that he has to walk with his back towards you to get to me.

                              • Anonymous

                                23 Aug 2019 11:20  

                                I stand in front of him and wait for the attack animation to start, then I shoot him. Worked great with the Coach Gun.

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