Swamp Bug

Race Iskal
Location Corsus > Underground Caverns
Weakness Head, once the shell opens up

Swamp Bug is an enemy in Remnant: From the Ashes. Enemies are hostile creatures that inhabit the different realms that you'll encounter, each enemy that is seen is unique by its appearance and set of attacks. Killing a basic enemy drops common items while elite enemies drop rare items upon death.


Swamp Bug Notes & Tips

  • They will start with their shell closed, where they are resistant to damage. Once you shoot them, or they get too close, they will open up and scream, which deals corrosion and stuns you. After that, they crawl or fly at you and do repeated melee combos, or they spew corrosive fluids at you from long distances.
  • As an elite enemy it has a chance to drop Lumenite Crystals.


Swamp Bug Location

  • Corsus > Underground Caverns


Swamp Bug Drops


Enemy Notes & Tips

  • To identify if an elite enemy spawns in the area, players can hear a chime which indicates it to be in pursuit or if it is around.
  • In Co-op Play, depending on the number of players in a team, enemy scaling increases by the number, as well as its health, and damage.



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    • Anonymous

      If you manage to get to their side you can shoot them in the side of the head. You don't have to wait for the shell to open to do it.

      • Anonymous

        Unlike its other cousins, this mantis variant is adapted to the enclosed area of its habitat. The Swamp Bug, which I curse the person who named this inappropriate for its nature, prefers close quarters combat. When prey is in close proximity, it slowly waddles over using its armored wings as protection and cover. When close enough or attacked the Swamp Bug will emit a scream that stuns anyone who is nearby. It very seldom screams again during a hunt. The bug utilizes a mask for facial protection. While not very impressive considering you can get behind it or wait for the bug to lift its mask. The enclosed environment and its very aggressive nature makes it a challenge, often leaping towards you and dodging all the while. I'd hate to fight one of these while those gunmen are nearby.

        • Anonymous

          Somewhat related to the version found topside that spits corrosion balls? Both when noticing the player but out of aggro range will slowly walk to the player. Interestingly the one topside doesn’t have a tail or mask? And seems to be infected with fungus. However both of their screams will stun but topside version has a smaller stun radius (also terrible accuracy with corrosive spit)

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