Race Pan
Location Yaesha
Weakness Neck

Hellion is an enemy in Remnant: From the Ashes. Enemies are hostile creatures that inhabit the different realms that you'll encounter, each enemy that is seen is unique by its appearance and set of attacks. Killing a basic enemy drops common items while elite enemies drop rare items upon death.


 Hellion Information

  • Hellion hail from the high villages of Yaesha, perched among the great trees.
  • The Swordsman is the most basic and prolific Pan enemy – the nobility’s foot soldiers conscripted from the villages of the Commoner’s caste, the Gul. The creature is lightly armored and wields two wickedly sharp blades. Although the Swordsman is one of the smallest Pan, don’t let its small stature fool you. They are pound-for-pound some of the most lithe and reactive enemies in the entire game - able to nimbly dodge gunfire, close the distance through lightning-quick dashes, and level a flurry of vicious attacks once it engages the target in melee. If you miss a few shots or perform an ill-timed dodge, you may find yourself surrounded and quickly overwhelmed by a barrage of devastating sword strikes.
  • One aspect that I love about the Pan Swordsman is that they are relatively easy to deal with when engaged from a distance, but once they close the gap into melee the encounter turns into a methodical dance of death. When they attack in groups, evading their strikes becomes an exercise of reaction and timing. Small steps in one direction or another can spell the difference between slipping behind the enemy for a counterattack or opening yourself up to a barrage of deadly blows. Just one Swordsman mixed in with any other enemy type will force a player to shift his/her strategy. Do you quickly try to stagger the Swordsman? It might evade. Are you leaving yourself open to attack? You may have to dodge roll. And rolling is precisely the opportunity the Swordsman is looking for…
  • Upon noticing a hero, Hellion will run towards them in a straight line, but will occasionally jump to either side if they notice said hero raising a weapon.
  • Hellion is also capable of a quick roll forward that can dodge shots aimed at their upper chest or higher.
  • While their neck is a weakspot, it can be difficult to hit due to their mask. To dispatch them quickly and/or conserve ammunition, shooting them in the torso can be more efficient, depending on your weapon of choice and difficulty setting.
  • Hellion is another type of Swordman.


Hellion Location


Hellion Drops


Hellion Notes & Tips

  • Basic Enemies respawn whenever a player or a team rests at a checkpoint.
  • To identify if an elite enemy spawns in the area, players can hear a chime which indicates it to be in pursuit or if it is around.
  • In Co-op Play, depending on the number of players in a team, enemy scaling increases by the number, as well as its health, and damage.



Anointed  ♦  Anointed Swordsman  ♦  Archer  ♦  Ash Devil  ♦  Assassin  ♦  Barbstalker  ♦  Bat Bomber  ♦  Berserker  ♦  Berzerker  ♦  Black Horns  ♦  Blademaw  ♦  Blight Skull  ♦  Blink Fiend  ♦  Blizzard Mage  ♦  Bloat  ♦  Buri Impaler  ♦  Buri Shaman  ♦  Contaminator  ♦  Cyclops  ♦  Defiler (Enemy)  ♦  Detonator  ♦  Devil  ♦  Dogs  ♦  Emin Blademaster  ♦  Emin Gladiator  ♦  Fallen Swamp Elf  ♦  Fen Flyer  ♦  Flame Devil  ♦  Fleshopede  ♦  Flickering Horror  ♦  Ghast  ♦  Glaive Thrower  ♦  Headless  ♦  Hive Skull  ♦  Hollow  ♦  Howler  ♦  Hulk  ♦  Hunter (Enemy)  ♦  Ice Archer  ♦  Iceberg Jackal  ♦  Infected Swamp Elf  ♦  Infectors  ♦  Iskal Crossbowman  ♦  Iskal Infector  ♦  Iskal Scavenger  ♦  Juggernaut  ♦  Lurker  ♦  Mole Bomber  ♦  Mole Rat  ♦  Mud Dogs  ♦  Pan Assassin  ♦  Pan Immolator  ♦  Pan Impaler  ♦  Pan Kin Caller  ♦  Pan Priest  ♦  Pan Risen  ♦  Pan Shrike  ♦  Pan Slayer  ♦  Pan Spearman  ♦  Pan Swordsman  ♦  Pan Thunder Tusk  ♦  Quill Witch  ♦  Relentless  ♦  Riphide  ♦  Ripper  ♦  Risen  ♦  Rot Wart  ♦  Rot Witch  ♦  Sapper  ♦  Seedcaller  ♦  Sentinel Skull  ♦  Shaman  ♦  Shell Fiend  ♦  Shock Warden  ♦  Shrike  ♦  Skull Mite  ♦  Slayer  ♦  Slinger Grenade Launcher  ♦  Slinger Rifleman  ♦  Slink  ♦  Snow Jackal  ♦  Solar  ♦  Splitter  ♦  Stalker  ♦  Stalker (Buri)  ♦  Stinkhound  ♦  Storm Warden  ♦  Strider  ♦  Swamp Bug  ♦  Swamp Hound  ♦  Swarm Host  ♦  Temple Guardian  ♦  Toxic Maiden  ♦  Tumbler  ♦  Urikki Archer  ♦  Urikki Bandit  ♦  Urikki Bombardier  ♦  Urikki Brute  ♦  Vampire  ♦  Wasteland Skull  ♦  Zombie


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