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Location Ward Prime
Weakness Mouth/ Fire (+15%)
Resistance Frost (-5%)

Harsgaard is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes

Harsgaard Location

Harsgaard Rewards


Harsgaard Strategies

Strategy Writeup

Note: Defeating this boss will lead you straight into the Harsgaard, Root Harbinger boss fight. But if you die against the latter, you will need to fight this boss again. Subsequently, the following tips are designed to maximise your efficiency and expediency during this initial encounter. 

Phase 1

  • The boss will remain stationary. Stay at range, circle him and unload into his weak spot. 
  • When he spawns red orbs, retreat to the perimeter wall and continue unloading on him. Dodge only when necessary, most orbs can be side-stepped with ease. 
  • Avoid his beam attacks at all costs, they deal extreme damage. 

Completing the above steps will shorten Phase 1 considerably. 

Phase 2

  • The boss becomes mobile, chasing the player down. As before, maintain distance to assist in safely dodging his attacks, and unload into his weak spot.

Once you defeat him a cinematic will play where you acquire the Fusion Rifle and a second boss fight will begin against Harsgaard, Root Harbinger.

Gear Tips 



Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Beam Attack: The stones will project a beam that slowly moves in a 360 degree angle. If you get hit you will die Keep moving to avoid the beam. 
Mesh Attack: The stones will form a mesh that moves outwards in stages If you stay near the walls this attack won't reach you.
Projectiles: He will cast projectiles from his back that will land on you after a short period of time Wait for a second after he fires and then roll forward to avoid the attack.
Phase 2
Projectiles: He will cast projectiles from his back that will land on you after a short period of time Wait for a second after he fires and then roll forward to avoid the attack.
Shockwave: He will slam the ground creating a shockwave that moves toward the player. Try to run left or right when he is moving his arms up. If you don't manage to get away in time perform a roll to avoid the damage.
Hug Attack: When Melee, he can jump forward and perform a wide strike with both arms You can prevent the damage by performing a timed roll just before he hits you.
Three Hit Combo: He will perform a quick three hit combo while moving forward He moves while performing the attack, so you'll need to roll to avoid all three attacks.



Harsgaard Lore

Harsgaard was put in charge of the original Watcher project after his understanding of a runic system found on Earth made the Dreamers possible at all. His reading of the runes, which only him could apparently understand, led him to identify the Clawbone entity. Over the following years, he developed an obsession with it, and he conducted most of the experiments on the Wards in his quest to find a way to connect a Dreamer directly to Clawbone, whom he thought to be almost a god, a creature capable of solving all of the world's problems. After many attempts and failures, he was finally able to fulfill his plans with Subject 2409, through which the Root eventually arrived on Earth.

Harsgaard willingly sided with the Root to infect all of Earth, and abducted the protagonist from Chronos: Before the Ashes, setting the events of Remnant in action. 

Harsgaard Notes & Trivia

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Harsgaard Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      I dont think he is in adventure mode. You go to world settings and create new campaign but select subject 2923. He's at the end of the dlc.

      • Anonymous

        Where would I find him in earth? I have no clue how find him does he have be in campaign, adventure or do I need create new character and put on nightmare I have no clue because I really dont want have start over get that weapon but if anyone can plz help me I'd appreciate this

        • Anonymous

          I got lucky, heh. had a build that was preset for rapid fire weapons... I was glad to see that gatling gun show up... XD

          • Anonymous

            To retry the fight, you have to use the breach then interact with the portal while all whispy... good luck on your 2nd try, btw i used Devastator + Void set + Bloodletter insignia, makes the fight a total joke lol

            • Anonymous

              I cannot retry fight after my first death. Tried switching realms with the thing to destroy blockages, portal just disappears. anyone know a workaround or do i really have to reroll campaign after one attempt? :/

              • Easy-peasy on Apocalypse, first stage was even harder (cause of hugs, use adrenaline)

                My setup (credits and special thanks to random Anonymous under Leto's Armor):

                Leto's Armor Set
                Ricochet Gun + Fan of Knives (mega power generation)
                Machine Pistol + Swarm (to more dmg)
                Razorvine Necklace, Alchemist Jewel(muuuuch better than Agressor's Bane), Bloodletter's Insignia
                PS: And do't forget about Triage trait(its very important to mega life-leech)

                • Anonymous

                  As a final boss, I find him a little lacking. The fight is more about positioning yourself at right place at the right time rather than dodging and spacing like most of the game's content.

                  Iskal Queen is still the toughest boss in the game and Gorefist is the best waifu.

                  Wait, I think I got a little confused...

                  • Anonymous

                    Second phase is so much harder than any of the other bosses I've faced in this game (still on my first playthrough, so I haven't seen em all). It's so hard to see what attack is coming next when you're trying to find a moment to land shots. About a dozen deaths in, and actually regret not playing through on Normal first.

                    • Anonymous

                      Completely broken boss fight. It's laggy as hell, frames drop to zero at least 30 times per fight. Not to mention, the fusion rifle is completely terrible, why is it force equipped going into the second phase? It's absolutely awful.

                      • Anonymous

                        The game is super laggy during this fight even offline despite the game running perfectly fine before this even with players on the other side of the world. Seriously Im in America and pop lay we d with people in Britain and had a perfectly smooth game but the second I step foot in the boss it starts lagging. Absolute Bull****

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