The Root Mother

Location Earth
Enemies Devil
Reward Mother's Blessing Trait
Root Mother will join Ward 13

Check Root Mother for the NPC version.

The Root Mother is a Boss in Remnant: From the Ashes. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated to progress the game and to acquire special items and gear.


The Root Mother Information

The Root Mother is actually not a boss that you fight, rather she is an NPC that you defend for a set amount of time.  After progressing enough through the Earth Realm while in Campaign Mode (Root Mother does not appear in Adventure Mode) you will come across a church with a white fog wall, and a Crystal to rest at.  Upon entering, she gives dialogue options, and ultimately, you must defend her from a Root Ambush.  Upon victory, she will move to Ward 13 where she is used for gaining additional heals, assuming you have the materials.


The Root Mother Location


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The Root Mother Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

After you talk to The Root Mother, an event will begin where you have to defend her from The Root for two minutes. Devils will start coming out of the windows. If you kill them all, more will spawn. However you can leave one alive and kite it around the room with relative ease. 

After around 30-40 seconds, 1-2 Slayers will spawn and immediately target the Root Mother. Kill them ASAP. There should be roughly 1 minute left on the clock at this stage. 

Enemies will begin to spawn with increasing regularity. One option is to use Rattle Weed to draw enemies' attention away from the Root Mother, allowing you to focus on high priority targets such as additional Slayers, or the Hulk who will appear in the final 45 seconds. The Hulk's attention can also be gained with sufficient damage. Hunter's Mark is another solid choice for spotting swarming targets ahead of time and moving to address them, providing additional crit chance as well. 

The Root Mother need only survive until the countdown ends, whether she has full health or 5% is irrelevant, so deal with the Hulk and Slayers first as their damage output is far greater than one solitary devil. Allowing multiple devils to swarm her though, is also ill-advised.   

Given the small size of the area, a short-range, high-damage weapon such as the shotgun is well suited for this fight. Modded with Hot Shot, the player will have decent single target damage when confronting Slayers and Hulks. 

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Devil Try to dispatch them as soon as they appear. They can provide you with ammunition. However consider sparing one and kiting it to prevent further spawns.
Slayer Shoot them in the head as soon as they appear, when they teleport, fire at them quickly so they don't have time to attack.
Hulk Fire at its head. If it charges at you, dodge to either side and keep firing until its dead.



The Root Mother Lore

  • The Root Mother was once human but made the decision to sacrifice herself in an attempt to interface with the Root hive mind and hinder it from the inside, going to the old church and physically binding herself to the Root there, transforming her into a human-root hybrid. Eventually the player frees her from her prison, and she returns to Ward 13 to aid them.

  • Root Mother name is Evelyn Ceder.

  • She is Commander Ford’s grandmother.

  • Ford is her husband.

  • The world stone is what made Ford immortal. He had to find the Root Mother to become mortal again.

  • A journal of hers can be found in the room the player awakens in upon entering Ward 13, with the writings detailing earlier days of the war, the start of her dreams, and her romance with Ford. A second journal can be found in a room in the church after defending the Root Mother, detailing more dreams, connections to the Root, and events leading to her becoming the Root Mother.


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The Root Mother Notes & Trivia

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The Root Mother Image Gallery

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    • Anonymous

      Guys, i found one bug where Root mother doesn't have any HP and all mobs agro on you. But you need to die first, so it doesn't help hardcore players. So if you die and mobs kill her after your death , you need to go back after respawning and talk to her. She will have empty HP bar, try it couple of times and you will get it. Just survive waves and mission done. Sorry for bad English

      • Anonymous

        The Root Mother 100% is not a boss I was going for the Untouchable achievement and managed to do it hitless but I didn't get the Untouchable achievement for beating a world boss in offline mode without taking damage

        • Anonymous

          Aggressor's Bane (a ring found on Earth) makes this fight significantly easier.
          It makes all of the enemies focus on you, AND it increases your damage resistance.

          • Anonymous

            This fight wouldn't be bad if this dumb ****ing retard with the big sword would notice the hot lead I'm pouring into his face and stop attacking his own kind

            • Anonymous

              Hulk (climbing through the window): time to beat up the tree grandma
              Me: oh no you don't (5 rifle shots to hulk's face)
              Hulk: are there bees in here? HI GRANDMA
              Me: fffffff (3 SMG clips to the back of hulk's head as it relentlessly clubs the old woman)
              Root Mother: yeah just keep trying until the hulk doesn't spawn, it's bullshDEATH WAVE WHOOARRRRRRR

              • Anonymous

                So I have a hardcore mode save and I'm really damn scared for this bit, lmao

                Any preparation tips? Weapon mods or Weapons I can get from other worlds in Adventure mode ect?

                • Anonymous

                  The balancing in this area is stupid. At some point you are either overrun by the amount of enemies, or they will just go straight to her. You are kinda forced to go with equipment you don't want to play with.

                  • Anonymous

                    Nightmare mode this boss is bs, I already see it coming lol...

                    I think I shouldve done hard on 2nd playthrough not nightmare lmao.

                    • Anonymous

                      This is one of the hardest events to help people with. Seriously, the amount of dumb people that continue to kill her over and over and over and over...thinking this time it will be different. How hard is it to understand that you are supposed to protect her...

                      • Anonymous

                        The Rattle Weed mod helps a lot with this one. Use it, and enemies will go after it rather than the Root Mother.

                        • Anonymous

                          This one is difficult to categorize the way the pages are named right now. It has far more in common with the random events than the bosses, with the exception that it is not random. Perhaps the random events page should be renamed to simply "Events", so it could include this encounter.

                          • Anonymous

                            At some point she shoots an aoi and you need to safe roll or die with all mobs remaining in the room. I died twice before figuring it out. Feels kinda stupid unless there is something I don't understand or miss. You clue is when she say "they start weaking".

                            • Anonymous

                              With ruin equipped, if you let her die with the perk active, you will revive and the event will restart, but she will have "0" health so you cant fail. Definitely a glitch

                              • Anonymous

                                Man its some hot bull*****on hard mode where ranged enemies will focus entirely on attacking root mother while ignoring the magazine you emptied into them while more come along to focus just on her and give no damns about how many times you shoot them to get them to focus on you.

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